Welcome on the new daily blog | Bon Jovi Basil Switzerland June 10 1995 | Rock Star Yoga LIBERATION

This day in Bon Jovi history:
On June 10 1995 Bon Jovi performed in Basil Switzerland.

In 1995 the mighty These Tour started

Today it is 37 years ago that Bon Jovi performed in Basil Switzerland. A fact that more or less randomly fell out of the Google hat, when I checked if Bon Jovi had ever given a concert on this day.
And one that almost seduced me into making some kind of commitment to always open these new daily posts with a concert reference!

“Almost” because I have a painful history with committing myself to listening and analyzing 2.5 hour Bon Jovi recordings before making content and unsurprisingly; That didn’t work.
The series was called The 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series, and Basil was in the first few months of the tour, when I was still making the videos.

I m not going to update the description box, nor check what I m actually saying here, but – with my eyes closed and fingers in my ears !-  here is the link! lol
My (Suzanne Beenackers) video review of #14 Basel, Switzerland June 10

In 2020, the many concert recordings on YouTube had inspired me to do a series and make video reviews.
But listening and analyzing them was way too time intensive to fit my calendar.

So to recklessly yell:
“OMG I m going to open every Daily Bon Jovi Yoga post with an 80s or 90s Bon Jovi concert!” is probably setting myself up for disaster…..
It is probably the one thing, I really should not be doing.



But wait.
What IF; I just commit to finding a daily concert link for you to listen to? 
And for me to listen to, during my deskwork. But I m not going to analyze or research it, or otherwise slow us down.
This way, we get to revisit all those wonderful concerts from that amazing era, and it will lift us up, and not delay me overpreparing.

So consider that done.

Besides; Anything that is unwise, and something I should not be doing, happens to be irresistibly appealing to me.
So of course we’re going to do that.

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And now, why I started this post today?!

10 June 2022!

The day I will hold as the OFFICIAL start, of all things Daily Bon Jovi Yoga, Rock Star Yoga. Of a new community, that like a new business, has opened its doors today, and that will be yours to come by whenever you want to.

Daily Bon Jovi Yoga/ Rock star Yoga Community

Today is the day we start our free online community where we;
🦹🏻 start doing yoga *
🔝🚨get back on the wagon when we drop off
🌶️ take yoga to new levels
And at all levels: Totally rock it.

Because that is the big, bigger, biggest advantage, now that I have stopped what we are used to calling “teaching” yoga (but that was actually more instructing or guiding, and rarely teaching) and have realigned my yoga with my original, 24 year old (!) intention, with my initial passion:
We ALL get to rock yoga, and thrive, because we all get to practice in our own way and with the tools/ music and in the setting that inspires you.
You design the thing!

My yoga can now be the way what I ve always wanted it to be, and over the past few years, my work has morphed into what I REALLY want to teach!

Practice yoga.
Make it rock.
The end.

Or not the exact End, because my aim is to create a community, with this blog, with my main YouTube channel, and my dormant Dutch channel.

To build a community that acknowledges, supports and nurtures what we do, and who we are.
As rogue, rebel, independent as f. and by any standard badass yogis who DO NOT follow any rules, not even their own.

And in all honesty?
I, we, rebel yogis, should not have been the exception to the rule here.

Because over the last few decades a mesmerizing number of activities and services did develop as communities of individual practitioners.
Just not yoga.

Instead, yoga took a course where it ended up having all cards on supporting people who are looking for a group activity;
With zero services, communities or education for when you want to practice independently.

And that, is weird.

In 2001 I actually joined a four year teacher training because I had been doing yoga for 90 minutes a day, with just a weekly class to support me, that was in no way tailored to my needs.
There was nothing in between;
Weekly class or teacher training. That was it.
Maybe I could have found a teacher training that was 2 years instead of four, but getting a teacher training was the only way to learn the system of yoga.
The only way to feel you were getting the support you needed.

There are many things to unpack here.
Such as: Why did I even think I needed that support?
Why didn’t I just stick to my own mat, and was so susceptible to the idea I needed guidance?
Or that it would make my practice better? 
Which it certainly, did not.

My yoga practice has never been better than those first years, where all I had was one weekly yoga class and my library card.

If I think where I would have been if I would have developed THAT instead of burdening myself with all the history, the rules, the systems, but also the whole being a yoga teacher thing … Talking about traps to avoid in that industry, this blogpost would become 4000 words, and without any prospect of tying the final sentence to the Bon Jovi 1995 Basil concert!
So let’s not.

The point is not what my personal losses are, nor what my personal gains were;
The point is there are ample groups, classes, communities and teacher trainings for yoga, but they are all aimed at the practice being done in a group setting.
Yet there is hardly any support to develop your own practice.
To do it your own way.

There is no community to celebrate your wins, find inspiration, or EVEN,  simply someone telling you it is not just okay to develop your own practice;
It is a responsibility.

That you did not come here, that God did not put you on this earth, to dance to the beat of somebody else’s drum.

I m at 1:11 in the Bon Jovi Basil recording now.
The drums from Tico Torres kick in, together with David Bryan’s keyboard . It’s the intro to the song that was literally written to open the record, New Jersey (1988) as well as to open stadium and arena shows all around the world.

New Jersey should have been a double record;
There was a double amount of songs available, and with the help of fans they selected the demos that were recorded for the final album.
All songs, bar one; Lay Your Hands On Me didn’t have a demo.
It was composed in the studio, for one single purpose that was not debated with fans, nor was it subject to trial and error, and should we or should we nots.

Lay Your Hands On Me, was written to rock and open with a guaranteed bang!

That’s your own responsibility.

Rock Star Writer
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