We’re keeping the faith | yoga journal Sa 15 January

Keep The Faith, 3 November 1992, 1h+, 12 songs

This felt BIG.
After 15+ years of teaching a regular schedule of yoga group classes, the journey of letting go of what was, and reinventing a new type of yoga to teach and to DO, has not been easy.
Nor pretty!
But I stayed interested in yoga, in business, and ultimately it was also the vision that yoga could be combined, merged, and pounded together with rock music, into pure ecstasy;
It was that vision that kept me going.

That although, yes, the relaxation and stress reduction is important. And taking better care of myself in 2022 is definitely a priority. I m not here to build a new yoga business that’s going to keep me glued to my social media, Inbox, or floods my agenda.
Nor to create something that takes time away from your calendar, you’d preferred to spend otherwise.
But Rock Star Yoga, and it’s daily counterpart Daily Bon Jovi Yoga, are definitely about more than staying healthy. And about more than staying offline and not letting our mood be determined by the madness of the world.

The reason I came back to yoga, even though I could have chosen any form of physical exercise (I actually walk or cycle for over an hour every day), and any career, because I have other degrees and have fallen in love with marketing and sales a long time ago-
The reason I came back to yoga, is because the potential of what it can be.

Developing, or just “starting” Rock Star Yoga, and setting one foot in front of the other, is simply the absolute best thing I can possibly imagine doing with my life.

To take yoga, the Indian system of movement and breath, and to within that yoga system pick sides with the free-flowing forms of yoga, most famously taught by Shiva Rea (see bottom of this post for her talk on Burning Man); And to combine that with the energy of rock music, and perhaps even the energy of a rock concert.

To move beyond the silence, and the breath, and be taken over by another power, another energy, where we are no longer aware of our individuality, no longer aware of our thoughts or our worries.
And we’re one with the highest vision we have for ourselves and for the world.

It is for that, we must keep the faith.

Rock Star Writer

yoga journal Saturday January 15

Bon Jovi cd: Keep The Faith, 3 November 1992.
duration: 1h+, 12 songs
type of yoga: 
I used our free download
Bon Jovi Yoga Set List 2.0 – yoga framework incl sticky men schedules
and practiced 1-3 fully
1. Opening sequence, half sun salutations and full sun salutations
2. Balance poses
3. Standing poses
from 8. Legs up the wall pose with pillow
9. long relaxation, final two songs Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll and Little Bit Of Soul

About Daily Bon Jovi Yoga and Rock Star Yoga: 
Uncovering Rock Star Yoga; A Journey

Sources Daily Bon Jovi Yoga:
1. free download, t
his is a 17 page guide
Bon Jovi Yoga Set List 2.0 – yoga framework incl sticky men schedules
2. White Tigress Yoga Workbook
You can find this book at the bottom of this page:
3. Rock Star Yoga
Pure Rock Star Yoga is a free flowing form of movement (improvisation) without following a system. Just music.


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2 YouTube: Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs
rebooting within days! ->
As part of our work together, I will also be making Rock Star Yoga or #dailybonjoviyoga videos for this channel, at some point (late 2022?).

3  YouTube: yoga met Suzanne Beenackers (Nederlands) 
start snel weer op ->

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1. Shiva Rea on free flowing movement
2. playlist from my channel, of beginner yoga 
3. Rock Star Yoga opening prayer

2. playlist from my channel, of beginner yoga 
one of the playlists from my old work

3. Rock Star Yoga opening prayer
Inspired by a speech Madonna gave in 1990, when she was defending her daring artistic choices to the Vatican, this is the opening prayer to Rock Star Yoga:



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