From The Holy Month of April, via the first time on TV, first VHS; to breaking in the mighty These Days Tour, Asia 1995 | 22-28 April | Bon Jovi Concerts On This Day

These are the performances, played on this day, by Bon Jovi for the upcoming week.

I used to write posts about one concert, here on this blog.
And the past couple of weeks I have been sharing “Soundtrack of the Day” on Twitter, Facebook, and I lost my Instagram virginity.

But since this site is called #dailybonjoviyoga, and I DO crave doing yoga and to one day start combining yoga with Bon Jovi, as I always intended this site to be about;
I will not be writing longform reviews nor the short Soundtrack of the day reviews.

Instead I will start finding my way back to my yoga mat, and create this weekly post for you.

These are your soundtracks for the upcoming week 

Saturday April 22 

Bon Jovi
22 April 1993 🇧🇪
Brussels, Belgium
Video & audio remastered by hAnD90
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

April 1993 is referred to in fandom as: The Holy Month of April. And not because of Easter, but because of the begeistering, of these performances in Germany, Belgium and other European countries.
You can immerse yourself in the religious experience of these concerts at the BJ tours page:

Sunday April 23

Bon Jovi
23 April 1993 
Rotterdam, The Netherlands🇳🇱
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

One of the few second-night bookings, of this tour. But the first Rotterdam concert on the 9th had sold out so quickly, this second night was added to satisfy the Dutch fans.

Monday April 24

Bon Jovi
25 April 1985
Osaka, Japan🇯🇵
🏟️ 7800° Fahrenheit Tour

The first headliner tour for Bon Jovi, and if you combine it with the video below of their first appearance on American television being in the same week, one year prior;
You can see they really took the world by storm!

played on the 24th:
X Bon Jovi

X 24 April 1985
X Nagoya, Japan🇯🇵
X 🏟️ 7800° Fahrenheit Tour
This upload is marked X, it was not added to my list because the quality of the recording is not good enough.
Maybe in the future someone will be able to upgrade it with latest technology.

Tuesday April 25

Bon Jovi
25 April 1993 
Nuremberg, Germany🇩🇪
Video & audio remastered by hAnD90
Beautifully edited, with a dedication to Alec John Such.

🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

Wednesday April 26

Bon Jovi
26 April 1993 
Frankfurt, Germany🇩🇪
audio & video
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

also played on 26th April
X Bon Jovi

X 26 April 1993 
X Mumbai, India (1 song)🇮🇳
X 🏟️ 7800° Fahrenheit Tour
This upload was not added to my list, because the quality of the recording is not good enough.

Thursday April 27

Bon Jovi
28 April 1985 
Tokyo, Japan🇯🇵
“Tokyo Road – live in Japan”
And I think this must have been the first VHS Bon Jovi ever released.
Video & audio remastered by SantiJovi

🏟️ 7800° Fahrenheit Tour

also played on the 27th:
Bon Jovi

27 April 1993
Stuttgart, Germany🇩🇪
one song available
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

Friday 28 April

Bon Jovi
28 April 1993 
Lausanne, Switzerland🇨🇭
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

Knocking out our week with another one from the Holy Month of April!
More information in the description box of the video +
on the BJ Tours site:

also played on the 28th:
Bon Jovi
28 April 1984
American Bandstand🇺🇸
Very first tv performance, 12 minutes
And perhaps fitting since the band was still “in diapers”, the show was supported by diapers [ 3:30 ]

also played on the 28th:
Bon Jovi

28 April 1993 
Taipei, Taiwan🇹🇼
30 second clip available

🏟️ These Days Tour (second concert of the tour)

And with this 30 second “teaser” of the second concert of the mighty These Days Tour, our week ends.
All tours have multiple names, but by now I have chosen to just label it after the album that was released before, or during, the tour.

But the These Days tour official name at this point is the Crossroad tour, named after the 1994  greatest hits album. Which also contained their biggest 90s hit Always and Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night.
The album These Days, would not be released until late June 1995, which is why the entire 1995 tour was named Crossroad Tour.

If you want to read more about the mighty “These Days” tour, that will last us in this series throughout the summer, together with its 1996 concerts-as the tour had two legs in the following year as well- then you can read here all about it:

The Asia leg of the tour, where the These Days tour started in 1995, is not  or poorly documented.
But it picks up very quickly, with the pinnacle being three all very well recorded nights at Wembley Stadium in June.

Hope you enjoy this new format, my Bon Jovi live-on-this-day series has taken.
And as always:

All shows have been added to the playlist 
“Part II: Bon Jovi concerts on this day 6 Dec- and up (before 1997)”
on 22-28 April.


That was it! 

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