Japan times seven, the best Bon Jovi tour ever takes off; The three Not-those-Wembley concerts and pre-fame Bon Jovi does Tilburg, The Netherlands| 13-19 May | Bon Jovi Concerts On This Day

These are the performances, played on this day, by Bon Jovi for the upcoming week.

I used to write posts about one concert, here on this blog.
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But since this site is called #dailybonjoviyoga, and I DO crave doing yoga and to one day start combining yoga with Bon Jovi, as I always intended this site to be about;
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It is a busy week with 12 full recordings, out of which 7 are from concerts in Japan. 
This is because both the 1995 Japan leg of the These Days Tour (officially called Crossroads Tour here, but I’ve committed to using one name per tour) and the 1996 Japan leg of the These Days Tour, are crossing swords this week.

Considering over half of the concerts is from one tour, and in one country, the week does turn out extremely varied!
There are no recordings from the 1984 tour opening for the Scorpions,  nor is there a recording from the 🏟️ 1989 New Jersey Syndicate Tour because they played three evenings in a town called Anchorage, out of which none were recorded. And then they’re taking a two week break.

But we do have a 1985 Fahrenheit Tour concert, live from the Netherlands!
For those not fully familiar with the dates; Bon Jovi didn’t have their big breakthrough until second half 1986.
In 1985 they were on their first worldwide headlining tour, in Europe and Japan.
But they were not famous yet, making these 1985 bootlegs extra special because only the earliest of fans got to see them.

After last week’s hiatus we also have a 1987 Slippery When Wet Tour concert back in the list, which is always excellent news.
Both the Slippery When Wet Tour as well as the New Jersey Syndicate Tour concerts in America, having a gritty feel to them.
There were few moments Jon Bon Jovi could suppress the anger of being undervalued on home soil, in particular by the journalists.

This week’s Slippery When Wet Tour recording is from a concert in America, so I’m curious to hear how “bad”  it is 😅

And we’re still in the holy months of spring 1993, where Bon Jovi had reinvented themselves after a rocky messy, North American tour in the earliest months of 1993.
They had Kept the Faith, as their 1992 album said they would, and had overcome the rough start of that tour.
Spring 1993 they spread their joy far and wide, throughout Europe.

This week, we can listen to two out of three Wembley concerts from that time. Not to be confused with 1995’s June concerts in Wembley though.
These are the 1993 Keep the Faith concerts in Wembley.

There are 12 bootlegs to choose from this week, so culling had to be brutal. But instead of choosing the 7 best recordings, I prioritized choosing a concert that was played on the actual date.

These are the soundtracks for the upcoming week.

Saturday May 13

Bon Jovi
13 May 95
Fukuoka, Japan 🇯🇵 
🏟️ These Days Tour

Okay, my friends, I guess May will become the month where we sit down and have a talk about 3h+ concerts! 
Something I still feel ambiguous about.

Ambiguous, because it makes the job of listening to them, and trying to capture them, almost impossible.
In 2020/2021 I tried to make reviews about the 1995-1996 These Days Tour on my YouTube, and I just had to give up, because it was undoable.

But of course, 3h+ concerts also illustrate how good the band was at this point!
And that going to a Bon Jovi concert would engulf you body, mind and soul; Giving you an experience you would never forget.

Fukuoka 1995 is the only ever concert known to have 5 (!) encores.
Full context in the description box on YouTube. 

Sunday May 14

Bon Jovi
14 May 96
Fukuoka, Japan 🇯🇵
🏟️ These Days Tour

Are you still with me, out there?
SAME city, SAME tour, but one entire year and a day later, the band returned to Fukuoka.
So 1995 was Saturday’s soundtrack, and 1996 is Sunday’s.

May 14th 1996, marks the kickoff of the These Days Tour in 1996. In 1995, the tour had been called “Crossroad Tour”, because their new album was delayed and wasn’t released before June 1995.
But after 4.5 months of rest in 1996, they added two victory laps to their successful tour;
Japan and Europe.
Now officially called “These Days Tour”.

The relatively low-key These Days Tour 1996, would become according to many, including me, the performance pinnacle of their career.
They had never, nor would ever, sound this tight, this on-top-of-everything, ever again. 

Monday May 15

Bon Jovi
15 May 85
Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪
🏟️ 7800° Fahrenheit Tour

Bon Jovi’s first ever headliner tour had one leg in Japan, and one in Europe. Late June 1985 they would start touring the US, and be opening for RATT the rest of the year, and attending several festivals.
But in May, they were Kings of the Mountain!

This week we have two concerts from the Fahrenheit tour, Stockholm and Tilburg, the Netherlands.
Such a remarkable coincidence that this European headliner tour, before their Slippery When Wet album shot them to world fame, actually comes with a descent amount of recordings.
Recording not just the history of the band, but in a way also allowing a peek into the history of live music and their audience in the countries where these concerts were.

I’ll get back to that on the Dutch recording, in Tilburg.

also played on this day:
Bon Jovi
15 May 93
Wembley, 2nd night 🇬🇧
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

Tuesday May 16

Bon Jovi
16 May 93
Wembley, 3rd night  🇬🇧
🏟️ Keep the Faith Tour

Or as the title of the hAnD90 remastered upload says, this is the “Stunning 3rd night” of Bon Jovi in Wembley, 1993.
A cue to any Bon Jovi fan this one is gonna rock your world.
And then some more.

also played on this day:
Bon Jovi
16 May 95
Nishinomya, Osaka, Japan🇯🇵 
🏟️ These Days Tour ’95

Bon Jovi
16 May 96
Nishinomya (Osaka), Japan 🇯🇵
legendary concert
🏟️ These Days Tour ’96

Wednesday May 17

Bon Jovi
17 May 87
Des Moines, Iowa 🇺🇸
audio & video impression
🏟️ Slippery When Wet Tour 

This is the nitty-gritty Bon Jovi touring- America-late 80s one, that I have set my eyes on.
As a lover of the raw, the unconventional, and the borderline acceptable or perhaps with a preference to go beyond that.

“Will be taxing even for diehard fans” hAnD90 warns in the description box.
I say, bring it on.

Thursday May 18

Bon Jovi
18 May 85
Tilburg, The Netherlands 🇳🇱
audio & video
🏟️ 7800° Fahrenheit Tour

This one made an unforgettable impression on me, not just because I am Dutch, but also because the crowd is rowdy. They keep singing Breakout’s  catchy “woohoo” singalongs, deep into the concert, disturbing even my favorite part of these shows;
The acapella “Bang Bang”, which was their intro to Only Lonely.

It makes listening to it both cringeworthy, as well as unpredictable and exciting. Like someone doing something sexual, and being unsure if you  hated it or liked it!

also played on this day:

Bon Jovi
18 May 95
Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵
legendary concert
🏟️ These Days Tour 95
I’m not going to cover this concert, but the words “legendary concert” in the title as well as Richie Sambora singing and guitar-playing his heart out here in “Stranger In This Town”, as I just dropped in to, may suggest you should choose otherwise!

Bon Jovi
18 May 96
Yokohama, 1st night 🇯🇵
🏟️ These Days Tour 96

May 19

Bon Jovi
19 May 96
Yokohama, Japan 🇯🇵 
audio & pro-shot video
🏟️ These Days Tour

Did you hear I said “PRO-shot”?
Meaning multiple camera angles, edited tastefully; It means watching a professional show they could release on any streaming service (and perhaps they did!) and we’d all pay to watch it.

So knocking out our week with the best tour of Bon Jovi, in the best imaginable technical quality . 
Just shows that EVEN when people are rowdily disturbing your work, shouting your own Woohoos back at you;
That does not mean, you can’t be at the top of the world 11 years later!

As always, all shows have been added to the playlist 
“Part II: Bon Jovi concerts on this day 6 Dec- and up (before 1997)”
on 13 – 19 May.


That was it! 

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