Among Giants | Bon Jovi concerts 10, 11 and 19 June | Giants Stadium, New Jersey 1989

Legendary day on this blog, for more reasons than one, because first of all;
I ve added a playlist!

Bon Jovi concerts on this day:

The list contains all concerts discussed so far, in their correct chronological order, and the list is updated daily.

Rock Your Yoga

And today is also the first day, where I ll be adding in yoga!
I ve totally found my mojo, and know exactly what I ll be teaching in the upcoming years.
You ll see that coming up on my two YouTube channels English and Dutch.

There is so many good stuff out there on YouTube, so many lineages to choose from. 
What I do with Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga, is inspire you to check it out and rock your yoga!

Today, June 19th 2022, is the first day I ll start including the yoga, in this daily blog.

this post

So traditionally (it’s day 10 of this blog!) we have the following sections:
-the “Bon Jovi concerts on this day” -section
Today, we cover three days! 

I will list the June 19th concerts, but there were no recordings to make a soundtrack for today,
which has allowed me to revisit the concerts given on the first dates on this blog, that were not consistently covered, because the blog had not settled on its format yet.

I found an epic concert to go with today!
And also very rare footage of something you will definitely want to see!
Both recordings from the heart of New Jersey.

And as always, in this blog: 
-a story of whatever the concert or the day sparks.
I will take you to a fairytale-like concept of Walking with Giants that you will remember the rest of the day, if not year!

And today, for the first time, I m going to tie the yoga blueprint, to this blog.
Depending on the weekday, there is a themed list of resources to choose from.

19 June 2022, is a SUNDAY!

Rock Star Yoga #dailybonjoviyoga for Sunday 19 June

Sunday means Vintage Yoga: 
Time to go back to how it all started.

For a guided vintage yoga practice, check the playlist! 
Playlist Vintage Yoga Videos + tv 

Or: do your own yoga, f.e. traditional hatha yoga poses
And choose from Sunday’s vintage Bon Jovi soundtracks:

Sunday vintage album: 
Do yoga with one of the first two albums from Bon Jovi,
💿Bon Jovi- Bon Jovi (1984)
or 📀 7800° Fahrenheit (1985)
Both albums are about 50 minutes long.

Sunday vintage concert:
Or practice with their first concerts,
-a world tour opening for major acts and playing smaller venues in the USA (September 1983-November 1984)
For example: 16 June 1984 Allentown Fairgrounds, Pennsylvania 40 minutes
-or their Fahrenheit tour (April 1985 – December 1985)

—🤘🏾🧘🏾 🎶🎸 that was your practice for today 🤘🏾🧘🏾 🎶🎸—

The concert part!
What concerts were played on June 19? 

Remember – for multiple reasons – this is going to be a deep dive down the Bon Jovi rabbit hole. I ll let you know when you can come back safely…

Duck! 🐰


What [ pre-1997 ] Bon Jovi concerts were played on June 19?

There were 2 concerts on different tours, played by Bon Jovi:

1.First tour, opening for the Scorpions
19 June, 1984, Charleston, West Virginia, Charleston Civic Center

2.New Jersey Syndicate Tour:
19 June 1989 Philadelphia, Spectrum (first night)
There is an excellent recording of Philadelphia 1989: But that one is from earlier that year, March 8. 
19 June was the first of a double night, some sources even say first of a triple night, in Philadelphia. 

Neither show has a recording, which is why I have decided to go back to the first day of this blog, June 10, when I didn’t yet have this format.
So let’s check what we have there:

What [ pre-1997 ] Bon Jovi concerts were played on June 10?

If we go back to the first day of this blog, June 10, to see if there are concert recordings there, that I did not yet highlight or retrieve, what do we find?

There were 4 concerts on June 10

1. First tour, opening for the Scorpions:
10 June, 1984, New Haven, Connecticut, New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum

2. Slippery When Wet Tour:
10 June, 1987, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Five Season Center

3. Keep the Faith/ I ll Sleep When I m Dead Tour:
10 June, 1993, Osaka, Japan, Osaka Castle Hall (second night)

And the gig already mentioned in the original 10 June blog:
4. Cross Road/ These Days Tour:

10 June 1995, Basel, Switzerland, St.Jacob, Stadium
Bon Jovi | Live at St. Jakob Stadium | Basel 1995
And my 2020/2021 video review  #14 Basel, Switzerland June 10

With June 10 not offering new recordings either, I will go to June 11.

What [ pre-1997 ] Bon Jovi concerts were played on June 11?

Even further down the rabbit hole 🐇
If we go back to the second day of this blog, June 11, are there concert recordings not yet highlighted or retrieved?

There were 4 concerts on June 11

1. Slippery When Wet Tour: (*1)
11 June, 1987, Kansas City, Missouri, Kemper Arena
Only one video exists!
From Bad Name:
Bon Jovi | You Give Love A Bad Name | * Fight Speech * | Kansas City 1987
+ more or less unrelated, but too cool not to share:
Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi singing “Kansas City” in legendary music venue The Stone Pony in New Jersey!!:
Springsteen w/ Jon Bon Jovi – Kansas City (New Jersey 1987)

(*1) Half a day after writing this post, a Kemper Arena 1987 concert was uploaded to YouTube, but this is from February 26th 1987
( not 11 June, 1987)

The Giants Stadium show became legendary overnight. source jane_jbj on Twitter

2. New Jersey Syndicate Tour:
11 June 1989 East Rutherford, New Jersey, Giants Stadium
This show was mentioned by me, in the original 11 June post, but I didn’t watch it.
So this will be the our 11 June soundtrack for today, the 19th:
Bon Jovi | Legendary First Concert at Giants Stadium | 30th Anniversary | New Jersey 1989

3. Cross Road/ These Days Tour:
11 June 1995, Spielberg/ Zeltweg, Austria, Österreich-Ring
The audio of this show was already given in this blog in the June 11 post:
Bon Jovi – Zeltweg, Austria 11.06.1995 (Full Show)
Including my (Suzanne Beenackers) video review:
#15 Zeltweg/ Spielberg, Austria June 11 | 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series (Stories)
So that one was already covered.
But there is another one! One year later:

4. Cross Road/ These Days Tour:
11 June 1996, Bettembourg, Luxembourg, Krakelshaff
Bon Jovi – Luxembourg 11.06.1996 (incomplete audio)
The length is 2h:18min, and only Rocking all over the World is missing.
The Luxembourg recording will be our soundtrack for the next day, we don’t have a good recording!

🏳️ It’s safe to come back!


So starting at the first day of this blog (June 10), working our way way up, we encountered a video of  Springsteen w/ Jon Bon Jovi – Kansas City (New Jersey 1987);
And a recording of the legendary show opening the Giants stadium.

Your soundtrack concert for today June 19th is therefor, June 11 1989:
Bon Jovi | Legendary First Concert at Giants Stadium | 30th Anniversary | New Jersey 1989

With Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen both being Giants;
I decided to toy around with that word, for the story for this post. And I vaguely remembered some concept like Among Giants or something.
I expected it to be some sort of self help book, and maybe it is, b
ut I found something that fascinated me even more!

Toying around with the concept Among Giants, I found a cooking channel on YouTube where they cook with tiny appliances!
I encountered it through this May 2022 article:
🗞️ Why Do People Love the YouTube Channel “Walking With Giants”?
And it says:

“Walking With Giants was created by a man named Jay who identifies himself as an artist.”
It sums up 7 reasons why people love the channel so much, and every reason comes with a video.
Because John Bongiovi Sr., and Jon’s Soul Foundation, have a pasta brand (Bongiovi), I have picked the video for mini lasagna!
MINI LASAGNA! by YouTube channel Walking With Giants (908K subscribers)

This Daily Bon Jovi Yoga blog  is about Bon Jovi concerts, that were performed on this day;
And then I connect that to Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga.

I find a way to let it spark, inspire, and enrich, your yoga practice.

Just like Jay, I want you to take something that is functional and everyday, like stretching, breathing, doing a yoga video you found on YouTube;
And turn that into something else.

Something that may look small, and unimportant, and makes you wonder: 
“What difference does it make?”
If the yoga you do is the same yoga everybody else does, that gets ticked off a list?

Or if you are aware, and awake!
And treat your yoga like a milestone, like being on stage with Bruce Springsteen in The Stone Pony! 

What if you identify as an artist, and treat yoga as something creative you do, and maybe even imagine you have almost 1 million followers who want to see your interpretation of it?

It is a game changer.

And the difference is gigantic.

Rock Star Writer
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