A place to experiment (Walk away Renee)| Bon Jovi 18 June 1995 Lahr, Germany

There have been days when took me 7 hours to write this daily post.
And days when I ve been able to bring it back to about 3-4 hours, including reposting the post from the day before to social media.
But even that still needs to be trimmed, and sooner rather than later, until I can write a yoga story, based on a Bon Jovi concert, in under 90 minutes.

So I already know that these first weeks on this series, will be the most time intensive.
And also the most productive, in terms of big breakthroughs! 

Because I finally have an understanding of what I want to teach, to totally rock our yoga!
And no teacher allowed, just a helluvalot Bon Jovi!

You can find the Daily Bon Jovi Yoga blueprint on this special page;
And I ll be bringing it to life for you SOON, on both my Dutch and English YouTube channels.

So more than anything, the main place where I am currently doing my experimenting, is obviously, just right here! 
This series is still in the experimental phase, for sure. Lots of trials and errors, although I consider the fact that I ve settled on a format, already quite far down the road.
It’s more than I had when I started.

But the experimenting I m doing here?
That is the level of experimenting in the concert that I ll highlight today!
Change a song or two, add a rarity; But with an understanding that ultimately the thing is gonna have to rock, and will have to meet the general expectations of what a blog post, or a 2+ hour rock show, are.

I m not crazy stuff experimenting here, any more that Bon Jovi was crazy stuff experimenting on June 18 1995 in Lahr, Germany!

So what do we got? 
What [ pre-1997 ] Bon Jovi concerts were played on June 18?

First off! I missed an entire concert yesterday! 
Werchter, Belgium, 1995
The show is no longer on YouTube, that channel was taken down. But I did make a video review about it in 2020/2021:

June 17 concert, I missed yesterday
Cross Road/ These Days Tour:
17 June 1995, Werchter, Belgium, Werchter Open Air Park
No recordings online at the moment.

In 2020/2021 the concert was available on YouTube, and I reviewed this concert. 
You can watch my video here:
#18 Werchter, Belgium June 17 | 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series (Stories)
[ end of added concert ] 

Let’s proceed with this day!
Pre-1997 Bon Jovi concerts on June 18th:

Slippery When Wet Tour:
18 June 1987 Salt Lake City, Utah, Salt Palace (second night)

Cross Road/ These Days Tour:
18 June 1995 Airport Rock, Lahr, Germany, Flughafen Lahr
This concert has an audio upload:
Bon Jovi – Lahr, Germany 18.06.1995 (audio show)
Unfortunately, the last song is missing. The full recording was on a channel that was taken down recently.
And here is a video review I made in 2020/2021:
#19 Lahr, Germany June 18 | 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series (Stories)
Other concert
Cross Road/ These Days Tour:
18 June 1996 Budapest, Hungary,  Óbudai-sziget

None of the other shows have YouTube/ audio recordings, so obviously we’re going with Lahr, 1995!
If you’re interested in doing your own research, you can find the backstory to all Bon Jovi records, as well as the tours Keep the Faith and up, on this website:

Older tours are being added.

So having all that settled! Let’s dive into Lahr, 1995! 
A concert where Bon Jovi experimented with their setlist, because it was less than a week before they would play three nights in Wembley.
Lahr got the first live performance of “Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White”, an acapella “Don’t Walk Away Renee”, which had not been played on this tour yet; And a “We Will Rock You” intro to Lay Your Hands On Me.

I know all these things, not because I put in hours of study before getting behind my writing desk at 7.15 AM this morning;
But because for the first time in this series, I used my own video review of the concert to prepare this post.

On this blog, I talk about the pre-1997 Bon Jovi concerts that were on that day, and then use an aspect of one of them to teach something about yoga.
But 9 days ago, this series didn’t start out that way.

The concerts, the YouTube videos from an “on this day” concert, were supposed to be a something extra.
But now, of course, it is running the show!
You don’t sideline a Bon Jovi concert, not even in your blog.

So this blog is 90% about a concert on this day + whatever story it sparks;
and 10% yoga, life lesson, bringing it home.

But despite this shift in perspective, despite this being a Bon Jovi blog far more than a yoga blog, something I do still stick with, is that I don’t have to, listen to the recording before writing my post.
My commitment is to writing a daily post, not to reviewing concerts.

This is gonna be a year long daily blog, running to June 9 2023;
If I make myself study 1.5 -3 hour recordings before I am “allowed to” write, just like I did with my Bon Jovi video review series from 2020/2021! – then this series too, will not last.

What I learned from making that video review series, is that you have to limit your preparation time.
That review series ultimately got stuck in Wembley.
When for three concerts in a row, I had to plow through the recordings, the setlists, and I prepared Wembley night #2 multiple times! For months!
Just couldn’t get my head around it, and I had to start from scratch every time.
Until I ultimately saw that I was not the right person to do that work, and quit the 1995 concert series, even though as a concept I absolutely loved it.

But what I learned is that the key to running a series, is a SHORT, repeatable production process, with a predictable outcome.
It was because I failed to find a time-saving formula for that 1995 series, I had to give up.

With blog posts (free style, creative blog posts) I rarely have had times when I throw a blog post out, where I store it in draft, or when I have to take it to the next day to finish it.
It’s write and publish.
I do remember having 8 hour writing days, and then throwing it all out. It were intense periods, when I was trying to figure something out, and although the writing helped me, it didn’t turn into a blogpost.
Wasted time for content creation, not wasted time for my personal development. But that only happened like once a year.

But with videos, and particularly making yoga videos, I had as many minutes of video to throw away, than to use.
Recording a 30 minute yoga video – recording alone: not including cleaning the set, setting up the camera, getting changed and in makeup, preparing yoga sequence -, the filming, quitting, deleting, and starting again, was done rarely if ever under 90 minutes.
And I threw out a lot of Bon Jovi related videos too.

This is why, in yoga, people rarely experiment.
Why yoga is almost always, a set series, a decided upon time window. The method is almost always entirely fixed.
There is stability, predictability.

The yoga I ve encountered, is being done with the same mindset as how content creators do their work;
They NEED a predictable outcome, for their yoga. They need to have it contained and planned.

For practical reasons;
If you commit to having a fixed result, one yoga session, one blog post, one video;
You NEED to have a predictable process to get that result, or you need to define the result in a measurable way.

You can commit to doing 20 minutes of yoga a day.
To finding the handful of Bon Jovi concerts that were on a certain date.
And I know of at least one very successful YouTuber, Aaron Doughty, who committed to making one video every day, so it CAN be done!

And I can commit to making this daily blog IF!
If, I manage to find that move, where I can crush it, squeeze it, and pump it out, within 90 minutes;

Or 9 minutes when pressed for time!!

Almost ALL teachings on habit and productivity, are based on this idea.

I will need to get good at that, if I want this blog to be flexible enough to fit into;
-my life as a full-time content creator
Which is the life I have this summer. This is the easy part!
But also, to have a production method for this blog that: 
– fits into what may come after
I feel a lot of “can I really do this” uncertainty, and have not thrown away the key, burned the boat, to having a more regular job, or work as an independent in the “real world”.
– still fits if the day goes to something else
– still gets done if my mind goes to something else

The year is long, and even when I finally bite the frickin’ bullet and show up as a fulltime content creator after summer and for every day for the rest of my life! Then there will still always be 4 blogs and 3 YouTube channels, I create content for. And that s just under this name, because I also have a penname.

So after accepting this startup phase, where it still takes 7 hours a day to blog here;
This Daily Bon Jovi blog will ultimately be embedded in the rest of my work.
Or it will die.

I HAVE TO streamline writing these posts, if I am to successfully complete this year of blogging.

And this is why I m teaching this new school of yoga, Rock Star Yoga, #dailybonjoviyoga;
I think yoga should be BROKEN.
That your aim should never be, for it to fit in with your daily life.

I have more than had it with the sameness, and the properness, and the tidiness of all these daily habits because we re missing out of LIFE.
We re missing out on the biggest of our dreams, because we re micromanaging ourselves through our days. 

One reason I feel teaching yoga is so tricky, is because it is almost ableist to an unhealthy lifestyle!
One where we have single serving portions of things that are meant to be whole;
One where we sideline things, and label them as “extras”, just like I labeled the Bon Jovi concerts for this blog as “extra”;
When those things are meant to be the main show!

You’re actually doing not so much them, those things, but yourself a huge disfavor, to cut them into 5 or 20 minute pieces.
And I, with the utmost certainty, no longer want to be the person teaching you that.

Here’s my yoga teaching for 2022 to you now:
To just let the whole thing, your whole life, fall apart into glorious pieces.
So that it can be built back up.

Either that, or ten years from now you re still micro-managing, squeezing, and do whatever it is that you think you should be doing daily, into an efficient process with a predictable outcome.

But that shit ain’t gonna fly.
That shit ain’t gonna ROCK.

When I made that yoga schedule, in this first week of having those 7 hour blogposts, my aim was not that you (I!) could easily fit it into our lives.
My aim was you, me, us, thinking;
“How on EARTH, am I going to do THAT?
It’s never gonna fit!!”
“I don’t even understand what it says!”

“I can’t get my head around it! It’s like Wembley 1995!”
Okay, in all fairness, that last one is probably not what you think, but that’s what I think when I see the Daily Bon Jovi Yoga week schedule page. 

And that instead of chopping it up into 20 minutes of the same predictable yoga everyday;
We re going to find a way to either swallow this whole.
Or walk away, Renee!

We re going to let our desire for it, our enthusiasm for Rock Star Yoga, for #dailybonjoviyoga, for that schedule with its 7 days of 7 entirely different types of yoga, RISE! 
Until our desire for yoga has pushed away not just our worries about yoga, but all the other worries as well.

Just like Bon Jovi, Rock Star Yoga needs to be a headliner.
And then it will run the show for you.

Until we are so passionately in love with the idea of yoga, that we clear our calendars, barricade the doors, turn our phones off, and are willing to ignore all the other things in the world (okay, unless a living being, dedicated to your care, needs you, or your house is on fire);
Unless we are ready to wall off everything else, and are burning with desire to do it? 
Don’t do yoga.
In fact: I urge you NOT to.

I have this Daily Bon Jovi blog, where for one year I write about all the  Bon Jovi concerts that were on this day;
Creating a 365 day legacy, that we can always return to, and that I can update , repost, and build on, for years to come!
So it’s worth it to me, to adopt that productivity-based way of at least being able to crush writing a post in 9 minutes, if all I would have on one day are 9 minutes.
But I will do it for this purpose, alone.

Because we, don’t have a 365 day yoga commitment; 
We, have a commitment to let Daily Bon Jovi Yoga run the show.

Or walk away Renee.

Rock Star Writer
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