Show us your best: The raw, the flawed, the one where you’re winging it. (not Dead Rock Star Syndrome) | 2 July | Bon Jovi 2 July 1987, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, BC Stadium

Welcome to another day on this new daily blog! Every day you get:
(1) a story
Ranging from anywhere between
– a 2000 word blogpost, lavishly wrapped under, over and around, all things yoga and Bon Jovi;
– to refreshingly missing!

And today I have a powerful message from you, AND for me, because what is it about teaching what we most need ourselves, right?
I need today’s lesson myself too.
Short and raw, not short and sweet, in the traditional sense, and it can be found at the bottom of this post.

And you get
(2) a Bon Jovi concert, a soundtrack for today
Also added to the on-this-day playlist, with all the concerts from this blog:
Bon Jovi concerts on this day

(3) a yoga practice you can do, based on the day of the week.
Pulled straight from day-by-day Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga blueprint

About the yoga

Every day of the week, the Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga is themed differently:

Monday: Find What Feels Good
do yoga with:🥤 Yoga with Adriene channel
or playlist 1: 🍭 Yoga with Adriene – selection
or playlist 2:🌱Yoga with Adriene Yoga for New Beginnings
or do hatha yoga with 🚧Slippery When Wet album🚧 or 🏟️Slippery When Wet tour🌎

Tuesday, showtime! New Jersey Syndicate Tour
do yoga with: 🕉️Ashtanga Yoga and  🏹 Rocket Yoga playlist
or freestyle with 🇺🇸New Jersey album🫐🟦 or 🏟️New Jersey Syndicate tour🌎

Wednesday:  🌵🏜️🏍️Santa Fe Day 🦅🏜️🌵
choose a yin yoga/ relaxation video from the yoga playlist
or do relaxing yoga with 🏜️Blaze of Glory album🏍️
OR (new!) do yoga with the live Dry County and Santa Fe playlist!
Will be explained below.

Thursday, showtime! Keep the Faith/ I ll Sleep When I m Dead Tour
do yoga with: 🌊Shiva Rea playlist
or buy her 1999 double album 2h practice, Yoga Sanctuary
or freestyle with 🛐 Keep the Faith album✝️ or the 🏟️KTF tour🌎

Friday: 🍻 An Evening With Bon Jovi🎤
do yoga with: 💃🏽 Tara Stiles playlist
or do hatha yoga with a few songs from the Cross Road album or An Evening With Bon Jovi

Saturday: Showtime! Cross Road/ These Days Tour
do yoga with: 🌶️ Meghan Curry Playlist.
or freestyle with
🎸These Days album🚑 or the 🏟️ CR/ TD Tour🌎

Sunday: Vintage Yoga
do yoga with: 📺 Playlist Vintage Yoga Videos + tv 
or hatha yoga with 1⃣Bon Jovi- Bon Jovi album💘, 🌋Fahrenheit🔥 or concerts 🎛️1984🎴🏮-🦂🦂🦂-1985🌎

Or, choose the fast lane to enlightenment, with Guns N’ Roses Yoga.
Full story here: 
->  Free yourself. And have breakfast with the other guests.
| A Day or a Lifetime, of Guns N’ Roses Yoga

💀🌹🎸  Guns N’Roses Yoga
do yoga with: 🕉️Ashtanga Yoga and  🏹 Rocket Yoga playlist
or freestyle with a 💀🌹🎸 Guns N’ Roses album,
or a concert, for example: 💀🌹🎸 Guns N’ Roses – Paris 06.06.1992 
Or my playlist: Guns N’ Roses Groningen 2022 06 23


New: Day-to-day Playlists

I created two Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjovityoga playlists:

One ongoing 7 day one with practices from one hour.
🕉 🎬 yoga playlist: 7 Day Yoga Schedule | 1 Hour per day
Saturday = video 6 = a one hour Meghan Currie Practice.

And one with short practices for 4 weeks of Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga:
🕉 🎬 yoga playlist: Rock Your Yoga: 4 Week Yoga Schedule {start on a Monday}
Since today is a Saturday, the 28 day playlist, would land you on video 6, the first Meghan Currie one.

So today is July 2!
Let’s dive in: What is the yoga for today?
What is the Bon Jovi concert or concerts, on this day?


🤘🏾🧘🏾Yoga 2 July


Click photo to go to a Meghan Currie inspirational yoga video ,originally called “Creativity is Free” (2014)

2 July 2022, is a Saturday, which means:
Saturday: Showtime! Cross Road/ These Days Tour
Yoga wise it means it’s “Meghan Currie Day”

do yoga with: 🌶️ Meghan Curry Playlist.
or freestyle with
🎸These Days album🚑 or the 🏟️ CR/ TD Tour🌎

Saturday is one of the three days marked “Showtime!”
Meaning that stronger and longer practices, are invited.

Just like a tour schedule, the Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga schedule, has days when you go for a peak performance, and days when you noodle around.

The Showtime! days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and I have paired them up with teachers that challenge you and have longer practices available on YouTube.

The Meghan Currie playlist on my channel is one that contains the highest number of long and challenging classes, just like the Cross Road/ These Days Tour was the one with up until then, the longest shows.  

Saturday: Showtime! Cross Road/ These Days Tour
option 1: 🤘🏾🧘🏾 Guided yoga practice
do yoga with:🌶️Meghan Curry Playlist.

Saturday: Showtime! Cross Road/ These Days Tour
option 2: 🤘🏾🧘🏾 Practice yoga on your own
Freestyle with 🎸These Days album🚑 or the 🏟️ CR/ TD Tour🌎

Saturday is the last dedicated day of the schedule:
Sunday is a yoga wise a reset, where we will dive into the vintage yoga list.

—🤘🏾🧘🏾 🎶🎸 that was your practice for today 🤘🏾🧘🏾 🎶🎸—

The concert part!
What concerts were played on July 2? 


🗓️🎶🎸Bon Jovi July 2


Photo “Bon Jovi on this day”  by @jane_jbj twitter

There are two pre-1997 concert recordings of this day.

Slippery When Wet Tour
2 July 1987, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, BC Stadium
YouTube upload:
Bon Jovi – Vancouver, BC, Canada (1987) (PRO SHOT) (BJBR) 

Cross Road/ These Days Tour

2 July 1995, Dublin, Ireland, RDS Arena
YouTube upload:

Bon Jovi | Live at RDS Arena | Dublin 1995

We will go with the Vancouver one, and save 1995 Dublin for a later date when we don’t have a proper recording.

2 JuLY 1987, Vancouver, Canada🇨🇦
Bon Jovi – Vancouver, BC, Canada (1987) (PRO SHOT) (BJBR) 
is the soundtrack for today

Both concerts have been added to the playlist,
“Bon Jovi concerts on this day”


Show us your best: The raw, the flawed, the one where you’re winging it.
(not Dead Rock Star Syndrome)

👩🏼‍💻 the story July 2

In an interview, one week before their show in Vancouver‘s BC Place Stadium, a 25 year old Jon Bon Jovi talks about “the making of”, the record in Vancouver. And how the strip bars they would visit, and the water that was used by the strippers on stage, made them come up with the album title:
Slippery When Wet.

In today’s recording of the show he also addresses the audience, thanking Vancouver for the inspiration.

But when I listened to what I presumed was an audio recording of the Vancouver 1987 gig, on my headphones while doing the dishes yesterday  after midnight (I listen to every soundtrack, for at least the first hour, but have to cut corners to fit it in), I heard a front man whose voice was in such bad shape, you sincerely wondered how on earth he was to keep touring until early 1990 and make the record New Jersey.
I do now remember that New Jersey is that album where his voice is the best:
The touring seemed to have done something magical, making his singing voice  on New Jersey absolutely enchanting, to listen to.
It was rough, but in a musically good, but physically no doubt dangerously non-sustainable way.

Listening to Vancouver 1987, I was a hundred percent sure I d be writing today about the roughness of his voice.
And how he must have used every dirty trick in the book, to pull that off.
And about the mental stamina to continue, even when you know you made mistakes or didn’t have the level you once did.
How ugly, it must have been.

And yet: How he absolutely thrived.

After the Slippery When Wet Tour, came the New Jersey album and the infinitely long New Jersey Syndicate Tour and NOW, people started noticing that the guys just didn’t stop touring.
That the decade was coming to an end, and Bon Jovi were still dominating the charts and they were on the road year after year.

So I thought I was going to write about that. But then I got two surprises: 
1.The Vancouver recording is professionally shot. There is a video! 
So if you have time today, WATCH IT, don’t just listen to it when you do the dishes.
Bon Jovi – Vancouver, BC, Canada (1987) (PRO SHOT) (BJBR) 
2.I had a lightning bolt realization what all the yoga teachers I share here, and Bon Jovi, and Guns N Roses, what they ALL have in common!
They re ALIVE, and they’re still working.

The realization came when I checked the Guns N Roses playlist from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, last night.
They re playing it two nights in a row, and I saw they had almost cut the setlist with 30%, compared to their longest European shows this tour.
Uh oh…….

When I went to see them in Groningen, I already noticed we didn’t get an XXL one, to Guns N Roses standard;
After that, Hellfest had a shorter list (understandably, since it’s a festival); Dublin had one shorter than Groningen too;
And now we’re at the point where either they’re really about 10 songs down from where they were a few weeks ago;
Or something went terribly wrong organization wise.
And I ve read several reports that A LOT went wrong organization wise at Tottenham Hotspur, so it is definitely too early to conclude their short setlist was in line with previous setlists being a bit shorter.

It could still be an incident, circumstances that didn’t have anything to do with how fit the band was, that caused it to be a shorter show.

But my point is:
What if it did?
What if, similarly to Jon Bon Jovi currently going through the most challenging voice problems of his career, and not having found his way around them- Axl too, just can’t pull those 3H shows off anymore?
I would say “at his age”, but bear in mind that neither Guns N Roses nor Bon Jovi were giving these lengthy shows in the 80s, that they are doing in the 21st century.

On the night itself, these bands are asking more of themselves, than they did when they were in their 20s.
Although they did do more shows back then.

What the Vancouver show teaches us, I think, is that you have to understand that EITHER you believe it is your job to show up and do your work.
Or you don’t.

And “your work” can be anything.
From raising your children, to doing your yoga, to giving 3 hour shows last night and then tonight you’re back on stage again.

I call it “Dead Rock Star Syndrome”.

Once a Rock Star is dead, we can still be in a relationship with their work, their history, and with their personal effects. If they were very famous they may even have a curator who passes on their legacy, perhaps even in an On This Day fashion, just like this blog goes by the pre-1997 Bon Jovi concerts.

But we cannot have a relationship with THEM, anymore. With what they are doing, how they view today, if they’re having dinner in “the common room” of De Prinsentuin, in Groningen, like Axl and Slash.
If they’re involved in politics and coping with the pandemic, like Bon Jovi for their album 2020.

After you re dead, your work is no longer tied with contemporary, day to day things. Which is why doing today’s work, not doing perfect work, is your most valuable work.

When Bon Jovi went on stage in 1987, it was one of the many shows that would build their legacy. The legacy we have today, and that we would not have had, if they had rested up until it was safe to perform.
Because it is so long ago, it is easy to see how their decision, although questionable in many ways including health wise, brought them where they still are today.

But for Guns N Roses to go on stage Tottenham?
Well same thing, really.
Go for it, what else are you gonna do?
Go recluse and have us muse over your perfect 1992 recordings?
Because technically? Guns N Roses is dead then. 

If you have to choose, between delivering the perfect book, raising the perfect children, touring the perfect tour, and anything else that the people will be in awe of long after you re gone, about how well you did, and how great it all was;
And between you just giving your day, to whatever it is you are here on this earth for?
Choose the latter.

You re NOT dead yet; And the value of you is that YOU RE ALIVE!

Share yourself with us, in all your aliveness, with all your flaws, own the rawness of the mess it is, and that you re just winging it.
Because that’s the most beautiful, the most on-purpose, thing, that you can possibly offer the world.

Either they re going to forget you after you die, and then it doesn’t matter what a mess you made.
Or they re going to remember you for centuries.

Go give them something to write about.

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