Blame it on the Love of Rock n Roll | Bon Jovi 17 June 1993 Yokohama | Paul McCartney’s Birthday

Photo credit Paul McCartney

Today is going to be an easy day for me. Not counting the three hours of work I put in preparing this post, but also rewriting and reposting yesterday’s post; Basically causing more problems than I solved and then had to correct! 
But in terms of writing this post, it’s going to be easy peasy, because there is no photo of the concert I would have otherwise written about.

I have a photo of Jon Bon Jovi on stage with Paul McCartney, last night. Or “Beatle Paul” as he calls him, but only off-stage though. 

But no material to write about the pre-1997 concerts on this day, 17 June.
Not without risking having to put in extra hours tomorrow, mixing things up again, rewriting paragraphs again, and cursing myself I made the images and stories, such a hotchpotch of media.

But first let’s see what we got! 
What [ pre-1997 ] Bon Jovi concerts were played on June 17?

opening for The Scorpions:
17 June 1984 Hampton, Virginia, Hampton Coliseum 

Slippery When Wet Tour:
17 June 1987 Salt Lake City, Utah, Salt Palace (first night)

New Jersey Syndicate Tour:
17 June 1987 Hershey, Philadelphia, Hersheypark Stadium
I had originally missed this one; On Wikipedia it is listed on 9 June, but the concert ticket says 17 June.

Keep the Faith/ I ll Sleep When I m Dead Tour:
17 June 1993, Yokohama, Japan, Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan (final show in Japan)

And there is an audio recording:
Bon Jovi – Live in Yokohama 1993 [FULL]
It includes the only documented performance of Blame it on the Love of Rock n Roll, from the Keep the Faith album. It was probably not performed again because Jon was having a hard time with some parts of the song.
concert page

[added on June 18, a 5th June 17 concert, I missed yesterday]
Cross Road/ These Days Tour:
18 June 1995, Werchter, Belgium, Werchter Open Air Park
No recordings online at the moment.

In 2020/2021 the concert was available on YouTube, and I reviewed this concert. 
You can watch my video here:
#18 Werchter, Belgium June 17 | 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series (Stories)
[ end of added concert ] 

So four concerts, and only the Yokohama one has a recording. Obviously: That would be the one to write about, and tie it to a yoga lesson, since this blog is about Bon Jovi AND Yoga.

But guess what? No photo! No photos exist of Yokohama 1993. Just like yesterday, when no photos existed to go with the 16 June 1984 recording.
Which then (trust me I m going somewhere with this story) tempted me to use a photo of another pre-1997 concert that did have photos.
So yesterday we had a 16 June 1997 Jon Bon Jovi photo, one of the very rare ones of him having a goatee, to illustrate a 16 June 1984 story about Bon Jovi opening for the Scorpions in Philadelphia.

It was not something I was happy with, and that may have been enough already to change my policies about:
👩🏼‍💻the story
🎸🎶Bon Jovi video on YouTube
📸 photo as given by Google, from that same show

But when this morning I reposted the 16 June blog with the 15 (not 16) June 1996 photo (same goatee, and that photo had featured on this daily blog, the day before); Only to find this out after one hour, and one unwelcome comment later, as if the mismatch had summoned mismatching mutuals;
I knew I was not gonna go down that road ever again.

From now on, story and photo were gonna have to match.

One morning of extra work and one Twitter block later, I knew the only “on this day” 80s or 90s Bon Jovi show I would write about, would be one that had AND video AND photo.
Which for today, 17 June, means;

Which was quite lucky actually!
Because last night Paul McCartney celebrated his birthday with a 3 hour show, Bruce Springsteen came by to sing  “Glory Days,” and they sang “I Wanna Be Your Man.”.
And Jon Bon Jovi came by to sing Happy Birthday with the crowd.
So that is the story I will share today.

And the 2 hour recording of Yokohama is a great soundtrack to your 17 June day!
Bon Jovi – Live in Yokohama 1993 [FULL]
And the only time Blame it on the Love of Rock n Roll was performed live.

And I just found out that a very lovely mutual is celebrating his birthday today! So Paul McCartney’s birthday story is the perfect one for this day! 
Not attracting toxicity but appreciated and fun Bon Jovi fans instead.

The Keep The Faith album, the album for the one concert we have a recording of, has songs which are often debated if they should have been on that album.
Or if they should have been dropped in favor of songs that were around too, but never recorded or the recordings were dropped. 
The three songs often mentioned, including two by Jon, about not being a good fit for the album, are:
Blame it on the Love of Rock n Roll, Woman in Love (which was never performed) and If I was your Mother.

One of the reasons for this “criticism”, is that in 1991 and 1992, many songs were around that ranged from upbeat and fun, to breathtakingly beautiful, and that never made it to an album.
Or not until the box set 100.000.000 Bon Jovi Fans Can t Be Wrong in 2004.

If you re curious about these unreleased, or late- released, 1991 and 1992 songs, you can check my playlist:
Bon Jovi 1984/85-1995 Deep cuts and cover songs (live)
The videos are from all over YouTube, and sometimes do not have a date. But I put them in chronological order, so you ll have no trouble finding the ones that could have been on Keep the Faith (1992)

In the end, everything always turns out perfectly.
1993’s Blame it on the Love of Rock n Roll, meets Bruce Springsteen’s 2022 Glory Days
The borderline obsessive love from If I was your mother, mirrors the darkness of the fan I encountered.
I dedicate Jon’s Happy Birthday, to the fan who celebrates his birthday today, June 17th.

And what better pairing than last night’s “I Wanna Be Your Man.” with  my personal favorite from the 1992 album:
“Woman in Love”?!

You cannot think, or structure, your way out of life.
You have to let go, and go with the flow.

You have to, rock n roll.

Rock Star Writer
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