Made you a book, found sassy videos from 2016, fixed my and possibly your love life; And started a teacher training. *mike drop*

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Alternative title would be:
“Did I do ALL that?”
But because my ideal “doing” is still yoga, and not study yoga, restoring yoga videos, nor even publishing yoga books or fixing anyone’s love life (really);
I thought the accomplished ring that “Did I do all that?” had, did not entirely fit the occasion.

Because, bummer!
Bummer that I didn’t do yoga.
Bummer that I saw 6 hours go down the drain to having an unexpected and violent headache.
Bummer that although I loved being amongst the peoples, and feeling human and loved and get a sense of belonging;
Boy, I need this work.
I need my yoga.

I didn’t tell anyone (well, I m telling you now, so that cat is out of the hat) but at the beginning of this week, when I started “doing” Daily Bon Jovi Yoga, and made a commitment to either do yoga, either make a video, or, if that isn’t working, to combine yoga with my creative expressions of curating, restoring, fiddling, playing with notebooks, studying and so on and so forth;
That I was basically acknowledging to myself that my relationship to my art, is my primary relationship.

That there will never be a significant other, not in the way society thinks of significant others, because there has always been a significant other since 2006 when I started writing.
Since 1998 when I started yoga, by starting to see myself “as that person”, as a strong yoga practitioner.
Or since 2000 when I started to see myself as a yoga teacher, and moved into that identity.

download (16)
Stationary means paper, pens, notebooks and other office supplies. They’re usually seen as functional, but I always refer to it as “play”. I play with my notebooks.

The creative relationship I have with playing with my identity, with performance, with stationary (that is the English word for notebooks, I can remember how for decades I couldn’t get past the association with a car engine running in “stationary” mode, but no -> see picture) and the creative relationship I have with writing and teaching yoga;
At the beginning of this week I chose that relationship to art to be the most dominant one.
Or, like I said, made peace with the fact that it had been for a very long time.

That even the love life, to which I so coyly referred to in this title and in one of the videos I recovered, that even that love life is a play.
It is a performance, of two people, who keep the game going by constantly changing the rules.

In 2016 I was still not fully aware of the fact that I was playing, and never in a linear relationship to creating something that was supposed to last.
That I was a creative, not a builder.
Yet, in this video about my love life, you can see me quite literally up my game, after days of feeling lonely.

I added this video on how to tackle and up your game in your love life, at the bottom of this post.

But the other videos as well; Candid, funny, and since I really do have the feeling life, and that includes yoga, has been slipping through my fingers the past couple of years, it is so nice to see that in 2016?
I still had it.

You can find the 2016 yoga videos I retrieved including their descriptions which will give you an idea of their content, below this post in the Daily Bon Jovi Yoga 5 and 6 November paragraph.

Other things I did, relating to yoga – other than restoring all these videos – was that I feel like committing to doing White Tigress yoga. For myself but also to start sharing it with you.
But then I realized that I couldn’t teach it because the guide I had written in my days as a yoga teacher, was not available.
So I published that book, and it turned out absolutely wonderful.

I ll have this White Tigress yoga guide available for you in about two weeks, when I’ve received the test/trial copy.
Subscribe to this blog to stay posted!

The final thing I did, was that I started a teacher training I purchased in 2018, but that I had never finished.
My specific program has discontinued but it has evolved into this program, which is available:

The Full Yoga Shred® Teacher Training Certification by Sadie Nardini

So that was it for today! 
And now that I think of it, I may not be churning out daily videos, like I was in 2016.

But I definitely still got it 😉 

Rock Star Writer

#dailybonjoviyoga 5+6 Nov 21

I restored four 2016 yoga videos in my database and added them to the playlist:
Archive home yoga – English  added today:  video 7-10 

And today I want to share them with you individually, including their description:

#7 Baby M at home | AbFab Yoga for your Lower Back II | 5 minutes yoga
description box 2016:
“You will be on your back for this whole series. (pause)
And I won’t be making sex jokes.”
*cat Max enters screen*
“Not even when my pussy comes say hi.”

#8 Baby M at home | AbFab Yoga for your lower back III | 13 minutes yoga
description box 2016:

“Me, flashing my non-alcoholism (day 9), a red thong, and an obviously perfectly functioning lower back…. Come to think of it:
Drinking and a red thong have something in common:
you should never apologize for it.”

#9 Baby M at home | Gym Yoga Done Making Excuses | 14 minutes vinyasa power yoga
description box 2016:
“Remember that perfect day when you had lots of time to do your work-out, incredible mental focus, and unwavering stamina?
Not gonna happen.
So you may as well do it today.”

#10 Baby M at home | Empowerment in your love life | 6 minutes vinyasa power yoga
2021: I can’t believe I FOUND this video! This is the most fun, most uplifting and empowering yoga video I think I ever created. How about this gem:
“Whatever you do, don’t wear sweatpants. Sweatpants have the power to bring any woman on her knees. And not in an empowering way.”

Onofficial Bon Jovi Yoga Manifesto November 1, 2021: 
And So It Begins: Bon Jovi Yoga

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