Making friends | Bon Jovi live June 11 1995, 1996, 1989; June 12 1984 | Rock Star Yoga LIBERATION

Bon Jovi live Spielberg/ Zeltweg Austria June 11 1995

One of the best things about being a Bon Jovi fan, is the joy of seeing others diving deep into the Bon Jovi material, and coming up with remastered bootlegs, upgraded photos, little known facts, and with links to interesting articles and videos.
Some create legacies and libraries of their own, some post at regular intervals and others contribute day-by-day, on an ongoing basis.

It are these connections, the cross-over pollination they create and the conversations they spark with other fans, that are the perks of being a fan of a band that has active communities all over the world and all over internet.

And in my case, as a creator, they are the reason I can write about Bon Jovi and tie the topics I have a background in (yoga, personal development, and business) to something a little more entertaining! 
To something that rocks, not a little, but a lot more.

Although I am an experienced writer;
If it had not been for all the things I had learned from other fans, I would have been severely limited with what I could come up with.
And I definitely would not have committed to making this (almost!) daily blog about yoga and Bon Jovi live concerts-
as I promised this blog would be from this day forward.

And the truth of all this, became very obvious when just today, I started digging for the pre-1997 concerts Bon Jovi had given on this day, and I thought I had done my work!
When a Twitter account by Jane, effortlessly shared;
-an audio recording of their June 11 1996 concert in Luxemburg
-posters and photos from June 11 1995 concert Zeltweg/Spielberg Austria and June 11 1996 Luxembourg
-A legendary concert at June 11 1989 at the Giant Stadium in East Rutherford, that I had happened to miss!

The only thing about June 11/12 where Jane and I had come to the same conclusion was that their only retro June 12 gig, in 1984 Worcester Center USA, as opening act to the Scorpions, did not have YouTube uploads*.

*I later found out there is one other, also not recorded, concert:
June 12, Sunplaza Hiroshima, Japan ]

If you want to dive in, and relive the 80s and 90s decades with the band, today is a great day!
Bon Jovi – Zeltweg, Austria 11.06.1995 (Full Show)
Bon Jovi – Luxembourg 11.06.1996 (incomplete audio)
Bon Jovi | Legendary First Concert at Giants Stadium | 30th Anniversary | New Jersey 1989

And just like in my previous post, I can also share a 2020 video, I made about the 1995 concert; 
My (Suzanne Beenackers) video review of
#15 Zeltweg/ Spielberg, Austria June 11 | 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series (Stories)

In 2020, the many concert recordings on YouTube had inspired me to do a 1995 series and make video reviews.
But listening and analyzing them was way too time intensive to fit my calendar, and I ultimately dropped out on their three night streak at Wembley.

Since I have only come up with this concept of tying the Bon Jovi concerts on this day, to this daily yoga blog, and just casually discuss what comes to the table yoga wise;
I considered this Sunday June 12, “my first day”, on this blog.
The first day I got up and knew what I wanted to do, and started with gathering information about June 11 and 12 concerts.

And what today taught me, is that it is the connection with others, that is the reason why I love writing about Bon Jovi so much.
And making video stories about them.
That it ties the personal, the experience we all have when we listen to their music, to something bigger.

And that that is what I want for yoga, our yoga, to happen too.

I want to inspire you to start your own practice, in the same way that you can listen to music. Want to give you the little nudge, if you need any, that you really can just go onto YouTube, and for example start with Yoga with Adriene, or check the playlists under this post;
And then just do yoga, the same way you can listen to an album or a concert video.

Or you can put on music and just do your own yoga, whatever feels good to you.

And that we’re all 100% capable of doing our own thing. Just like we don’t need anybody to hold our hand or explain a Bon Jovi record, in order to listen to it, and enjoy it.

But that the whole thing just gets so much better with friends.
With community.

And we, the Bon Jovi fans; We already got that.

The yoga is just an extra.

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