Welcome to Daily Bon Jovi Yoga!

If there is a best of the best, then this is the first of the first!

Welcome to Daily Bon Jovi Yoga!
My name is Suzanne Beenackers, I live in the Netherlands and this project is about my commitment to do daily yoga with music from Bon Jovi.
Until the day I die.

I do not know when I will die; But I know I will have practiced yoga while listening to Bon Jovi, in the 24 hours prior to that! 
If there would be days I am sick, I will only listen to the music, and relax.
So it really is something I can do every day.

As simple as it may seem; This project has been almost two years in the making!
And yet it feels so IT!
IT as in “It”, the movie with the scary clown Pennywise.
Not IT as in information technology which is perhaps even scarier.

This new project is more than something personal;
It is for everybody.
Everybody can put on a Bon Jovi album and do yoga, or what you think is yoga; Or lie on your back looking at the ceiling thinking about what yoga could be 😉

Daily Bon Jovi Yoga is free, global, and an amazing extension of being a fan and available to everybody.

To me this project feels like coming home after a very, very long journey…….

Will you stick around, and subscribe to the blog?
Then I can share what inspired me, and maybe will inspire you;

Everything I fluked and failed at until here we are;
Friday March 19th 2021.

It after 10 PM now, I feel spent and want to go to bed. My thoughts and what I can say no longer make sense. 

So just subscribe to the blog, okay?
And I ll be back in your Inbox soon.

And rock on.

Rock Star Writer

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and the
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