Playing around is the highest form of love | Bon Jovi concerts 20 June | Wiener Neustadt, Austria, 1996

bootleg cover for the concert on June 20 1996 Austria. Photo could be from different show, but the goatee was correct.

I m cheekily changing the title from:
“Engagement is ..” to “Playing around, is the highest form of love.”
Cheeky, because I know playing around is associated with sex, and not with fiddling with your playlists on your YouTube channel;
As I ve been doing this Sunday.

And it wasn’t just this weekend and this morning, when I spent copious amounts of time on YouTube, and discovered that the answer to “What do you DO”, as a content creator, can just as well be answered as:
“I make playlists on YouTube”
as with:
“I m a blogger and a YouTuber.”

When I started this blog 11 days ago, it changed everything.
I knew it would be an important step for developing Rock Star Yoga, a concept I ve been playing around with since 2019.
I knew it was important for understanding what I would be writing about, what I would be filming, and if I would ever actually teach, yoga again.
And important to what I would be calling myself, what my identity would be.

But I didn’t know how quickly it would go, and that here, on day 11, after a whole weekend of massive Yoga Playlist Renovation! 
I can share with you the moving parts of what Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga is all about.

Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga IS THIS daily blog.

Where you get (1) a story, (2) a Bon Jovi concert, a soundtrack for that day
And (3) yoga practice you can do, based on the day of the week.
Not necessarily in that order.

But to be able to write that, and to guide you in your practice, this blog comes with YouTube playlists:

First off: A Playlist with on-this-day Bon Jovi concerts
This blog revolves around yoga AND a Bon Jovi live recording from that day.
You can find a new, daily updated, on-this-day playlist, with all the concerts from this blog, right here:
Bon Jovi concerts on this day

And then the yoga!
At a separate page on this blog,,
you can find the Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga Blueprint!

Every day of the week is themed differently, but also, every weekday has a playlist.

Week Schedule: Guided Yoga

Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga can be practiced in different ways.
Using a Bon Jovi album or concert, as the soundtrack for your practice, is just one of them, b
ecause I ll also be sharing instructional yoga videos.

Every day of the week, there is one playlist with yoga to choose from.

1. Monday’s playlist: Yoga with Adriene

Officially named, “Find What Feels Good”, on this day, we find what feels good!
The slogan from Yoga with Adriene.
I ve been referring you to her
Yoga with Adriene channel,
but this weekend I also updated the two Yoga with Adriene playlist I made. 

These are the two Yoga with Adriene playlists, I ll be sharing with you every Monday: 
Yoga with Adriene – selection
Yoga with Adriene Yoga for New Beginnings

2. Tuesday’s Rock Star Yoga: Ashtanga
Officially named, “showtime! New Jersey Syndicate Tour”, after the XXL late 80s Bon Jovi tour! 
On Tuesday, we practice Ashtanga yoga; A unique school of yoga, with long, prescribed series of poses.

A very rock star story about Ashtanga yoga is that it was practiced by the Grateful Dead, who brought their ashtanga yoga teacher Larry Schultz on tour with them, in the 90s. Together with Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead, Larry Schultz developed Rocket Yoga.
This the Ashtanga yoga playlist, I ll be sharing with you every Tuesday:
Ashtanga + Rocket Yoga playlist

3. Wednesday’s Rock Star Yoga: Yin/ Relaxation
Officially named “Santa Fe Day”, after the song on Jon Bon Jovi’s 1990 solo album which he wrote in New Mexico;
on Wednesday we go out in the wilderness and start with a clean slate.
Every Wednesday:

Choose a Yin yoga/ relaxation video from the yoga playlist

4. Thursday’s Rock Star Yoga: Shiva Rea
Officially named “showtime! Keep the Faith/ I ll Sleep When I m Dead Tour”, every Thursday we choose one or more videos from Shiva Rea  
the turn of the century founder of modern day yoga.
I ll be sharing it with you every Thursday.

5. Friday’s Rock Star Yoga: Tara Stiles
Officially named: “An Evening With Bon Jovi” after Bon Jovi’s 1992 intimate gig for MTV, it is now time to unwind
with friends.
And practice with friendly and easy going Tara Stiles.

Having been online since 2006, originally with yoga videos for the model agency she was under contract with, Tara Stiles one of the first YouTube yoga teachers.
She is an author, teacher, and the founder of Strala Yoga.

Every Friday, choose one or more Tara Stiles videos from her playlist

6. Saturday’s Rock Star Yoga: Meghan Curry
Officially named “Showtime! Cross Road/ These Days Tour” it is time to bring it home and ROCK THE HOUSE!!!
With the most creative and inspiring yoga teacher of them all:
Meghan Curry.
In 2022, she runs her trainings and online yoga studio from Bali.

Every Saturday choose your practice from Meghan Curry Playlist.
Beware of the peppered ones!

7. Sunday’s Rock Star Yoga: Vintage Yoga
Time to go back to how it all started.
From the eldest videos from the 80s, to Jane Fonda and Bryan Kest’ Power Yoga in the 90s;
To the absolute boom, of yoga vhs, dvd and yoga teachers of the 00s!

Select the vintage yoga of your liking, every Sunday playlist:
Playlist Vintage Yoga Videos + tv 

[ end of: Week Schedule: Guided Yoga ]

So today is June 20!
Let’s dive in: What is the yoga for today?
What is the Bon Jovi concert or concerts, on this day?

🤘🏾🧘🏾Yoga 20 June

20 June 2022, is a Monday, which means: Find What Feels Good
💿 Find What Feels Good album:
Slippery When Wet (1986), 45 minutes
Your juicy Pink Flamingo/ Let it Rock combo is out there for you.
You just have to go out and find it.
🎶🎸 Find What Feels Good tour:
Slipper When Wet Tour (July 1986 – October 1987)
🤘🏾🧘🏾Find What Feels Good yoga:
Yoga with Adriene / hatha yoga on your own

For a guided yoga practice, check
Yoga with Adriene channel
Or one of the two playlists I made: 
🍭 Yoga with Adriene – selection
🌱 Yoga with Adriene Yoga for New Beginnings

Or find what feels good on your own,
doing hatha yoga with 
💿 the album Slippery When Wet (1986), 45 minutes
or practice with
🎶🎸 a recording from the Slippery When Wet Tour concert (July 1986 – October 1987)
For example a June 20 one: Bon Jovi | 1st Night at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre | Soundboard | Irvine 1987  46 minutes

—🤘🏾🧘🏾 🎶🎸 that was your practice for today 🤘🏾🧘🏾 🎶🎸—

The concert part!
What concerts were played on June 20? 


🗓️🎶🎸Bon Jovi 20 June


There were 5 pre-1997 Bon Jovi concerts on different tours:

1. First tour, opening for the Scorpions
20 June, 1984, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Civic Arena

2. Fahrenheit Tour
20 June 1985 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Henry W. Maier Festival Park
Bon Jovi || Live Summerfest || Milwaukee, WI, USA 1985*
1 hour recording
* postscript 29 June, 2022:
I discovered this is not the Milwaukee recording from June 20. They played Milwaukee at 20 June 1985, and 29 June 1985 (Summer Festival).

3. Slippery When Wet Tour
20 June 1987 Irvine, California, Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre (first night)
Bon Jovi | 1st Night at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre | Soundboard | Irvine 1987
44 minutes

Because these two recordings (2 and 3) are incomplete, we’ll leave them for now, and save them for days when we don’t have a proper recording.
Milwaukee and Irvine will be added to this date, 20 June, in the playlist
Bon Jovi concerts on this day:

4. New Jersey Syndicate Tour:
20 June 1989 Philadelphia, Spectrum (second night)
There is an excellent recording of Philadelphia 1989: But that one is from earlier that year, March 8. 
20 June was the second of a double night, some sources even say of a triple night, in Philadelphia. 

5. Cross Road/ These Days Tour:
20 June 1996, Wiener Neustadt, Austria, Flugplatz Wiener Neustadt
video: Bon Jovi – Live in Wiener Neustadt, Austria 1996 [Full]

Wiener Neustadt 1996 will be the recording for today
20 June 2022.

Wiener Neustadt 1996 will be also be added to this date, 20 June, in the playlist
Bon Jovi concerts on this day:


👩🏼‍💻 The Story June 20

I cannot remember I was ever this absorbed in a project.

It has never taken me so long to fully understand what wanted to come through.

But now that I ve started this daily blog, and came up with the schedule on day 3 or something, I am on this train of knowing what the next step is, and I can barely keep up with the work. I happily, give my days to this project.
I am fully, immersed in it and the work just flows out of me.

I feel I have done more work in the past 10 days than in the past 4 years.

Not because of hustle and grind; but because I let myself fully engage in what I love.
Bon Jovi.
Making YouTube playlists.
And all for days on end, often until way after midnight.

I hardly need any sleep, yet I feel more awake than ever.

If you want to learn an important yoga lesson today;
Find out how you can love yoga.
Do you like making playlists on YouTube, like I do?
Then do that.
Do you like taking online courses, or browsing Instagram, or making collages? Listening to podcasts?
Then do all those things, with yoga!

Don’t let Just Do It, lead the way.
But Just Love It.


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