Crossroad tour delivers its first recordings; Jon crosses over from sickbed to stage, and the band crosses over the Canal with a promise to return; And a 35 year old recording finds its way to YouTube | 6-12 May | Bon Jovi Concerts On This Day

These are the performances, played on this day, by Bon Jovi for the upcoming week.

I used to write posts about one concert, here on this blog.
Or review “Soundtrack of the Day” on Twitter, Facebook, and I am new on Instagram .

But since this site is called #dailybonjoviyoga, and I DO crave doing yoga and to one day start combining yoga with Bon Jovi, as I always intended this site to be about;
I have committed to writing this weekly overview, and additional Soundtrack of the day-posts  on the socials.
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Those posts offer more interesting stories about the concerts and customized art work.

It promises to be a beautiful week, although this week I could not find any recording of their opening for Scorpions tour in 1984;
Nor any 1987 Slippery When Wet shows.
But maybe that keeps it interesting, to not have the same menu every week!

We do have our first recordings from Asia’s Crossroad tour.
And in total there are 8 bootlegs this week!
Allowing us to choose.

I have chosen to keep the first night in Birmingham out (1993), and push Tuesday’s double bill, the 1989 New Jersey Syndicate Tour concert in Portland, to being Friday’s soundtrack.

These are the soundtracks for the upcoming week.

Saturday May 6

Bon Jovi
6 May 1995 
Jakarta, Indonesia🇮🇩
audio + video, incomplete recording
🏟️ These Days Tour

First recording of the poorly registered first leg of the These Days tour, which was technically still called Crossroad tour, at this point.
Crossroad was the 1994 Best of album, including two new songs Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night and their biggest 90s hit, Always.
The These Days album would not be released until late June 1995, so Bon Jovi toured 1995 under the name of their 1994 album;

With Jakarta Indonesia, as the first recorded concert.

Sunday May 7

Bon Jovi
7 May 1993 
Paris, France🇫🇷
audio & video
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

After staying in bed for a week, Jon Bon Jovi is back on stage, and rocking Paris. Show documented at BJ Tours website

Monday 8 May

Bon Jovi
8 May 1993
Essen, Germany🇩🇪

audio & video
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

Ninth and final German city, and the final show on Europe’s mainland. The band would cross over to the UK and Ireland, but return to Europe in August, and rock some more!

Tuesday May 9

Bon Jovi
9 May 1985
Frankfurt, Germany🇩🇪
🏟️ 7800° Fahrenheit Tour

Bon Jovi’s first ever headliner tour had one leg in Japan, and one in Europe. Late June 1985 they would start touring the US, and be opening for RATT the rest of the year, and attending several festivals.
But in May, they were Kings of the Mountain!


Wednesday May 10

Bon Jovi
Seoul, South Korea🇰🇷
10 May 1995 
audio + video
🏟️ These Days Tour

profile on Seoul at BJ Tours website

also played this day:
Bon Jovi
10 May 1993
first night

Birmingham, England🇬🇧
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour


Thursday 11 May

Bon Jovi
11 May 1993
second night

Birmingham, England🇬🇧
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

profile on second night in Birmingham on BJ Tours website


Friday 12 May

Bon Jovi
9 May 1989
Portland, Oregon🇺🇸
🏟️ New Jersey Syndicate Tour

My personal favorite for this week! 
Oh, you just can’t beat the blood, sweat, and tears of the New Jersey Syndicate Tour, I don’t care what anybody says.

Portland wasn’t uploaded until October 2022, so it is actually a very recent gem, remastered and released by hAnD90.
Who describes it in the description box as;
“you’re in for one hell of a ride with a band firing on all cylinders and a crowd that responds adequately!”

Knocking out our week with Portland 1989, if these killer soundtracks do not push you into peak inspired performance mode this week;
I don’t know what will.

And as always:

All shows have been added to the playlist 
“Part II: Bon Jovi concerts on this day 6 Dec- and up (before 1997)”
on 5 – 12 May.


That was it! 

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