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video, 90 minutes: Bon Jovi | New Jersey | The Ultimate Live Compilation | 1988-1991  by hAnD90

stills from my old videos. Playlists on my channel

Yesterday, I attended the Sunday Night surprise premiere of a new hAnD90 upload; A YouTube channel that restores video and audio recordings of Bon Jovi concerts.

It is a craft only few possess and I imagine you can compare remastering Bon Jovi concerts as somewhere between the art of lovingly restoring gems that were lost in time – like the piece by piece restorations of very old objects, as seen on YouTube. A process that includes sand streaming, grinding, acid baths and other innovative techniques to remove rust, and tear and then carefully rebuild the object.
And, on the other hand, remastering video and audio of concert recordings reminds me of the big business of upgrading old movies. As we’ve seen classics being rereleased by major studios, in full color and with enhanced audio.

Although few will understand exactly what hAnD90 does to achieve these results – although he does always include his process in the description box – I think on the level of one individual recording, of one individual process?
We have an understanding of what it must look like.

But what few realize is that, in my opinion, most of us will soon face a far bigger problem, and that the bottleneck is ultimately not a tech one.
It’s the same reason why I was very quick to quit my studies to become a photographer in the 90s, because this thing was driving me crazy. 
And it is something that everyone with a camera on their phone knows only too well, which is;
“How do we structure this?”

What the hell do we do with the thousands and thousands of photos from our phones?
Or: How would you archive hundreds and hundreds of Bon Jovi VHS, cassette tapes,  video files and MP3 recordings?

Sooner or later every creator has to find a way to structure, archive, but also still access, their work, if they are ever to create a legacy. And also, if they have any intention of keeping their sanity.

Unless you’re okay with your surroundings being in a constant state of turmoil, the quality of the structure you have for storing your creative work, is at least as important as the quality of the work you deliver.
Unless you want to run the risk of your object being retrieved from the bottom of a creek in Idaho, and hope for the YouTuber of that time to sand stream and reconstruct it back to life for you;
You need to be the guardian of your own creative work, the curator of your own depot, and it is your job to manage your ground materials and your creations, for as long as they fall under your care.

But when in 2016, I started filming my own yoga videos, I didn’t know all that of course. I thought that learning how to upload and edit, was the problem. Not how I was going to keep the description box updated with a yoga business that was subject to change. 
I thought I was like Bon Jovi, touring, one gig after another. One video after the next. And you get better at it, right?

But what I failed to see was that creating videos had put me in a whole different league, the creator one.
And that the only thing that I should worry getting better at, was understanding how to keep my content updated, both with my own work and offerings, as well as with YouTube features.
Regularly, new boxes suddenly needed ticking, new features needed to be bypassed, and there were the occasional hiccups, as I vividly remember YouTube unedited my videos early 2020.

Just like most yoga teachers in the Netherlands (we are all independent, and rarely paid by a studio or gym) spend more time doing marketing, emailing students, doing their own yoga practice, cleaning their studio, handling their own and their business’ finances, than actually teaching yoga;
Most YouTube creators spend more time researching their video, cleaning the set, cleaning it up afterwards, uploading their video to their computer, editing it, uploading it to YouTube, entering all the specifications, writing a description box, and posting it onto social media;
Than actually filming the video.

And after a while, another time consuming task is added as well;
To either let their old content fall by the wayside, or revisit it, refresh it, and create a different context so that it keeps its value.

But like I said, I was ignorant of those things, at the time.
It was just me, and some archaic software program that I do not even know the name of anymore, but it compressed my files in a way so that I could upload them within 30 minutes, instead of the uploads taking hours and hours.
And it was my pride and joy that I had even figured out how to do that, because it was not easy.

And to be honest, when last week, for some reasons shared and some not shared, I decided to quit my yoga career and never make yoga videos again;
A part of me, a large part, was still in that 2D reality, and was measuring my worth as a creator by how actively I was creating new content.

No wonder that last week’s decision to give it all up, was a blow to my self-esteem as well as to my identity as a yoga teacher.
From a logical perspective, now that I was no longer teaching yoga, I had stopped being a yoga teacher.

Which, as it turns out, could absolutely not have been further from the truth.

The moment I decided to stop making yoga videos, just like the moment I decided to never teach real life classes anymore (with the exception of yoga to friends), was not the moment I stopped being a yoga teacher;
It was in fact, the moment I became it.

Because my dream, what inspired me personally, is to be a strong practitioner, of yoga. To be a self-reliant student, who creates her own practice.
Whereas the profession of yoga teacher, seldom if ever, entails encouraging and inspiring students to create their own practice.
And I call it Rock Star Yoga or #dailybonjoviyoga, because I do it to the length and music of one album of Bon Jovi.

But yoga classes rarely offer a structured curriculum, where the student learns what they need to rock their yoga. 
Nor is yoga taught in a way where the growth within the practice, and the development of the practice, is the leading motive. 

Instead, yoga is typically taught in a way that enables you to get through your life. And the ambition, the change, the growth, if mentioned, is usually more in the field of general personal development.
And aimed at all the other aspects, of your life.
Not at the yoga itself.

But that has never been yoga, for me.

All I want yoga to be for me, is something you can indulge in, fully. On your own. Trusting yourself, trusting your practice, trusting God, Bon Jovi or whatever it is you want to put your faith in.
I want it to be a transformative experience for you, that lures you in, and that will be with you, for the rest of your life.

I want you to fall deeply and madly in love yoga, with all your heart.

The channel contains a few dozen professionally shot videos from 2015 

And that, is what I will be talking about, if you need me.
On two channels:
My Dutch yoga channel*, as well as on my English channel*.

I already changed the headers of those channels weeks ago.
They say things like “yoga” and “Studio voor Rock Star Yoga” (Dutch), and I m going to leave it at that. Because although I no longer make instructional videos, I DO teach yoga! 

And for the first time in my life, I ll be teaching you the only thing that I think matters:

How to create true rock star freedom, in your body, business and your life.
And become who the world needs you to be

As soon as I have liberated myself from a very earthly cold 😉
The following series will resume or start:
Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs 
– Rock Star Yoga (new style!)
On my English YouTube
– Dutch Rock Star Yoga 
Op mijn Nederlandse YouTube
– and LIBERATION business videos
On the Rock Your Business

I ve also added playlists from the best yoga teachers of the world: Shiva Rea, Meghan Currie, Tara Stiles.
I ve created playlists for beginners, there is a 30 Day challenge, and all those videos I created all those years? And better than I could possibly redo them for you now?
Soon enough, you will be able to revisit all of them.

My old work, is being unlocked and added to my main channel, video by video, playlist by playlist

In the months leading up to the Ultimate New Jersey Live Compilation, hAnD90 remastered all the concerts he wanted to use.
And after he had done that, he composed the 90 minute long compilation, that is now on his channel. It opens with Jon’s voice, talking about the meaning of this New Jersey tour, which came right after their Slippery When Wet tour.

The video ends with an acoustic song, The Fighter, and a quote about how you have to do it yourself, even when nobody is rooting for you.
They had each other, and that was all they needed.

We also, have each other.

And with all the yoga books ever written, and over 15 years of yoga on YouTube from the best teachers of the world at our fingertips;
With me being able to teach you yoga through this blog, through my Dutch YouTube*, and my English one*?

And with almost four decades of Bon Jovi music to provide the perfect soundtrack to our practice?

We really do, have all we need.

Rock Star Writer
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* Filming will resume soon. I m struck by a cold, and avoid talking as much as possible.

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