After 20 years, I’m removing all yoga and business from my public life | 10 October | Bon Jovi 24 September 1983 | First Bon Jovi concert ever 

Monday 10 October 
The soundtrack for today is:

Bon Jovi
24 September 1983
Madison Square Garden
New York 🇺🇸
🏟️ supporting ZZ Top

The correct date of this recording is unclear. Different sources give different ones. But what is agreed upon, is that around 24 and 25 september 1983, Bon Jovi played a big venue for the first time.
As support act for ZZ Top.

There were a lot of technical difficulties, most notably Richie’s guitar amplifier falling out. And the ZZ Top crowd was a tough one, you can even heer the boo-ing at the beginning.
But with the adlibs (improvised lyrics), acapella cover-intros and stunning performances of songs, that had not even been pressed to vinyl yet – their debut album would be released 4 months later- 
A remarkable, and stunning performance for a band who were so new they didn’t even have a record out on the shelves to support them.

And an omen, of great things to come.

A fate my career in yoga did not share!

After 20 years, I’m removing all yoga and business from my public life

👩🏼‍💻 the story October 10

This is not a Bon Jovi story. In fact, it’s not even a story at all. More like a tragedy, a horror story or a dark and twisted comedy.

And there is a short version, a long version, and a version where I change my mind every few months and think that I CAN and possibly even SHOULD teach yoga, write about yoga, coach yoga;
Invent yoga, reform yoga, connect over yoga, revolutionize yoga;

And possibly even save yoga, or save you with help of yoga.
Who knows what I thought!

And replace the word yoga with “doing business”, and an equally true and equally agonizing pathway, will appear.

But those versions of the story would be the historically correct one.

A version where someone who had the best papers, the clearest VISION, and someone who was called to yoga when she heard Madonna say she did yoga, in 1998.
The story of someone who was called to the world of yoga by reading Yoga Journal.
And then called AGAIN, when Madonna played a yoga teacher in the movie The Next Best Thing, and she saw that big hall with 40 or so practitioners who in the reality would have been unlimited-yoga pass holders to the yoga studio (no doubt).
When she saw the incense burning in front of a big Shiva statue, and Madonna talking to students from behind a reception counter (I always believed a good yoga studio couldn’t do without a reception), and knew:
“That’s me. That’s what I want to do.”

When that someone did not fulfil her vision, lost 20 years, and then another three days from Friday 7 October 2022 to Sunday night 9 October 2022, because someone had asked her the week prior if she would continue a yoga video series she had started earlier that year, and she remembered how passionate she had been over it!
Yes, of course she would get on her mat, and film the rest of this yoga series!
Thank you for bringing it up, I m on it!

And then there she was, more than twenty years after Madonna’s call, and a helluvalot of years as a business and studio owner later, and quitting her profession a zillion times already, but instead committing to getting back to shooting yoga videos.
There she was,
paralyzed instead.

Not in a dramatic way, but she did not do anything.
It was a run-of-the-mill, just throwing her life away one day at a time- type of paralyzed.

Days went by watching series, and in secret she wondered if she could just delete all her YouTube channels, social media accounts, and all her blogs and pretend she had never existed.
Get a full-time job in the service industry, or get back to that firm recruiting for technical staff, and own the fact that she had not made anything out of her life.
That it had all been one big mistake.

It was an appealing thought, as in the background Friday’s Rings of Power episode moved into a first season of the Exorcist with Geena Davis. 
And I compared yoga to being the demon I had been carrying around for 20+ years, being unsuccessful to expel it.
Every time I let it back in.

But I think the reason even today, writing this blogpost and announcing this blog will no longer be about yoga in the future – 
I think the reason yoga has been difficult for me to let go, is not the Madonna induced visions I had for yoga, nor all the extra business and marketing training I took and understanding I know how to make ANY service profession hugely successful!
No, the reason it is difficult, is because in 2019, I had a vision of what I called Rock Star Yoga.

A vision to reform yoga, or the way we do yoga. It would transcend yoga into an expression of personal freedom and individuality, where the practitioner would be able to transform their lives, through yoga.

It was that vision, that kept me going.
It was the understanding that Rock Star Yoga was what I had always been looking for. That the 2019 vision would be the yoga I had always wanted to teach, develop, the thing I would be able to talk about and write about, passionately. And for the rest of my life.

Until three days of inertia later, I realized I needed to let go.
I needed to finally acknowledge that I didn’t want to be a yoga teacher, in any way shape or form.
Not write about it.
And never speak of it again.

That being a yoga teacher had turned into my personal version of hell, where all it did was confront me with everything I had failed at.
Late 90s Madonna’s version, 2019 the Rock Star Version, and there is even a 15 year long pathway in between where I had failed the White Tigress version. Because although I had turned it into a book;
The thought of having to teach it, threw me into day long inertia.
Last weekend was proof of that, and there have been entire weeks when I had “commit” to filming yoga for my Dutch or English channel, and instead had done nothing.

If I start counting from the moment Madonna came out as a yoga practitioner, to now;
Then over the 24 years I have turned yoga into my own personal version of hell.

And the short version is;
I am a writer and a speaker, not a yoga teacher. Which is why this blog #dailybonjoviyoga will be rebaptized (we need some cleansing here!) to


Where I will share stories inspired by Bon Jovi concerts.

Just like Bon Jovi opening for ZZ Top, in 1983 –
this post, is just a start.


24 September 1983, Madison Square Garden 🇺🇸
Bon Jovi – Madison Square Garden 1983 (FULL SHOW)

is the soundtrack for today

The show was already added to the playlist 
“Bon Jovi concerts on this day”
at September 24.

Rock Star Writer
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This Daily Bon Jovi Yoga blog will soon be renamed Daily Bon Jovi Live.
The cancellation of all things yoga and business related, means that Rock Star phase 2, as outlined below, has moved into phase 3. 
Which I will setup to last for a very long time!

All blogs and YouTube channels will be addressed personally, and redesigned or put on hold. 

Old yoga videos on YouTube will stay available, and the videos I still have on private (since a tech problem in 2020) will be updated and unlocked as was planned.
In general, old yoga content will not be removed, just no new ones created.

updated project list soon, this one was Phase 2:

Title: “Rock Star”
or “Rock Star yoga/ business/ writer”

artists: Suzanne Beenackers, little bear Puux           
art form: performance art
phase 1: earliest expressions, mixed work, July 2019 – March 2022
phase 2: April 2022 – 

3 YouTube channels
1. English YouTube “Liberation”: Rock Star Yoga + Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs
2. Nederlandse YouTube “de Catacombe” studio voor Rock Star Yoga 
3. YouTube Rock Your Business
De headers from all channels have been changed already, so you know you re in the right spot.

4 blogs
1. Rock Star Writer 
2. Yoga Blog: Daily Bon Jovi Yoga
3. World Between Worlds
4. Dutch blog: Suzanne Beenackers

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