New Jersey: 57 minutes. And the best Bon Jovi album ever.

Just like I fell off the yoga wagon – for reasons that are by now brightly clear to me, but I will save that story for another day –
the same way I fell of the Bon Jovi wagon.

Not just in the late 80s, because their music was too entangled with the person who broke my heart;
But as recent as last year.

I didn’t walk away from it, there was nothing dramatic about it. Just that the way I was creating art from it, my blogging series for my original Rock Star Writer blog, my video series where I was making reviews of the These Days tour, as well as the whole concept of Rock Star Yoga;
None of them were going anywhere, fluently. They all seemed stuck, and somehow “off”.
Because if they had been on track, they would have flowed. And they didn’t.

I can only really enjoy art, relationships, music, movies, if they inspire me to create something. I process my experiences, by creating my own art inspired by them. And when those systems, or series, didn’t take off, the input, the music from Bon Jovi could also not be processed.
For example I have not watched Bon Jovi documentaries either, nor read Bon Jovi books. Because if I don’t have easy-access Bon Jovi expressions, art forms, then I cannot process it.
And therefor I cannot take it in.

The reason I was suddenly so aware of this, today, when listening to New Jersey while doing my yoga, was because I remembered that when I was really into the music of Bon Jovi, listening to it on a daily basis, making review videos, attending live stream premieres and so on;
During that time, I could distinguish how remarkable and unique Jon’s voice was on New Jersey.
And today, Friday 11 February 2022, I knew, I remembered, that fact; But I could no longer hear it.

If I had not gotten my head around this album a year or more back, and remembered this fact, then I would not have been able to come to that observation today.
I am simply not that deep into it, anymore. Or “yet”; Since I know it will come back, now that through this blog, and through my yoga, I have a sturdy creative expression.
My involvement with Bon Jovi will take off again.

I will share in a moment how this relates to doing yoga – but first the piece of knowledge about that voice. About why New Jersey is so special.

First off, technically, it’s the album that had the most songs written for it, and there was talk that New Jersey was going to be a double album.
For my YouTube series Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs, the channel where in the future I will also be sharing Rock Star Yoga, the songs from this series will be including songs that were never released on official albums.
They are commonly referred to as “deep cuts”.

Around the New Jersey album, the video series that I m doing, will have the highest number of deep cuts out of all the albums. The number of songs they recorded, intended for New Jersey, is enormous.

But the reason I remembered being so struck by Jon’s voice on New Jersey-and lucky us, that THIS was the album they made more than double the songs for!-  was because his voice has a rough edge to it.

Probably as a “result” of extensive touring, Jon’s voice changed and on New Jersey it has not just range, but also a mesmerizing rawness and honesty to it. It sounds  effortless, off the cuff. Most noticeably in the garage band -recordings “Ride Cowboy Ride” and “Love for Sale”.

But like I said:
I remembered this. I could no longer hear it.

As was the case with doing yoga: The past years were spent mostly yoga free, and just like I had lost touch with the nuances of Bon Jovi, in a similar way I have lost touch with doing yoga.
I remember much of it, and I was able to “do” yoga using that knowledge and finding that wonderful edge in poses, where roughness and range melt.

But if I had not remembered it, I would have been unable to experience it, or get to that point, today.

With Bon Jovi as well as with yoga, I m stepping in not so much as a “beginner” but I am profiting from a foundation that was built years ago.
And both with Bon Jovi as well as with the physical poses, there is a tremendous and in a way definitely painful awareness;
I have been cleaner, and identifiable “better”. 
I used to live and breathe this, and now I don’t. 

But at the same time there is an understanding, that this time, any time when you are learning something, whether it’s an entirely new thing, or whether it’s something you fell out of, like I did;
That this time is so very, very precious.

If you’re starting yoga, or thinking about starting yoga; If you’re considering picking up listening to Bon Jovi;
Cherish it.
Enjoy this phase of not-knowing, of awkwardness, of newness. There is a deep and profound beauty in it, that you may never experience again.

I don’t think Bon Jovi knew they were creating their best album, according to some at least New Jersey is their best. And to the others it’s These Days, I reckon! 
Those are the biggies.
But I don’t think Bon Jovi knew, with either of those albums, that they were creating their best work. 

But I do think they were in the moment, surrendered to the work of writing and recording; And spent little time on should have could have, or only if.

The album New Jersey is proof that if you just focus on what’s in front of you, right now, that that is not just “all” you can do;
But that is what creates the most beautiful, rich, layered, and abundant outcomes.

This is the track list:

1.Lay Your Hands on Me
2.Bad Medicine
3.Born to Be My Baby
4.Living in Sin
5.Blood on Blood
6.Homebound Train
7.Wild Is the Wind
8.Ride Cowboy Ride
9.Stick to Your Guns
10.I’ll Be There for You
11.99 in the Shade
12.Love for Sale

Hitting the yoga mat tomorrow, probably with Keep The Faith.
And I will catch you tomorrow! 
Rock Star Writer Nijmegen

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yoga journal Friday February 11

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and practiced 1 to 3, and the first row of 4 (to Gate Pose)
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2. balance poses
3. standing poses
4. transition poses between standing and kneeling & poses on your knees
9. long relaxation, final 2 songs, 99 In The Shade and Love For Sale

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