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Welcome, dear Bon Jovi friend,
and thank you for visiting this blog!

As you can see, the url is Daily Bon Jovi Yoga dot com, and below, you can indeed find:
A blueprint for your guided yoga practice.
A shorthand schedule, for when you’re just flying by the seat of your pants.
Something I give you permission for, regardless of how early you are on your  yoga journey.

However this blog itself is no longer dedicated to yoga, but to Bon Jovi concerts that took place “On this day”.
For example today is 17th of August and I will write about:
Donington festival, Monsters of Rock, 17 August 1985.

I have considered ditching all yoga in the blog title, and changing it to On this day Bon Jovi Live, or something.
But since I DO Bon Jovi yoga (I’ll post it to my Twitter, and you can find the schedule below!), and started this blog because I wanted to develop Rock Star Yoga/ Bon Jovi yoga –
and did! See full blueprint below.
Because of those things, the
yoga background of this blog is still relevant.
And who knows what the future holds for Daily Bon Jovi Yoga!

So the yoga url stays, so that I am free to keep sharing yoga, but this does present us with a problem.
Because there is little algorithms hate more than urls that do not represent the content of the blog. Or blogs that have two vastly different keywords in them.

Chances this blog will be picked up by the Gods of the internet, is close to zero….
Unlike my Rock Star Writer blog which just keeps growing even though I have hardly been able to write for it, since this On this Day series started.

But here, we will most likely fly completely under the radar.
I find myself being excited about that, don’t you?
“It’s just us now,” as darkside warrior Kylo Ren says to Rey.

I was reminded of that because another fan welcomed me to the “Dark Side”, as I just started listening to Richie Sambora.
Fans who chose his side of the stage called themselves “Darksiders”.
Maybe I ll write about that today, when I write about Donington.

So will you come with me?
Will you subscribe to this blog about On this day concerts of Bon Jovi?

It’s just us now.

Suzanne Beenackers
Rock Star Writer

17 August 2022
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—Daily Bon Jovi Yoga shorthand schedule, freestyle yoga with soundtrack-

The short abbreviated version!
Rock your yoga, every day of the week:

 🚧Slippery When Wet album🚧
or 🏟️Slippery When Wet Tour🌎

 🇺🇸New Jersey album🫐🟦
or 🏟️New Jersey Syndicate tour

🏜️Blaze of Glory album🏍️
 the🏜️🏍️Dry County and Santa Fe  🦅🏜️🌵playlist 

🛐 Keep the Faith album✝️ or the 🏟️Keep The Faith Tour🌎

A few songs from the Crossroad album
or 🍻 An Evening With Bon Jovi🎤

🎸These Days album🚑 or the 🏟️Crossroad/ These Days Tour🌎

1⃣Bon Jovi- Bon Jovi album💘, 🌋Fahrenheit🔥
or concerts 🎛️1984🎴🏮-🦂🦂🦂-1985🌎

I ll share my own practice on my Twitter!

———-OG page —————

Over the past couple of years, I ve created many yoga videos, a free download, and a workbook, all of which I will overtime add to this page!
But today I want to share what I consider the most original expression: A new, Bon Jovi inspired, system to rock your yoga!

It was created at June 13, 2022, and I will expand on this blueprint in the future.

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A ton of Bon Jovi references and inspiration.

Rock Star Writer
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Want to start yoga?
my Dutch YouTube channel you can find all my playlists, including my  beginner friendly one + international teachers.


Blueprint Daily Bon Jovi Yoga

Improved and streamlined blueprint
June 2022

There are 3 different options, which in helicopter view are:

option 1. (guided or with Bon Jovi music)
Choose a yoga playlist from one specific teacher or do yoga on your own with Bon Jovi music, themed by days of the week.

The “freestyle” (do yoga on your own) option, is the only option where you can listen to Bon Jovi. 
The two other options are guided practices.
Which will be hard to follow along, while having the “Sakura” music box  intro from Tokyo Road, enchanting you from your speakers.
So I will assume you’re either going for a guided practice OR yoga with Bon Jovi music.

option 2. (guided)
pick one of the programs

option 3. Guns N Roses Yoga

option I:  themed day by day

Every day of the week, the Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga is themed differently:

This schedule was designed to mimic the rhythm of a tour:
Peak performances (here, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), combined with less intense days.
You could also opt for practice days, and no-practice days.
But I ve created a schedule where you do entirely different things each day, including “3 shows a week”!

Monday: Find What Feels Good
Your juicy Pink Flamingo/ Let it Rock combo is out there for you. You just have to go out and find it!
do yoga with:🥤 Yoga with Adriene channel
or playlist 1: 🍭 Yoga with Adriene – selection
or playlist 2:🌱Yoga with Adriene Yoga for New Beginnings
or do hatha yoga with 🚧Slippery When Wet album🚧 or 🏟️Slippery When Wet tour🌎

Tuesday, showtime! New Jersey Syndicate Tour
The monster tour, that nearly broke the band and each of its members.
And turned them into legends.
do yoga with: 🕉️Ashtanga Yoga and  🏹 Rocket Yoga playlist
or freestyle (on your own) with 🇺🇸New Jersey album🫐🟦 or 🏟️New Jersey Syndicate tour

Wednesday:  🌵🏜️🏍️Santa Fe Day 🦅🏜️🌵
Go out in the wilderness and start with a clean slate.
choose a yin yoga/ relaxation video from the yoga playlist
or do relaxing yoga with 🏜️Blaze of Glory album🏍️
OR (new!) do yoga (on your own) with the live Dry County and Santa Fe playlist!

Thursday, showtime! Keep the Faith/ I ll Sleep When I m Dead Tour
According to many fans the tour with the most epic-beyond-belief concerts, including what is known as “The Holy Month of April”! (1993)
do yoga with: 🌊Shiva Rea playlist
or buy her 1999 double album 2h practice, Yoga Sanctuary
or freestyle with 🛐 Keep the Faith album✝️ or the 🏟️KTF tour🌎

Friday: 🍻 An Evening With Bon Jovi🎤
Time to unwind with friends.
do yoga with: 💃🏽 Tara Stiles playlist
or do hatha yoga with a few songs from the Cross Road album or An Evening With Bon Jovi

Saturday: Showtime! Cross Road/ These Days Tour
Time to bring it home and ROCK THE HOUSE!!!
In 1994 the Best Of album Cross Road was released, with the new songs Someday I ll Be Saturday Night and Always.
And in 1995, in the first months of their new world tour, the new album These Days was released: The album that won over even the most hardheaded European music journalist.
do yoga with: 🌶️ Meghan Curry Playlist.
or freestyle (on your own) with
🎸These Days album🚑 or the 🏟️ CR/ TD Tour🌎

Sunday: Vintage Yoga
Time to go back to how it all started.
do yoga with: 📺 Playlist Vintage Yoga Videos + tv
or hatha yoga (on your own) with 1⃣Bon Jovi- Bon Jovi album💘, 🌋Fahrenheit🔥 or concerts 🎛️1984🎴🏮-🦂🦂🦂-1985🌎

This blueprint was created on Monday 13 June, and inspired by two Bon Jovi performances that were exactly one year apart: 1995 and 1996

Read the full back story for your Bon Jovi Yoga here: 
The stunning result of one year of practice | Bon Jovi June 13 Barcelona 1995, Erfurt 1996

option II: week & month program

Dive in with the above schedule, or pick one of the two programs, which are designed in the same Monday to Sunday rhythm.
So for example, every Sunday you get a Vintage Yoga video:

4 Week Program (15-30 minute videos)
🕉 🎬 yoga playlist:
Rock Your Yoga: 4 Week Program {❤️🤍💙 est. July 4th, 2022}

Monthly playlist, with practices from 15-30 minutes.

Week Program (1 hour videos)
🕉 🎬yoga playlist: 7 Day Yoga Schedule | 1 Hour per day
Ongoing 7 day playlist, with practices of one hour.

Individual videos may be replaced when the original drops out or a better alternative is available, but the lists have a permanent status and you can count on them to stay up. 

option III:  Guns N Roses Yoga


💀🌹🎸 Guns N Roses Yoga

Addition: June 25, 2022

Or, choose the fast lane to enlightenment, with Guns N’ Roses Yoga.
Full story here: 
->  Free yourself. And have breakfast with the other guests.
| A Day or a Lifetime, of Guns N’ Roses Yoga

💀🌹🎸  Guns N’Roses Yoga
do yoga with: 🕉️Ashtanga Yoga and  🏹 Rocket Yoga playlist
or freestyle (on your own) with a 💀🌹🎸 Guns N’ Roses album,
or a concert, for example: 💀🌹🎸 Guns N’ Roses – Paris 06.06.1992 

If you went to the Groningen concert, you may want to use a playlist I made:
Guns N’ Roses Groningen 2022 06 23