We Have No Idea How This Works. And That’s Exactly How It’s Supposed To Work.

This is Jon Bon Jovi, who – contrary to us, or at least me – did always know where he was going. To the top.

Tonight, as I was doing yoga to the Bon Jovi concert Wembley 1995 second night (my Tweet about it) I realized it is exactly 20 years ago, that I kicked my yoga into a higher gear.
Every day I would get up early, do my yoga, have breakfast.
And it was only after all that, that I would attend to the mess that was my life; A grief struck heart and a job I could no longer do because the death of my father had effectively smashed the thin veneer that was me pretending to be even half functional in a corporate job.

My father had died knowing I had a fixed contract and a pension plan, and in retrospect that reassuring quality I was going to “be alright”, was the only role that job was ever meant have in my life.
Me accepting that job had been a parting gift, and now me in that job was no longer serving anybody.

I realized that tonight when I caught myself again trying to make sense of it all.
All the things I want to do, all the things I started then just stopped doing; Or all the things I did only partially, like this project Daily (!) Bon Jovi Yoga, for which I have updated
the overview at the bottom of the project page every time I did yoga.
But it was far from consistent, and definitely not daily.
And this blog stayed empty… I did not write.

Because I wanted to do it “right”.
I knew Daily Bon Jovi Yoga was The Thing!
The work in this world I seem to have been in training for, been preparing for, and have been led to from my first concert, which was Bon Jovi, to the career in yoga I started after my father had died.
To the self-practice I did day after day in the year he had died.

It was this self-practice of yoga that saved me.
Not the teacher training, not the weekly classes.
I had already been practicing yoga at home for over a year when he died. Less consistent. Less serious, bit on and off.  But it was at home, not at a studio.
I loved home yoga.
It was home yoga that saved me, and in a way it had been home yoga that had prepared me for the blow of my fathers death.

Daily Bon Jovi Yoga is me telling you, at the crossroad of all the those different paths of my life;
Daily Bon Jovi Yoga is ALL that you need.

Do something on a mat, on a rug, or just on the bare floor. Something that you think is yoga, or that you know is yoga if you are more experienced.
Find your peace, play Bon Jovi music.

Do it daily. Do it occasionally. Do it whenever the mood strikes.

There is no pay-off, no pension plan, no goal, no perfection. No reason to do it.

And yet it might save your life one day.

Rock Star Writer

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