day 4-day 14 Top Shelf (an extended stay in The Wilderness) | 365 days

In 1990 Jon Bon Jovi released a successful solo album Blaze of Glory, a soundtrack to a movie. The MTV interview with Julie Brown visiting his rented villa in Hollywood hills, was an absolute joy to watch! Video bottom post.

When I wrote two blogposts at the start of this year long yoga challenge, and naming the second one Day 2 even when it was written on Day 3 (but yoga session 2, I was already one day behind), I definitely did not know my time in the wilderness was far from over.

The passionate blogpost was titled:
day 2 The Wilderness | 365 days
about 1990, an intense post-touring year for Jon Bon Jovi, when he crossed the US on a motorcycle but also got on the Young Guns  II caravan which then led him to Hollywood Hills to produce his first solo record.

It was a time without band, without having a familiar routine to follow, perhaps even a time without full ownership of being the world famous rock star he had ambitiously strived to be and had then become it.
It was a time without all of those things, and it led to a year of both proverbial and literal wilderness (of New Mexico, and crossing the United States on bikes).

The blogpost suggested that since Jon Bon Jovi’s time in the wilderness had turned out to be a well of inspiration and growth;
I hoped my time in my wilderness would take the same route by committing to do
one year of yoga!
Although it didn’t literally say it, I definitely hoped 365 yoga sessions would magically fix something that had been haunting me for as long as the Slippery When Wet tour and New Jersey Syndicate tour together.

The good news is: It DID magically fix it! 
But definitely not in the way I expected it would.
And my stay in the wilderness was definitely extended by a day or 10.

So as I write you, fully renewed and feeling better than I have in years, and more committed to both my yoga schedule as well as my work as a writer, yoga teacher and business coach, I m telling you;
The magic never works the way you think it does.
But it does work.

It reminds me of the key mechanism to solution-focused information products, some of which I bought and some I only followed a long webinar that bullet-pointed the content that you would get in the full package.
They would always guarantee that the formula or 5 step program, would help you fix your problem.

On an unrelated note: These packages usually came with a money-back guarantee but in the fine-print it then said that you had to send in your homework for the first two modules or something, before you would get your money back.
We’re talking 5 years back or more, maybe it changed.
But I always thought it was a breach of privacy, since they are not entitled to your personal story for what in most countries would be a consumer right of return.
But my study of these info-products designed to “magically fix” f.e. your love life, did teach me an important lesson to what works, why it works, and what the key mechanism is.
Which is not that the program they give you brings you something: But it is that you have to let something go, or you have to acquire a certain skill or mindset in order to be able to adopt or implement the program.

For example, if I told you the solution to all your problems is in a jar on the absolute top shelf of a stockroom, you will immediately start figuring out how to reach it.
Maybe a truck, maybe a ladder, but you’d focus on how to get there.
And this changes something in you; You learn how to drive a forklift, or you befriend a forklift driver. You start searching the premises looking for equipment that could help raise you up.
You overcome your fear of heights or your fear of talking to people.

By the time you reach the jar, you’re no longer the same person. And very likely the person who takes that jar of the shelf no longer has the same problem your old self had.

After you ve implement the 5 steps for a better love life, you ve overcome so many fears and taken on several challenges that would have held you back otherwise.
The solution didn’t really come because you now have those 5 things in place, but because of who you had to become to get them there.

The same way my yoga challenge is working, and has worked.
And the past 10 plus days reminded me of that ladder/ forklift wisdom, that I had forgotten.

I realized that although my instincts had been right to set out on the yoga challenge; That the change was never going to come from the daily yoga, or the 365 yoga sessions.
But from overcoming the challenges to get that daily yoga in place.

I got to the magic jar, on the top shelf of the stockroom. 

    (of a magazine) pornographic.
    of a high quality; excellent.
    “some top-shelf cars are shipped overseas”

Definitely not asking any money back!

Rock Star Writer Nijmegen
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1 Year Of Yoga, 365 sessions 

No yoga (Wilderness!): Sunday 24 April – Sunday May 1, Tuesday May 3
Yoga days: Monday May 2 (day 12), Wednesday May 4 (day 14)
Yoga sessions: session 3, session 4, session 5
Bon Jovi cds:
Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi (1984)
Fahrenheit (1985)
Slippery (1986).
duration: 3 yoga sessions of about 45 minutes
Type of yoga: 2x White Tigress yoga and 1x standing poses from free Bon Jovi manual. See below for: “Sources I do yoga with:”
Final songs always relaxation

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2. White Tigress Yoga Workbook
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3. Rock Star Yoga
Pure Rock Star Yoga is a free flowing form of movement (improvisation) without following a system. Just music.


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2 YouTube: Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs & yoga

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