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In 1990 Jon Bon Jovi released a successful album Blaze of Glory. The MTV interview with Julie Brown visiting his rented villa in Hollywood hills, was an absolute joy to watch! Video below post.

These 365 days of yoga are not inspired by YouTube and Instagram challenges (unsurprisingly, since I don’t even have Instagram), nor by the ageless wisdom of doing yoga everyday.
Instead it is exclusively rooted in an early 21st century challenge of writer Julie Powell, blogging and cooking her way through Julia Child’s French cookbook in one year.

There were over 500 recipes, and she gave herself a year to cook them all.

In her footsteps, I ve committed myself to a year of yoga and blogging too. And although there will be days when I choose a short yoga practice rather than skipping a day, yesterday (day 2!) I could feel the reality of what it means to have this yoga challenge rooted in her cooking challenge, and not in the tradition of having daily habits.
I felt in my bones, this really is an entirely different thing.

That squeezing in a one-song yoga practice and skipping blogging, which would have been the deal yesterday since it was already past midnight before I had time, was in absolutely no way contributing to what MY practice, and THIS challenge was about.

That nor I, nor this challenge,  were about ticking off days in linear sense, where a day is 24 hours to do your yoga;
And instead it’s, well for one, more about the journey than about accomplishing anything. But as far as it is about an accomplishment, then it is about the total amount of yoga sessions.
Just like it is about the total amount of recipes.

And I like blogging, I like writing about it as well.

Although I do not expect to write a blogpost about every of the 365 yoga sessions;
There will be many.

So today’s session was with the album I originally intended to do yoga with yesterday; Blaze of Glory.
Jon Bon Jovi’s 1990 solo album for the movie Young Guns II.
Now this all sounds pretty dry, but it is actually the most exciting, storytelling-dense period of Jon Bon Jovi’s career, as the band was coming down from over half a decade of almost back to back touring.
Things had started to fall apart.

When in February 1990, the lights went out of that final concert in Guadalajara, Mexico, they could have gone out for good.

And it was in that state, where Jon didn’t even know if there still was a band, that he took on this project of writing the soundtrack for the cowboy movie Young Guns two.
Cowboys had been a theme that spoke to Jon from the earliest days of Bon Jovi. And for those who go looking for it, you can find traces of their presence on nearly every Bon Jovi album.
Musically, and lyrically.

But writing the soundtrack for Young Guns II would be the only time Jon allowed himself free rein, and take on the renegade identity in full.

The result was a record that traded the pounded and paved road of the world famous band Bon Jovi, for the dusty terrain of New Mexico.
It resulted in unexpected collaborations with an array of other artists, in an award winning record, and in Jon Bon Jovi finding himself.

He embraced the wilderness, the work of writing and recording; He even enjoyed the press release in what you could call a pr-collaboration with MTV comedian Julie Brown.
By letting go of the idea of being in a band called Bon Jovi, and fully going with what he was guided to;
He reinvented his music, his lyrics and himself.

Challenges are never about ticking things off.

They’re about following Spirit and following the road you are shown.

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yoga journal Saturday APRIL 23

Bon Jovi cd: Blaze of Glory, 26 July 1990.
duration: about 45 minutes
yoga + final song relaxation, Dying Ain’t Much of a Livin’

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