The Most Important Thing To Remember About Yoga, Life, Anything, That No One Tells You

124033595_2856577737959315_8768405420731460002_nI m going to keep this second post for my Daily Bon Jovi Yoga blog, as short as possible.
Not because it’s already 9 PM and I don’t intend to have the same Staying Up Too Late To Write Can’t Sleep – outburst of insomnia I had last night.
Not because I still want to do the dishes and at least get some yoga done tonight,  leaving little time, if any, for writing.
And not even because this is quite a political post, and perhaps a bit ranty. And before you know it some deep-rooted cynicism could seep through, and I personally believe that anybody who calls anything “Bon Jovi dot dot dot” (as in Daily Bon Jovi Yoga) is no longer allowed any cynicism, and will be held to the same optimistic standards as its name bearer.
Not even that.

No the reason I am going to keep this short is because:
A. It is too important not to write.
So skipping this topic, regardless of my resistance or my tight schedule, isn’t really an option.
B. I do not know all the answers
I know the value of knowing what it is I m about to tell you, but I do not know all the consequences. And even the ones I know, do not have an easy black and white solution or adaptation.

I may even have to come back to this topic, in the future, but I hope to cover the basics.

After a long career in yoga, I am now a writer. I no longer have a company, VAT number, insurance and so on. I threw all my yoga teacher books out, website, Facebook page, and so on.
I hope to, in the future, have a house so big I can teach friends but I will never be “a” yoga teacher.
People whom I teach will have a friendship with me, and yoga is a way we do things together.

It is no longer my business, my work, to teach yoga to the public.
I am not a yoga teacher.

And yet?
Of course I AM a yoga teacher.
And even: I am YOUR yoga teacher, in that if you follow this blog, I will start inspiring you to do Daily Bon Jovi Yoga.

Just like Tony Robbins in I Am Not Your Guru (Netflix) is of course the guru to his followers, I am of course a yoga teacher if I keep inspiring to do yoga.
I don’t even have to teach, yoga poses; I teach by writing about what Daily Bon Jovi Yoga is, and because I m also doing yoga to the concerts I review for my YouTube channel, I will weave in talking about yoga in those reviews.
And you’ll be able to pick up on my energy, or the energy of yoga.

But what I mean when I say that despite of all this I am NOT a yoga teacher, is because I do not have a business (model) where I make a living teaching yoga.

And here we come to the essence of this post:
In almost a 100% of the cases, you will only be offered the things people can make money off.
And yoga teachers? Independents serving their local communities? 

Those are the good guys, compared to the big picture stuff.

For example Active Mobility, which means to not use motorized transportation (f.e. to work): 
If everybody would travel only by bicycle or foot? 
That would make a huge impact on reducing carbon emissions.
But they are no part of the economy.
Pedestrians and cyclists only buy a bike once, and the extra cyclist-friendly infrastructure costs the government money.

Whereas electric vehicles (cars, but also buses) have companies sponsoring them, making money off of them, and when it comes to carbon emissions you hardly ever hear about pedestrians and cyclists, but you do hear about the improvement of electric vehicles over normal transportation.
Because electric vehicles are part of the economy and pedestrians aren’t.

With Covid no government immediately switched gears to rapidly make everybody as healthy as possible (free fruit and vegetables, free wholemeal products, free workout gears, promotion of daily walks etc).
Because pharmaceutical solutions (sickness) is part of the economy and health is not. 

Everything you have ever been offered as a solution or a path, was because it was someone’s business model.

I think about 60 years ago, “the food industry” came to rising.
Before that you just had food, in the stores. The raw ingredients.
But raw ingredients are not part of economy, and processed foods are. 

Even the stores where they sell organic food, are still selling processed food.
And nutritional supplements, exotic foods flown in from around the world.
As sympathetic as an organic health store / supermarket seems: 
It stocks the products that make a profit. Not the products that are the most healthy for you, or for the planet, because as said previously, health is not part of the economy.
And raw cacao nibs are.

So I write “Yoga is Political”, what I mean is:
The yoga you get, is the yoga someone makes money off.
Not the yoga that is best for you.
It’s not a bad thing, just like sponsoring your local health store is not a bad thing and it’s certainly a lot better than going to the big supermarket chains;
But it’s good to realize that yoga classes, and everything else you thought you were doing for your health, have been part of the economy. And you know they are part of the economy by the very fact that they reached you.
That is HOW they reached you!

Money makes the world go round.
If you have something, a message, a product, that you want to send out into the world, you must give it a monetary value. You must give people an option to pay you in exchange for what you give them.
Because even in times of open source technology, and knowledge being freely available on internet
-or maybe in particular because the free market being so big that people simply cannot afford to plow through it and find out how to use it for themselves;
Even in those markets, and in our new time, giving something in exchange for money, with a business model, to work within the economy, to be part of the economy, is the fastest way to let whatever it is you want to put out there into the world, and let it thrive!

So I m not saying that asking money for what it is you sell is bad, in fact if you re serious about whatever it is you re selling, please do ask money! And the more money you ask, the further and faster your work will travel.

But from an individual perspective of you the receiver, the consumer-by-default, this means that all the work that was ever brought to you, was the work by the person or organization that understood this principle.
Until, if I take yoga as an example, a handful of yogis who left India to spread yoga over the world, ultimately trickled down to your local yoga teacher and you paying him or her.

The yoga that survived was the one that was monetizable.

Everything that survived and everything that reached you, was the most monetizable version of something that could have had a thousand shapes, a million different expressions. And an infinity of possibilities.
And one of them, would have been yours.

Let’s find that one.

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