Betting my unused yoga mat that YOU are an artist if you can’t make yourself do yoga. Here’s how to thrive.

negative-space-half-a-handstand-against-a-tree-1062x708When at the beginning of this week, I committed to Bon Jovi Yoga in general, and this blog Daily Bon Jovi Yoga in particular, I didn’t know exactly how it was going to turn out. Nor what I was committing to, to be honest.
But I did know one thing.

That it was about fucking time.

I’ve cleared use of the word fuck in my unofficial Bon Jovi Yoga manifesto which I wrote Monday, so that was taken care off before anything else.

The reason it was the fuck time, was that two years after coming up with the first version of what would turn into Bon Jovi Yoga, but was then still called Rock Star Yoga (a name I m keeping in my back pocket should I need to claim a name free for commercial use), I knew enough to make it work.
I knew MORE than enough, and was actually in the phase of tossing out everything I had tried to attach to Bon Jovi Yoga.

I had gone through my phase of wanting this yoga to be everything, my life’s work.
I had gone through that array of artistic, expansive, free flowing versions, which turned out to be as numbing as they were all-encompassing-
I’d gone through teaching it online, offline, one-on-one;
Doing it in private, blogging and tweeting about it, not blogging and tweeting about it.

However the thing I had practiced the most in all those 2+ years? Had been falling off the wagon. And then apparently getting back up again, because how else was I going to gloriously fall off again, so I must have developed some climbing onto wagons skills and yet;
What a disappointment.

In moments of brutal honesty I called and still call myself yoga free. Which I think has a nice ring to it.
If you’re new at yoga, or you have fallen off the wagon, may I suggest you start calling yourself “yoga free” too.
But you’re open to being seduced, if yoga lures you in. If yoga makes it so appealing, and gives such bold suggestions!, that you eagerly follow it to the mat, curious about what’s gonna happen! 
Dropping everything you had planned for that moment or that day, in favor of this shiny new yoga thing that is gonna have its way with you.

Well, you know what the problem is?
Yoga RARELY, if ever, tries that hard.
Yoga is usually not exactly selling itself.
And if you’re used to being sold to? And with social media, and internet, we’re all being used, not just to being sold to;
But to connecting over it.
Being loved over it.
Flashing it.
Having a laugh over it, and having a great time together over it.

Then in that context, doing yoga alone on the mat, being introspective, confronted with your body that may or not be as healthy or as in shape as you remember it to be and being confronted with that, on top of already going out of your way to make it to the stupid boring yoga mat doing a stupid boring video?
I m not talking about taking real life yoga classes, because they have a much much higher chance of doing the trick of engaging you;
But online yoga with a pre-recorded course or video, or doing private yoga without internet?

That is a toughie, Love.
Or tough love.
However you choose to call it.

So if you look at it from that angle, from the angle of us being forever altered and spoiled by the instant gratification of internet connection, spending, purchasing, sharing;
Then you can already see a loophole to making yoga fun! 
Although this is not even the one from the title, not even the one particular for artists, but one way to make yoga more interesting is to tie it to your online activity, by posting your yoga practice or joining an online yoga community, or taking live online yoga classes or a live online yoga course. 

The approach I want to write about today is a different one. It is for those of us who CAN be entirely submerged in alone activities that are seducing us effectively, to engage with them over and over again. 
Any form of art and creativity but it can also be watching movies or Netflixing.

Then the key to making yoga interesting is to find a way to connect that activity, to “yoga”. Not so much to the doing of yoga, as I was talking about when I said I fell off the wagon all the time, but to tie it to yoga as a field of interest.
If you like photography, you can look up coffee table books with yoga poses or Indian Saddhus.
If you like Netflix you type in yoga and see what comes up.
If you like YouTube you can start there and create playlists of yoga videos that you think are interesting. 
If you like studying, purchase a foundational course or (teacher) training, for example on Udemy.

You can watch movies about yoga, documentaries about yoga, or dig into popular culture with yoga or yoga teachers in them. Such as the turn of the century series Dharma and Greg, to name a vintage one.
If you like cooking you can take a look at suggested yoga diets or start studying the Ayurvedic kitchen.
If you’re an entrepreneur, you can study marketing for yoga studios, or business models in yoga.

As an example I also added a very pure artistic interpretation of yoga, from Meghan Currie, at the bottom of this post.

If you’re interested, I even have vocabulary for that;
“To be in the space with”.
So instead of committing (and then failing…) to doing the actual yoga, you can commit to be in the space with; Yoga!

Say you dream of ultimately practicing yoga for half an hour every day, then you can commit yourself to be in the space with 
1. your artistic medium +  2. yoga

What did I do, the past 24 hours of “daily Bon Jovi yoga”?
Well, I had a failing Wifi, causing me to postpone some things to night time that cause me a lot of stress, and when at 11 PM I was home, I was not doing that great but still thought I would do yoga.
Only to then bump into something that triggered my anxiety, hard

My agenda went from “do yoga” to “make it to the next day”.
And I did, because here I am.

This morning, instead of writing you that I had not done any yoga, I started restoring my old yoga database. My archive. I also improved on 25 uploads I had recovered earlier
Seeing those creations come to life was highly satisfactory. It was as good as writing, like writing this blogpost, which I then ALSO did.

And I recognized, for the first time in all those years, and I want you to take this in!, I recognized what I am.
And, in all likeliness, what you are too.
An artist, a creator, a creative.

Creators create, it’s what we do.

So find a way to create something with yoga, find a way to connect yoga to something you’re creating or doing already. Tie yoga to your already existing creative activity. 

This blog, Daily Bon Jovi Yoga, will stay daily (unless I tweet, if I cut corners, but then I ll bundle them up later), and the main idea, will still be:
-about creating and sharing Bon Jovi yoga videos
-about doing and sharing Bon Jovi yoga, what I did.

But now I see this blog, and me doing yoga is so much broader than that. And that my commitment is not to do yoga (either on video or off), but to be in the space with yoga.
And that will result to the following things that you can also expect from me here:
– restored yoga videos from my YouTube channel
– yoga postures or exercise schedules = sticky men schedules (drawings)
– Bon Jovi music playlists to do yoga to
– playlists of yoga videos to do yoga with

And then no one, not me not you, ever has to fall off the wagon ever again.

Rock Star Writer

#dailybonjoviyoga 3+4 Nov 21

I updated the description boxes of my PRO videos 2015 2016
and restored four 2016 yoga videos in my database and added them to the playlist:

Archive home yoga – English  added today:  video 3-6 

#3 Baby M at home | Yoga for Work Addicts | 16 minutes vinyasa power yoga 
#4 Baby M at home | AbFab Yoga on 4h of sleep | 9 minutes vinyasa power yoga
#5 Baby M at home | Low and Strong | 15 minutes yoga without standing up
#6 Baby M at home | AbFab Yoga to cure Lower Back Pain | 14 minutes yoga

Onofficial Bon Jovi Yoga Manifesto November 1, 2021: 
And So It Begins: Bon Jovi Yoga

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