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Just when I had made my peace that apparently, I would have to find a way to work whilst losing the first two to four hours of my day to feeling hungover, sleep deprived after yet another restless night (and not in a good way), and the added bonus of a pending cold which had been haunting me A.M. ever since the whole pandemic started; Yet all those complaints disappearing 350 days of every year I’d say, before noon?
JUST as I had made my peace that this handicap was just gonna be the way things were gonna be from now on, they disappeared.
Not exactly “like magic” because I made some sacrifices, but having my morning back is worth the price.

The price is that I stop work at 7 PM, meaning I have less than 40 minutes to finish this post. I was away for most of the day, out with a friend walking, cycling, getting sun on my face.
To exercise outdoors, daily, without fail; That too is a price. 

And it’s not just the computer work; I also do not see myself teaching yoga at night. For now, I give myself one night a week out of the house.
Even though the Netherlands are coming out of the pandemic, and regular life is resuming more or less as it did, my life will look different.
With nights spent at home, and also not writing, which is what I ve been doing at nighttime for the past 15+ years, if I didn’t have classes.

Now after 7 PM I will do my housekeeping; my yoga; and a special event tonight is that I ll be removing a wood splinter from my hand.
I work at an antique desk which belonged to my late father. It frequently gives off splinters, but I managed to dodge them or they slide under a nail and are easy to retrieve.
Maybe because I have my nights off now, The Universe has set up new challenges for me.

But I am beyond relief…. It feels ages ago that I woke up at 6 AM, without an alarm, and fully rested. I feel absolutely reborn, and I know it’s too soon to label what happened those two years (and that’s not even including the impact the pandemic has on our mental health), but I m going to try and exclude what I can.
First off, I do not believe I ve had Covid. I have not coughed these years, but I do believe I was very self-conscious about cold-like complaints, which I  probably had in the years before the pandemic as well. Just that I hadn’t noticed them.

The first year I had migraines, which were new to me. I never had them in my life, and although they returned occasionally in 2021, they were mostly a 2020 thing.

In 2021 I woke up sick from April to September, it must have been. That’s when the biggest health loss was, losing half my day time and time again.
I was happy when I got tested for allergies: A dust or other home allergy would explain why I woke up feeling sick.
But all tests came back negative.

The complaints however stopped.
Only to return a few weeks later.

And now February 2022, they’re gone.
I feel better than I have in years, I m absolutely full of life. But I also suffer from an otherworldly feel. Like a jetlag when you’ve travelled in the right direction, and at an acceptable time (so you didn’t board the plane sleep-deprived). In those circumstances, when you are at your destination, you are hours ahead of the local time.
You wake up at 6 AM, and go for a swim in the hotel pool!

That’s how I feel…. Maybe I also feel a bit like Sleeping Beauty.
“Where was I?
What has happened?”

Yoga wise much has changed since the start of the pandemic. I was still teaching to friends, and I was working on finding new ways to teach. But none of them could take flight, the pandemic didn’t allow for yoga classes. 
I cancelled the studio, and I can see that although I will resume teaching friends at some point;
Everything went exactly as it should.
I am no longer a yoga teacher. Not in the way the business worked, or what the profession entailed pre-Covid.

But so much new is about to happen.
Through this blog I will share my self-practice with you.
And within weeks I will reboot my Dutch yoga channel. It will be yoga for Generation X.
The English yoga will be kick started in June, with a 30 day yoga challenge.
If you want to see my videos sooner, you can start now;
There are several playlists with retrieved videos on my channel. 
Here is a beginner friendly selection of my videos.

It’s good to be back. In fact it’s great.
And I m so excited to be writing here…. and to know that you and me have a whole life together. If you choose to stay.

Our yoga journey may have started rocky, with this blog being founded mid-pandemic. But now we’re on a steady course to happily ever after.

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2. playlist from my channel, of beginner yoga 
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