Wembley 1995 2nd Night part I – yoga setlist 1h 6 minutes

This is the first time I am creating a tool, for what is my vision for Daily Bon Jovi Yoga:
An outline to help you practice yoga by yourself.
Without a teacher, without a yoga studio, and even (ultimately) without YouTube yoga teachers.
And without this outline.

My dream for you is to move freely with the music, and do what feels good to you.

In my experience, the best way to go about it, is IF you want to use a guideline, to sequence groups of poses where you can easily go from one pose to another, without adding the noise of having to shift from standing to seated, and so on.

To do that, I have provided poses per group, that go well together.
And I ve tied a group to a song. You can move from one group or type of poses to the next with every new song.

How to use this yoga set list

This selection of poses I offer, will be constantly evolving. I have chosen names that you can Google.
Please send me a message through my Facebook page or @ me on Twitter, if you have found a pose that is unclear and doesn’t give a satisfying result in Google

If you’re new to yoga and do not know where to start, I recommend Yoga With Adriene on YouTube.

Rock Star Writer

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print out the outline on A4 and keep it next to your mat/ where you practice:

Wembley 1995 2nd Night part I
– yoga setlist 1h 6 minutes

Bon Jovi | 2nd Night at Wembley Stadium | London 1995
24 June 1995
video by hAnD90, total length 2:20:10
this yoga setlist covers the first part of this concert
We stop after Dry County

With every song, I provide a selection of poses you can do. 

All poses are just suggestions, to help you create your own practice. 
In asymmetrical poses, repeat on the other side.

Breathe in and out through your nose and breathe to your belly:
Inhale through the nose, let your belly expand.
Exhale slowly and completely, through the nose, let the belly release and soften.

1. Livin’ On A Prayer- opening sequence and sun salutations

the Daily Bon Jovi Yoga opening sequence:

on hands and knees:
child’s pose
with the knees wide and arms extended forward

forehead to the floor
resting pose, stay as long as you like

on hands and knees:
child’s pose with twist
cross one arm under your body to the other side
turn head on one cheek
resting pose, stay as long as you like

on hands and knees:
cat or also called “cat cow”
inhale: arch your spine and look up
exhale round your spine, tuck your chin in to your chest
easy moving pose, repeat as often as you like

from hands and knees move to:
downward facing dog
hold for longer or shorter, depending on if you re familiar with this pose
It’s a pose I suggest you throw some YouTube tutorials at!

from downward dog move to:
standing forward fold
walk your feet forward, until you can come in a gentle forward fold (bend your knees)
roll up the spine and reach your hands all the way up, inhale deeply
bring the palms together overhead.
Exhale, bring the hands in front of your chest in “Namaste”

you have now completed the opening sequence

from here you can move into:
Half (standing) Sun Salutations & Sun Salutations of your choosing
Again: YouTube is your friend 🙂 

2. You Give Love A Bad Name – balance poses

Examples of balance poses are

tree pose

dancer’s pose

hand to big toe pose (advanced)
holding big toe and extending the leg forward
variation: open/ rotate leg to the side
variation: place hand on hips, hold leg hovering, keep extending it forward 

eagle pose

half-moon pose
variation: with a twist

“the mountain”
place feet at hip width
interlace your fingers with the index fingers up
extend your arms high above you, index finger now points to the sky
come on toes 

3. Wild In The Streets : Standing Poses

examples of standing poses:

crescent pose/ high lunge pose with the back heel up
arms extend overhead, at shoulder width

warrior pose II
upperbody turns open to the side

warrior pose I
looks simple but it is a tricky one
keep your lower body turning to the side as in warrior II
and twist/ turn only the uppertorso, from the waist up, facing forward

Crescent pose/ high lunge pose with the back heel up
variation: with a twist

extended side-angle pose

triangle pose
variation: with a twist
variation: bow forward over the leg

Goddess pose
standing wide legged squat
reach your arms up overhead, at shoulder width

fierce pose
bend knees (“squat”) with the feet and knees together
reach your arms up, at shoulder width

wide-legged forward bend
variation: walk your hands to one foot and stretch over the leg
variation: from folding forward, bring your body halfway up/ horizontal, and extend your arms to the sides. Lift your head up. Making a bird shape with your entire upper body.

standing forward bend
feet at hip width
variation: with a twist
keep fingers one hand (left) on the ground, bend one leg (left), twist body open to other side (right) and reach other (right) arm up
variation: gorilla pose
feet still at hip width in the forward bend. Bend your knees deeply and place your hands, with the palms up, under your feet. 

4. Keep The Faith : on your knees

Of course we’re on our knees in keep the faith. Where else would we be?

transition between standing poses and on the knees
wide legged squat pose 
+with a twist
crow pose (arm balance)

high on your knees
gateway pose

camel pose

plank pose
variation: side plank

variation: starfish or a moderate (half) starfish with your toes on the floor behind you, in side plank

downward dog

on hands and knees:
cat or also called “cat cow”

inhale: arch your spine and look up
exhale round your spine, tuck your chin in to your chest
easy moving pose, repeat as often as you like

on hands and knees:
cat free flow
circle the hips in a big circle, let rest of the body move with it

on hands and knees:
arm and leg extension on knees:
extend left arm forward, right leg up, look up, inhale
“crunch” bring left elbow and right knee together, exhale
repeat as often as you like | always practice both sides (repeat other side)

for the called ones: full body prostration
lie on your belly, face down, with your arms extended overhead, palms together

5. Blood On Blood – backbends

on hands and knees:
puppy pose

forearm plank & sphinx pose
hold low forearm plank and then move into sphinx pose (hold)



locust pose

6. I Can’t Help Falling In Love (a capella)

child’s pose
with the knees wide and arms extended forward

forehead to the floor
resting pose

7. Always – forward Bends and twists

seated forward bend also called forward bend or forward fold

head to knee pose, janu sirsasana

“easy pose”
sit with the legs crossed or in lotus pose: 
-side stretch, reach (right) arm overhead and lean sideways (to the left)
-repeat other side
-relax forward
-place fingertips behind you, lift/open chest and stretch head slightly back
change legs (other foot up or in front of the other) and repeat the four exercises

wide-angle seated forward bend
variation: grab toes and lift your legs up (upward facing wide-angle seated pose)
variation: now roll back and forth 

butterfly pose/ bound angle pose
place soles of the feet together, so that the knees drop open
grab the ankles and draw the feet closer towards you
– sit up straight, breathe to your belly
– or gently sway left to right, maybe even rolling from side to side
– or sit up, roll/rotate the knees in the direction of the floor with every exhale
– relaxed version: place the feet further away from you, and relax forward with your head in the direction of your feet

seated spinal twist

double pigeon

8. I’d Die For You – abdominals

rolling/ rocking over the back
hold on to the backs of the knees or just extend your hands forward

situps, crunches whatever you are familiar with
variation A: situps, crunches with the legs in lying butterfly, legs on the floor
variation B: situps, crunches with the legs in lying butterfly, legs pulled up towards you (soles feet together)
variation: A or B + with a twist (elbow to opposing knee)

every pilates exercise you know

“yoga bicycle pose”

boat pose

lolasana/ pendant pose

9. Blood Money

lying twist stretch
lie down on your back, pull one knee (right) towards you
now twist it over to the other side (left)
with the left hand on your knee
extend your right arm to the right at shoulder level
turn your head to the right (optional)

repeat on the other side

short relaxation lying on your back until Blaze of Glory begins

10. Blaze Of Glory – supine poses 

all these poses are done lying on your back

supine leg stretch
start with both feet flat on the floor

extend one leg (right) up and pull it towards you
maybe relax the other (left) leg on the floor
repeat other side

supine pigeon stretch or eye of the needle

happy baby or dead bug pose

11. Runaway – restorative yoga

lying butterfly, reclined bound angle pose
lie on your back, place soles of the feet together and let the knees drop open

inversion, do not do when in you are in your period
place pillows under your hips and relax with your legs up

pose with a bolster or a rolled-up duvet/ blanket:
backbend with a bolster
– variation: legs in butterfly, reclined bound angle pose with a bolster

pose with a bolster or a rolled-up duvet/ blanket:
-child’s pose with a bolster
-wide-legged forward fold with a bolster
-seated forward fold with a bolster

12. Dry County- long relaxation

Down in dry county
They’re swimming in the sand
Praying for some holy water
To wash these sins from off our hands

Long relaxation
Lie on your back, cover up with a blanket and maybe you’d like pillow under your head.
Lie down with the feet at hip width, hands open next to you, close your eyes and relax your face and entire body. 


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What If That Box You’re Looking For To Fit In Does Not Exist?

41HUR0vPzrL._AC_SX342_The first time I knew I had issues, was when my first thought when someone was talking about the challenges of showing up online for your business, in particular if it’s a service close to your heart and you want to be honest-and-authentic you and not masking-as-professional you, was that at least they HAD something to sell!
“If only my life were that easy!” I thought.

I write for this account, Daily Bon Jovi Yoga, but I also write under Rock Star Writer, and have an art blog or more “meta blog” for popular culture that is not Bon Jovi.
That art blog is called World Between Worlds.
Then I have a business channel, and a YouTube channel about Bon Jovi. 

And (behold!) this is ONLY the English content under my real name!

If I would include the media I use for my pen name, and for my Dutch content, it would double or triple.

However, since I stopped being a yoga teacher, I no longer “am” something.
I do not write for the sake of writing. It’s not a deliberate art, not some delicate craft that needs to be developed, kept in shape, polished and fine tuned.
My writing does not even need to be admired, that’s how natural it is to me.

I just write because I can’t not write!
It would be like trying to stop myself from breathing. The story needs to come out. 

However, writing just because you die if you don’t, that is not a thing. It doesn’t become a thing until you monetize it, make money off of it.
Something I know I don’t have time for.

Because I don’t know if you have any idea how writing for money works? But it’s a high risk low payoff industry.
If you want to make money, any skill will get you there faster, than writing.
Writing is only monetizable if you use it to SELL something else! 
Like yoga, for instance.
Or coaching.
Or coffee.
Anything business or professional, combined with writing results in a mesmerizing combination!

And as a solo activity: Writing will work if you’re deeply invested in the craft (and write historical novels), or if you re a copy writer, or otherwise write for money, that could work.

But writing just because you’ve got the story coming out of you and stopping it is way too much effort compared letting the thing out?
Does not count.

Now, the conversation I had, about showing up online with someone who did have something to sell, did make me aware that I needed to up on my books!
If only I started publishing those, I would be a writer, and I could close every blog post with:
“My first book *insert juicy title*  is now available at (…)!”

I had to publish my books (for this account/name) and then I would “be” somebody!


It wasn’t until I was home that I realized I was making excuses to NOT show up online, to NOT blog every day, something which I not only love doing but also can’t not do, as mentioned before.

Where the friend was having trouble to show up online to write, speak and sell;
I was having trouble showing up online because I could write (effortlessly),
speak (YouTube, way much more effort, but very rewarding)
but I had nothing to sell!

In my career as a yoga teacher I had gotten so used to the validation of being a yoga teacher, and having that invitation for a first class/ to join the studio, at the bottom of my page;
I didn’t know how to show up online without.

Without the identity of being a yoga teacher, having a studio, offering classes, I was feeling so naked I needed to be a published author instead!

I had been holding myself back because I could not invite people to work with me, not to take my classes, not to DM me.
I was a turtle without a shell.
I needed a shell… I needed to be able to say, “buy my books!”, or I made a fool of myself even being here…

Naturally, the realization I had with the friend was the start of coming to my senses and realizing I had to get over this.
Had to make my peace with the fact that I did not fit into a box, did not know how to professionally call myself, make my peace with having nothing to sell and also use this time to detach from the idea that if or when I do have something to sell?
That that does not define me.

My work will always be bigger than a book I have on sale.

My work is to do Daily Bon Jovi Yoga and write.

Wait? Wait!
What did I just say?

A little voice in my head repeated: “My work is to do Daily Bon Jovi Yoga and write.”

So my question to you is:
Where are you looking for a box to fit in?
Where are you uncomfortable just being and doing, whatever it is you’re called to do, even when to the outside world that does not have a shape or form?

new Twitter bio I do Daily Bon Jovi Yoga and writeI just changed my bio on Twitter to:
“I do Daily Bon Jovi Yoga and write.”
That is five months after I stopped being an entrepreneur and yoga teacher, and almost two years after the Bon Jovi concert that I knew would change my future.

Two years looking for something solid, something to call myself. Even though I already did Bon Jovi yoga in 2019, and I ve been writing since 2006.

God makes us in many shapes and sizes, both physically. But also in terms of skills, interests, fascinations, curiosity.
Use it.
Follow it.
Don’t wait until you have a box for it, a label, a name, a price tag, because that day may never come.

Rock whatever it is you’re doing, that’s all there is to it.
And it saves you two years.

Rock Star Writer

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The Most Important Thing To Remember About Yoga, Life, Anything, That No One Tells You

124033595_2856577737959315_8768405420731460002_nI m going to keep this second post for my Daily Bon Jovi Yoga blog, as short as possible.
Not because it’s already 9 PM and I don’t intend to have the same Staying Up Too Late To Write Can’t Sleep – outburst of insomnia I had last night.
Not because I still want to do the dishes and at least get some yoga done tonight,  leaving little time, if any, for writing.
And not even because this is quite a political post, and perhaps a bit ranty. And before you know it some deep-rooted cynicism could seep through, and I personally believe that anybody who calls anything “Bon Jovi dot dot dot” (as in Daily Bon Jovi Yoga) is no longer allowed any cynicism, and will be held to the same optimistic standards as its name bearer.
Not even that.

No the reason I am going to keep this short is because:
A. It is too important not to write.
So skipping this topic, regardless of my resistance or my tight schedule, isn’t really an option.
B. I do not know all the answers
I know the value of knowing what it is I m about to tell you, but I do not know all the consequences. And even the ones I know, do not have an easy black and white solution or adaptation.

I may even have to come back to this topic, in the future, but I hope to cover the basics.

After a long career in yoga, I am now a writer. I no longer have a company, VAT number, insurance and so on. I threw all my yoga teacher books out, website, Facebook page, and so on.
I hope to, in the future, have a house so big I can teach friends but I will never be “a” yoga teacher.
People whom I teach will have a friendship with me, and yoga is a way we do things together.

It is no longer my business, my work, to teach yoga to the public.
I am not a yoga teacher.

And yet?
Of course I AM a yoga teacher.
And even: I am YOUR yoga teacher, in that if you follow this blog, I will start inspiring you to do Daily Bon Jovi Yoga.

Just like Tony Robbins in I Am Not Your Guru (Netflix) is of course the guru to his followers, I am of course a yoga teacher if I keep inspiring to do yoga.
I don’t even have to teach, yoga poses; I teach by writing about what Daily Bon Jovi Yoga is, and because I m also doing yoga to the concerts I review for my YouTube channel, I will weave in talking about yoga in those reviews.
And you’ll be able to pick up on my energy, or the energy of yoga.

But what I mean when I say that despite of all this I am NOT a yoga teacher, is because I do not have a business (model) where I make a living teaching yoga.

And here we come to the essence of this post:
In almost a 100% of the cases, you will only be offered the things people can make money off.
And yoga teachers? Independents serving their local communities? 

Those are the good guys, compared to the big picture stuff.

For example Active Mobility, which means to not use motorized transportation (f.e. to work): 
If everybody would travel only by bicycle or foot? 
That would make a huge impact on reducing carbon emissions.
But they are no part of the economy.
Pedestrians and cyclists only buy a bike once, and the extra cyclist-friendly infrastructure costs the government money.

Whereas electric vehicles (cars, but also buses) have companies sponsoring them, making money off of them, and when it comes to carbon emissions you hardly ever hear about pedestrians and cyclists, but you do hear about the improvement of electric vehicles over normal transportation.
Because electric vehicles are part of the economy and pedestrians aren’t.

With Covid no government immediately switched gears to rapidly make everybody as healthy as possible (free fruit and vegetables, free wholemeal products, free workout gears, promotion of daily walks etc).
Because pharmaceutical solutions (sickness) is part of the economy and health is not. 

Everything you have ever been offered as a solution or a path, was because it was someone’s business model.

I think about 60 years ago, “the food industry” came to rising.
Before that you just had food, in the stores. The raw ingredients.
But raw ingredients are not part of economy, and processed foods are. 

Even the stores where they sell organic food, are still selling processed food.
And nutritional supplements, exotic foods flown in from around the world.
As sympathetic as an organic health store / supermarket seems: 
It stocks the products that make a profit. Not the products that are the most healthy for you, or for the planet, because as said previously, health is not part of the economy.
And raw cacao nibs are.

So I write “Yoga is Political”, what I mean is:
The yoga you get, is the yoga someone makes money off.
Not the yoga that is best for you.
It’s not a bad thing, just like sponsoring your local health store is not a bad thing and it’s certainly a lot better than going to the big supermarket chains;
But it’s good to realize that yoga classes, and everything else you thought you were doing for your health, have been part of the economy. And you know they are part of the economy by the very fact that they reached you.
That is HOW they reached you!

Money makes the world go round.
If you have something, a message, a product, that you want to send out into the world, you must give it a monetary value. You must give people an option to pay you in exchange for what you give them.
Because even in times of open source technology, and knowledge being freely available on internet
-or maybe in particular because the free market being so big that people simply cannot afford to plow through it and find out how to use it for themselves;
Even in those markets, and in our new time, giving something in exchange for money, with a business model, to work within the economy, to be part of the economy, is the fastest way to let whatever it is you want to put out there into the world, and let it thrive!

So I m not saying that asking money for what it is you sell is bad, in fact if you re serious about whatever it is you re selling, please do ask money! And the more money you ask, the further and faster your work will travel.

But from an individual perspective of you the receiver, the consumer-by-default, this means that all the work that was ever brought to you, was the work by the person or organization that understood this principle.
Until, if I take yoga as an example, a handful of yogis who left India to spread yoga over the world, ultimately trickled down to your local yoga teacher and you paying him or her.

The yoga that survived was the one that was monetizable.

Everything that survived and everything that reached you, was the most monetizable version of something that could have had a thousand shapes, a million different expressions. And an infinity of possibilities.
And one of them, would have been yours.

Let’s find that one.

Rock Star Writer

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We Have No Idea How This Works. And That’s Exactly How It’s Supposed To Work.

This is Jon Bon Jovi, who – contrary to us, or at least me – did always know where he was going. To the top.

Tonight, as I was doing yoga to the Bon Jovi concert Wembley 1995 second night (my Tweet about it) I realized it is exactly 20 years ago, that I kicked my yoga into a higher gear.
Every day I would get up early, do my yoga, have breakfast.
And it was only after all that, that I would attend to the mess that was my life; A grief struck heart and a job I could no longer do because the death of my father had effectively smashed the thin veneer that was me pretending to be even half functional in a corporate job.

My father had died knowing I had a fixed contract and a pension plan, and in retrospect that reassuring quality I was going to “be alright”, was the only role that job was ever meant have in my life.
Me accepting that job had been a parting gift, and now me in that job was no longer serving anybody.

I realized that tonight when I caught myself again trying to make sense of it all.
All the things I want to do, all the things I started then just stopped doing; Or all the things I did only partially, like this project Daily (!) Bon Jovi Yoga, for which I have updated
the overview at the bottom of the project page every time I did yoga.
But it was far from consistent, and definitely not daily.
And this blog stayed empty… I did not write.

Because I wanted to do it “right”.
I knew Daily Bon Jovi Yoga was The Thing!
The work in this world I seem to have been in training for, been preparing for, and have been led to from my first concert, which was Bon Jovi, to the career in yoga I started after my father had died.
To the self-practice I did day after day in the year he had died.

It was this self-practice of yoga that saved me.
Not the teacher training, not the weekly classes.
I had already been practicing yoga at home for over a year when he died. Less consistent. Less serious, bit on and off.  But it was at home, not at a studio.
I loved home yoga.
It was home yoga that saved me, and in a way it had been home yoga that had prepared me for the blow of my fathers death.

Daily Bon Jovi Yoga is me telling you, at the crossroad of all the those different paths of my life;
Daily Bon Jovi Yoga is ALL that you need.

Do something on a mat, on a rug, or just on the bare floor. Something that you think is yoga, or that you know is yoga if you are more experienced.
Find your peace, play Bon Jovi music.

Do it daily. Do it occasionally. Do it whenever the mood strikes.

There is no pay-off, no pension plan, no goal, no perfection. No reason to do it.

And yet it might save your life one day.

Rock Star Writer

my Daily Bon Jovi Yoga is posted on
my personal Twitter account
and Rock Star Writer page on Facebook
and the
overview page Daily Bon Jovi Yoga

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Welcome to Daily Bon Jovi Yoga!

If there is a best of the best, then this is the first of the first!

Welcome to Daily Bon Jovi Yoga!
My name is Suzanne Beenackers, I live in the Netherlands and this project is about my commitment to do daily yoga with music from Bon Jovi.
Until the day I die.

I do not know when I will die; But I know I will have practiced yoga while listening to Bon Jovi, in the 24 hours prior to that! 
If there would be days I am sick, I will only listen to the music, and relax.
So it really is something I can do every day.

As simple as it may seem; This project has been almost two years in the making!
And yet it feels so IT!
IT as in “It”, the movie with the scary clown Pennywise.
Not IT as in information technology which is perhaps even scarier.

This new project is more than something personal;
It is for everybody.
Everybody can put on a Bon Jovi album and do yoga, or what you think is yoga; Or lie on your back looking at the ceiling thinking about what yoga could be 😉

Daily Bon Jovi Yoga is free, global, and an amazing extension of being a fan and available to everybody.

To me this project feels like coming home after a very, very long journey…….

Will you stick around, and subscribe to the blog?
Then I can share what inspired me, and maybe will inspire you;

Everything I fluked and failed at until here we are;
Friday March 19th 2021.

It after 10 PM now, I feel spent and want to go to bed. My thoughts and what I can say no longer make sense. 

So just subscribe to the blog, okay?
And I ll be back in your Inbox soon.

And rock on.

Rock Star Writer

my Daily Bon Jovi Yoga is posted on
my personal Twitter account
and Rock Star Writer page on Facebook
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