It started! | daily blogposts

Ever bended like this after working in the garden? That’s yoga!
First English video up:

And everyday I will be sharing my practice with you.

I’ll use this blog if I have but an inch of time, but if I’m on location or otherwise have to cut corners, I’ll use social media and then later bundle the entries up.

So Bon Jovi Yoga? What is it, right?
Well, it has been a work in progress since 2019, originally starting out as Rock Star Yoga which is still the name it will have commercially if I ever, absolutely, or else I miss millions, have to brand something.
But right now Bon Jovi Yoga is what you would call “fan art”, so it is art (my art is yoga) and it is inspired by Bon Jovi.

I even, and you’re allowed to hold this against me anytime!, thought of calling us Bon Jogis! 
From Bon Jovi and yogi, the word for a yoga practitioner.
And “Hi Bon Jogis!” does make a great opening, better than “Hi everybody!”.
Plus after having been a yogi or a yoga teacher, for two decades, I would definitely take the identity Bon Jogi and run with it!

But no.
In the end, meaning Now-but-I-might-change-my-mind, it just didn’t feel right to call us Bon Jogis and I think I know why.
Because we’re all so emotionally invested in the name Bon Jovi, that any alteration is just acid to our ears.
Any alteration is heresy.

So Daily Bon Jovi Yoga has started, and it did so on a Dutch yoga channel and an English one.

And I probably said “Hi everybody” ☺️

#dailybonjoviyoga 1+2 Nov 21

On the Rock Star Writer blog I wrote what I will refer to as our Bon Jovi Yoga Manifesto:
And So It Begins: Bon Jovi Yoga

And my yoga practice was creating two videos:

🇺🇸🇬🇧🇦🇺#1 Runaway (1982) | familiar yoga moves 25 minutes | Bon Jovi Yoga
So excited to be starting this series with you!
Easy and probably known yoga poses, even when you’ve never done yoga!
So let’s do this
(don’t runaway! )

🇳🇱#1 Bon Jovi-BonJovi (1984) | yogadebuut | Bon Jovi Yoga Nederland
Touch down! We gaan beginnen.
En net zoals het allereerste concert van Bon Jovi op Nederlandse bodem, in de IJsselhallen Zwolle in 1984;
Het is allemaal nog wat onwennig!

🇳🇱Bon Jovi Yoga Nederland | channel trailer
Speciaal voor de Nederlandse Bon Jovi fans, en zij die er open voor staan om dat te worden,
Bon Jovi Yoga in het Nederlands!
In een nieuw decor met Coca-cola spullen en vintage Bon Jovi posters,
net alsof we op mijn jaren 80 zoldertje zijn van vroeger.
Dus rol je yogamat uit, en let’s rock n roll.

See you tomorrow, for a new episode of #dailybonjoviyoga!.

Rock Star Writer

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