Uncovering Rock Star Yoga: A Journey

The year has already finished its first two weeks, and with the vision for all my work, but in particular my rock star yoga work and #dailybonjoviyoga becoming more clear every day;
the time has come to put pen to paper and lay down what I’ve got so far.
And what you can expect from this blog in 2022.

Dutch Yoga

For this post, and on this blog, I’ll be limiting myself to the international branche(s) of yoga I will be developing.
Because the yoga business I will build for the Netherlands, is proving to be its own thing.

In hindsight, the reason for seeing my work in the Netherlands and internationally as two entirely different things, something I definitely did not understand and have made mistakes in as recent as late last year – that reason is that there are already many free English yoga channels.
Online yoga in English is a mature and flourishing market.

But until the pandemic, Dutch yoga consisted of real life yoga classes. And, again at least until the pandemic started, none of the professional yoga channels in The Netherlands were able to make it big.

Dutch online yoga has not reached Yoga with Adriene levels here.
And I think it should, and that’s what I m going to do.

If you’re Dutch and want to follow this upcoming Dutch yoga work, you can best subscribe to my now still dormant channel: Yoga met Suzanne Beenackers 
We’ll be starting soon.

The yoga in English, what this post is about, will be setup as:
1. Daily Bon Jovi Yoga, yoga that you can practice at home;
2. Rock Star Yoga, yoga that we can practice in a class setting or event setting; 

Daily Bon Jovi Yoga 2022

For what has seemed like the longest of times, I have had the resolution to not just start practicing yoga again, but to do it with the albums of Bon Jovi.
One of the reasons this has been difficult is because it has been very overwhelming, because I also wanted to practice a lot of other things: online yoga (teacher training) programs, Yoga with Adriene, and my own yoga videos.
You can find the latter on my YouTube, look for the lists with videos I made as a yoga teacher: 


And another reason executing this idea has been unsuccessful, is that the catalogue of Bon Jovi, the number of cds I own, is overwhelming.
In particular the decade 2000-2010 they have come forth with I estimate 60% of all their work.

Some of it is dated earlier; On the box set 100.000.000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong (2004), quite the number of songs are from the 80s and 90s.
And I will include those in what I have now made into my core decades, my niche;

I have decided to limit my work for the Bon Jovi community, Daily Bon Jovi Yoga and Rock Star Yoga, to the 80s and the 90s.

On a daily basis this means the dozens of cds I can choose from for my Daily Bon Jovi Yoga, are limited to the 80s and the 90s.

Another choice I ve made, which has made it possible for me to prioritize, is to see everything that happened in yoga since 2000, including everything I learned as a professional yoga teacher and including the videos I made from 2015-2017, for which I am very grateful because they allow me to brush up on my teaching skills;
To see them as just that.
Brushing up on my teaching.

So from now on when I “do” my own videos, I m getting reacquainted with once familiar poses, and I m understanding the moving parts of the profession I used to have.
However, I m not “doing” yoga.

“Doing” yoga is the Daily Bon Jovi Yoga, with an 80s or 90s cd from Bon Jovi.    

If you want to follow my Daily Bon Jovi Yoga, you can follow me on Twitter, where I will post what I do, what music I used, starting tomorrow Sunday 16th 2022, covering the practice from today, Saturday 15th:

What it is I do, as Daily Bon Jovi Yoga, can be divided into three parts; 
1. working with the free download I created:
This is a 17 page guide:
Bon Jovi Yoga Set List 2.0 – yoga framework incl sticky men schedules

2. working with the schedules from my book
White Tigress Yoga Workbook
You can find this book at the bottom of this page:

Or! Third option for doing my Daily Bon Jovi Yoga:
I do what I intended it to be since summer 2019.
3. Rock Star Yoga.

Rock Star Yoga 2022

Not gonna lie!
When I think of the Rock Star Yoga manifestos, of which I have no idea where I kept them “safe”;
About the powerful blog posts buried in my Rock Star Writer blog, which was then still called Rock Star Yoga;
If I think about the 10 talks on video about the foundations of Rock Star Yoga, which I am still to uncover, update and retrieve from the archives;
When I think of the end game Rock Star Yoga has to me, where we meet each other in person in an event-like setting, where we practice Rock Star Yoga to the beat of a 2 hour playlist with rock music.

When I think of all those things, unsurprisingly, I feel overwhelmed.
I literally, do not know where to start.
How do you start something that has never been done?

How do you start when you are no longer the fluent yoga teacher you were 5 years ago when you made yoga videos for YouTube and taught classes in Nijmegen, the Netherlands;
Yet your ambition far extends hers? 

So this part, the Rock Star Yoga part, is of course the hardest.
It’s more complicated than doing daily Bon Jovi yoga, and also more complicated than starting a Dutch community on YouTube.

But what I remember, is that I had discovered quite a bit, in 2019, when the idea for Rock Star Yoga originated.
And I also know I made a screen shot late 2021, where inspired on the opening prayers in the more traditional yoga lineages;
I made a Rock Star Yoga opening prayer, for us.

This opening prayer is something I can share with you now.
And I hope it sparks the end game, the ultimate thing you and I are going to do when we meet, and when our voices join.
And you can say it before your yoga practice, before you press play on your Bon Jovi cd or a more modern medium.

Inspired by a speech Madonna gave in 1990, when she was defending her daring artistic choices to the Vatican, this is the opening prayer to Rock Star Yoga:

Maybe that is ultimately the only thing I can wish for you, here, on this Rock Star Journey with me:

Have a great show!

Rock Star Writer

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2 YouTube: Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs
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As part of our work together, I will also be making Rock Star Yoga or #dailybonjoviyoga videos for this channel, at some point (late 2022?).

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