I was never a quitter | 9 February | Bon Jovi 8 February 1993, Quebec | First show of the Keep the Faith Tour

Vintage sweater with North American tour dates, Quebec first. source Worthpoint

Thursday 9 February 
The soundtrack for today is:

Bon Jovi
8 February 1993
Quebec City, Canada
🏟️ Keep the Faith/ Sleep When I’m Dead/ I Believe Tour

A show that is a must see!
Because of several reasons.
One: All bootlegs available with a video stream should be regarded with great reverence!
Reverence I never seem to be able to put in, because I can only JUST fit in listening to one Bon Jovi concert about 5 days a week (which I round of as “daily”);
But I never have two hours spare to sit down and enjoy the video.

Which is a shame, and Mea Culpa, but that’s just the way it is.

But another reason this show is a must see, at least for me, is because there are no photos or tickets available from the Quebec show. So the only option I have is coming up with a screenshot! 
See below.

And there are even more reasons for listening to this show, than for watching it. Because it is the first show of The Keep The Faith Tour!
A.k.a their comeback tour, after a three year hiatus, where Jon and Richie made their first solo albums, and the rest of the world held their breath if the band would ever get back together again.

And, well, because it’s an amazing show!

So pop on your headphones, listen to 8 February 1993, and let’s dive in the story behind this one.


I was never a quitter

👩🏼‍💻 the story 9 February


Jon touching the crowd in a rare performance of If I Was Your Mother. Credit video hAnD90 YouTube channel

It was not even the first time Jon Bon Jovi mentioned Generation X, a brand new term at the time.
I have also heard him mentioning it five weeks prior, December 1992.

Which means he knew about Generation X before the 1994 Douglas Coupland novel, which is regarded as its name bearer.

Originally, as you can hear in Jon’s speech, Generation X referred to people born 1962 and up, and in 1994 
Douglas would pull it back even further.

But in 1999 cohort 1955-1965 was dubbed Generation Jones (robbing Douglas Coupland himself of the X-label he made big) and Generation X was locked in at 1965 to 1980, pretty unanimously. 
Which is where it has been ever since.

However, in the earliest beginning, when things still seemed simple, a select few among whom The New York Times and Jon Bon Jovi, were already using the term Generation X to define a new generation, that felt they were setback from the start.
They felt that they could better give up, because it wasn’t worth fighting for.

Something that worked like a red flag on a bull, to Jon “We’ve got to hold on” Bon Jovi, which could explain why he was such an early user of the term.
He immediately understood that the nihilism went against everything Bon Jovi stood for, and in December 1992, and on 8 February 1993 [ timestamped at 29:28 ] , you can here him addressing them specifically.

After explaining the term, and the pessimistic mindset this group of people suffered from, thinking that it, life, is not worth fighting for, he says:

“Now, I might not be the wisest man, I might not be a scholar or a saint, but one thing I’ll never be, is a quitter.”

Little did the audience know, that Jon Bon Jovi had every bit of reason to not settle for the complacency of this next generation.
He had a task and it wasn’t decades from now, in some unknown future where he would be “over 30”, which is an age the youngest generation refers to as “old”.

Not only was Jon Bon Jovi turning 30 in the upcoming month;
But he was also at the opening concert of a tour that had done the worst in terms of disappointing ticketsales and the subsequent cancelling and rescheduling that followed.
Jon Bon Jovi did not have the luxury of an uncertain future;
He had the urgency of someone who knew how stark it would look, if he did not find a way to make this tour, this band work.
This revived Bon Jovi that had cleared out all 80s management and that had become an organization where Jon Bon Jovi was the one who determined how things went.

A new Bon Jovi, whose innovative 1992 record had made them the designated survivor of all the metal and hardrock bands, was now halfway there to joining the fate of their peers, who had been forgotten in the 80s.

Unless, he pushed through and pulled through, and somehow magically would turn this ship around….

So when he was talking about Gen X wanting to give in before the fight, he wasn’t just talking about them. He was talking about himself, and about the band.

And what followed after Quebec, were the most full-on, most intense months Bon Jovi had ever seen.

If they ever make a motion picture about the band Bon Jovi, they will cap it after those earliest months of 1993! After what is known in fandom as “The Holy Month of April,” where Jon Bon Jovi gave all he had and gave the best concerts of his life.
They had to carry him off stage.

These earliest months of the Keep the Faith Tour, is when Bon Jovi became Bon Jovi.
Where they not just earned their place in the new decade, but lay the foundation of all the decades to come.
Decades they would share, side by side, with Generation X.

“When I wrote this song, I realized it was a bit timeless.” Jon finishes his speech on Generation X. “Because even if against the odds, I’m going out; It’s gonna be in a blaze of glory.”


8 February 1993, Quebec City, Canada🇨🇦
Bon Jovi | Live at Colisée de Quebec | First Show of the Keep The Faith Tour | Quebec City 1993

is the soundtrack for today

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