day 1 Daily Bon Jovi Yoga | 365 days kickoff

Me, April 3, 2014. And a vision I can only dream of! Perhaps after 365 days of Daily Bon Jovi Yoga?!

I have trouble keeping my eyes open, that’s how tired I am. It was a very long day, and after what will probably be the most fundamental but also the most difficult weeks of 2022.
Although we’ve all learned not to count on the worst being over by worldly standards, but yeah.
On a personal level, I would not wish these weeks upon my proverbial worst enemy.

And the context of today explains more than just why I m tired.
It explains why I need a project, a bigger vision, to rescue me!
Or at least prevent me from hitting cliffs and getting lost. Like a beacon. 

I m finally committing to Daily Bon Jovi Yoga, the way I originally planned to do, when I founded this site. And since we’ll be seeing each other blogging every day for the upcoming year, I allow myself to keep it short.
There are after all 364 days left to explain myself.

This streak of 365 days in a row is inspired by the 2010 movie Julie & Julia (trailer) where a blogger, Julie, starts a challenge to cook from Julia Child’s classic French cookbook, which has over 500 recipes in it.
Like me, she needed something to give her a sense of direction. The cooking project helps her to see beyond her everyday worries.

My Daily Bon Jovi Yoga Project is:
– to practice yoga with one vintage Bon Jovi album (-1995)
– a song or multiple songs from the deep-cut list from that same era (
 Bon Jovi 1984/85-1995 Deep cuts and cover songs (live))
– or to do yoga with (part of) a concert, or live performance from that era.

The yoga is 100% freestyle.
I do not plan, track or even remember any of it. 

The only goal is to see if one year from now, I feel better than I have in the past weeks, the past years.
And maybe even to find out if the girl in reclined hero’s pose, on her pink yoga mat – a photo from 2014 I recently recovered- to see if in 365 days she’s here again.

With her eyes closed, but not because she’s so worn out.
But because she’s laughing.

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yoga journal THURSDAY APRIL 21

Bon Jovi cd: New Jersey, 19 September 1988.
duration: a little under 1 hour
yoga + final 2 songs relaxation, 99 In the Shade and Love for Sale

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3. Rock Star Yoga
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2 YouTube: Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs & yoga

3  YouTube: yoga met Suzanne Beenackers (Nederlands) 
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