From opening for The Scorpions, headlining Japan, rocking the US, Jon’s 1993 sick week and tying the knot in Vegas; To playing under the radar in 1995. | 29 April-5 May | Bon Jovi Concerts On This Day

These are the performances, played on this day, by Bon Jovi for the upcoming week.

I used to write posts about one concert, here on this blog.
And the past couple of weeks I have been reviewing “Soundtrack of the Day” on Twitter, Facebook, and I lost my Instagram virginity.

But since this site is called #dailybonjoviyoga, and I DO crave doing yoga and to one day start combining yoga with Bon Jovi, as I always intended this site to be about;
I will not be writing longform reviews on the blog, nor the detailed reviews on social media.

Instead I will start finding my way back to my yoga mat, and create this weekly post for you.
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These are the soundtracks for our upcoming week 

Saturday April 29 

Bon Jovi
San Francisco, California🇺🇸
30 April 1984
🏟️ first major tour, opening for The Scorpions

One day after their very first tv performance in American Bandstand, Bon Jovi opened for the Scorpions in their first ever major tour.

When I say first ever major tour, I mean that if you dive into the archives you come up with literally less than 20 registered shows at this point!
What an unbelievable achievement, to kickstart a band with this speed.

Sunday April 30

Bon Jovi
30 April 1985
Tokyo, Japan
🏟️ 7800° Fahrenheit Tour

The first headliner tour for Bon Jovi.
If you combine it with the video above of their first appearance on American television being in the same month, one year prior;
You can see they really took the world by storm!

This first headliner tour had one leg in Japan, and one in Europe. Late June 1985 they would start touring the US, and be opening for RATT the rest of the year, and attending several festivals.
But April and May, were the months they were Kings of the Mountain!

Monday 1 May

Bon Jovi
1 May 1987 
Providence, Rhode Island🇺🇸 

🏟️ Slippery When Wet Tour

By now, the Slippery When Wet Tour, which had started around the time of the release of the album late summer 1986, was full throttle.
Both You Give Love A Bad Name and Livin’ On A Prayer had achieved number 1 in many countries, and i
n March Bon Jovi had released their third single from the album, Wanted Dead or Alive.

These achievements had ensured that in May 1987 they were on the minds of millions of people.
Somewhere in the front.

Tuesday May 2

Bon Jovi
2 May 1993 
Madrid, Spain🇪🇸
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

The final concert from the “killer spree” of The Holy Month of April; A term to describe the top notch performances in Germany, Belgium and other European countries, in April 1993.

In Madrid Jon was struggling to perform at the same level as he had done in April. It would be the last show, before he took time to be sick and recover.
Bordeaux and Toulouse shows were cancelled.
You can read the full story in the description box on YouTube.

This week, the numbers of concerts is picking up. Multiple tours are running at the same time now.
But with the These Days tour still in a poorly documented first leg, in Asia,  and with remarkably few of the American concerts from 1987 and 1989 making it out as bootleg, the number of extra uploads is still limited and we are still largely dependent on the Keep The Faith Tour.

However, congruent with the wisdom what goes up must come down, the epic high of Bon Jovi’s “Holy Month of April” crashed shortly after the first concert in May.
Madrid 1993.

You can find the whole “Holy” European leg of the tour, including Madrid and the cancelled concerts because of Jon’s sickness, at the BJ tours page:

In terms of dates, Madrid May 2 1993, is the final concert for this week.
The dates 3, 4 and 5 May do not have uploads of concerts from before 1997, predominantly because two Keep The Faith Tour concerts (on which we are  still dependent) were cancelled.
So the soundtracks for Wednesday May 3 to Friday May 5, date from earlier this week.

Wednesday May 3

Bon Jovi
30 April 1989
Mountain View, California  🇺🇸

🏟️ New Jersey Syndicate Tour

Oh la la! 
First show of Jon Bon Jovi as a married man💒

On April 29 1989 he and Dorothea Hurley flew off to Las Vegas and married in secret on the steps of the Graceland Chapel.
Although Jon got severe pushback on returning, in particular from their manager Doc McGhee, he was incredibly happy they had made the spur of the moment decision to tie the knot.

Dorothea and Jon had been together since highschool, with the exception of a time period where Jon decided to focus on his career and that it wasn’t fair to ask Dorothea to wait.

In 1989 they had been reunited for a while, before making it final. And they lived happily ever after.  

Thursday 4 May

There are only 6 Bon Jovi concerts available this week, and I have chosen to leave Thursday out.
I will also be offline this day.


Friday 5 May

Bon Jovi
1 May 1993
San Sebastian, Spain🇪🇸
audio & video impression
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

Knocking out our week with another one from Bon Jovi’s peak in 1993, the Holy Month of April and beyond.
After San Sebastian, they would play Madrid (Tuesday’s soundtrack) and after that, Jon Bon Jovi would stay in his hotel bed, at doctor’s orders.

Only to return anew, in Paris!

But we’ll cover that, next week.

Then we’ll also have some concerts from the These Days Tour, hitting its third week of touring Asia in 1995.
There will be more recordings available as soon as that tour hits Europe, with the pinnacle being three all very well recorded nights at Wembley Stadium in June 1995.

If you want to read more about the mighty “These Days” tour, that will last us in this series throughout the summer, together with its 1996 concerts-as the tour had two legs in the following year as well- then you can read here all about it:

Hope you enjoy this new format, my Bon Jovi live-on-this-day series has taken.
And as always:

All shows have been added to the playlist 
“Part II: Bon Jovi concerts on this day 6 Dec- and up (before 1997)”
on 29 April – 5 May.


That was it! 

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