FREE Bon Jovi Yoga Guide: Bon Jovi Yoga – set list 2.0 (bigger, better and beginner-friendly)

E-1yiiIVQAECd-lShort version?
This is the 17 page guide, you can print!

Bon Jovi Yoga Set List 2.0 – yoga framework incl sticky men schedules

Longer story.

Although I was very happy to have something on paper, to structure our classes on YouTube – referring to a printable called the Bon Jovi Yoga Set List, which I shared with you last weekend;
I was also aware that it needed work.
A ton of it.

That the descriptive nature of the schedule made it challenging to use, even for a former yoga teacher like me.

Which is why I updated the entire handout to now include sticky-men schedules, and I upgraded the document by using a Bon Jovi font for the headers, to a beginner friendly, user-friendly yoga guide, that you can print and use to do your own yoga (just put on a Bon Jovi album and do your own interpretations of the poses), or;
You can print the guide for our upcoming YouTube classes.

Because these poses, this guide, will be our main thing.

I will be creating 30 minute classes, and it feels so good to have this structure, to have this guide.
This Bon Jovi Yoga guide, or Set List 2.0, is the stable base from where we can start building Bon Jovi Yoga.

This guide is also what will make my channels different to other channels-
if you want you can really “learn” yoga here, I will be a teacher in the truest sense of the word.
I will teach you yoga, like I could teach you French. Although no- I cannot teach you French! 
But you get what I mean right?

I’ve always wanted students to be able to learn yoga, like you could learn French;
That you know how to use it, how to work it.
A framework that gives you a sense of direction, just like you have a sense of direction when it comes to Bon Jovi.

Because when there is a new upload on the hAnD90 channel on Youtube – as there was last Sunday! –
and it is called:
Bon Jovi | Legendary Concert at GelreDome | Arnhem 2000

Then in your mind you label this: 
-remastered full concerts
-hAnD90 channel
– CRUSH tour
– 2000/start of their most productive decade-
and if you are Dutch like me probably also:
-Dutch concerts

Now I’m sure this will sound unbelievable to you, but yoga wise, there is no such framework. 
Yoga practitioners do not speak the same language, they don’t use the same labels, nor is there a sense of kinship, the way  there is among Bon Jovi fans.

Yoga practitioners are a group as diverse as pop/rock/blues/the whole shebang that must have started somewhere in the 50s, and that we still have today.
That’s 70 years resulting in a wide array of musical genres, and similarly there’s 70 years of yoga in the west.

Yoga practitioners may seem like a homogeneous group, like modern music must seem like a homogeneous group but only if you religiously stuck to church- and classical music and avoided all modern music like the plague.

So there is no one face of yoga, and the kinship is often found within, and not so much outside, of one “lineage”.
Found in and not outside of one class or one yoga school.

And systems? Well, yoga systems everyone agrees on are even more rare because because many lineages do not have a clear system. Bikram, Ashtanga, and Sivananda are the ones that pop to mind, as yoga lineages that practice a series of poses, and therefor have a system that can be explained to others. 
But they are a minority, and most yoga classes are not that explicitly tied to a certain lineage to begin with.

I want to teach you yoga in a systematic way, so that you can understand yoga at a meta level, and become “fluid” in yoga, in the exact same way that you are already fluid in Bon Jovi.

And just like Bon Jovi concerts: It can also be a stand-alone experience.
You do not have to study, or have to understand. But if you want to, you can.
Which is why I created this system and wrote this guide. 

So what I did is I used the descriptive yoga system I posted this weekend, and expanded it with drawings, with sticky men schedules.
This is the 17 page guide, you can print:

Bon Jovi Yoga Set List 2.0 – yoga framework incl sticky men schedules

You can do Bon Jovi Yoga by putting on a Bon Jovi album, and do your own practice;
Or join me this week when the English and Dutch channels will resume.

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That was it for today, and see you in class!

Rock Star Writer

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And So It Begins: Bon Jovi Yoga

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