Not knowing what you’ve got | 1 October | Bon Jovi 11 – 25 August 1986, Japan | First leg SWW tour overview

Tour poster Slippery When Wet Tour, with a photo from the debut album, 2 years prior. Credit photo @jane_jbj Twitter, click photo for original tweet.

Saturday 1 October 
The soundtrack for today is:

Bon Jovi
11 August 1986 Fukuoka
Slippery When Wet Tour

This story about the first concerts from the Slippery When Wet Tour, right before this album made it big, was originally blogged in August this year (2022).
But this very first concert, in Nagoya, was not included at the time.
In all likeliness, it had not been uploaded to YouTube just yet.
Which is why I am reposting this blog, in an updated version with the Nagoya concert recording included.

And let’s not waste time here lingering!
But haste ourselves to the story as determined as Jon Bon Jovi barging into Mark Weiss’ photo studio without even saying hello.

He was there to shoot the fourth (!) cover for the Slippery When Wet album, 
and the only thing he said was: 

“Garbage bag. Spray bottle.”

Not knowing what you’ve got

👩🏼‍💻 the story August 15/ October 1


Yesterday (in August) I said Bon Jovi would not romanticize Japan 1986, but I have to eat my words! This beautiful photo was tweeted by JBJ in 2021. “Still staring out the window wanting to go back to Japan. #TBT Tokyo, 1986.” Source Instagram, click the photo for the source.

The recorded concerts of the very first leg of the Slippery When Wet Tour, a leg during which the album had either;
-just been released
-was released in Japan a few days before the international release
-was released on the exact same date as Wikipedia will tell you it did;

On THAT leg of the tour, Japan 1986, there are 4 concerts unrecorded (or just a few songs uploaded to YouTube) and 6 concerts are recorded in full.

The recorded concerts of the 1986 Japan leg of the Slippery When Wet tour, are:
August 11, Nagoya (new)
August 12, Fukuoka
August 13, Osaka first night
August 14, Osaka second night
August 16, Kobe
August 18, Tokyo

August 18th was the official release date for the Slippery When Wet album, but when you listen to these concerts you will hear the following:

August 11, Nagoya (new)
“We have a new album, called Slippery When Wet. It will be here next week.”
August 12, Fukuoka
“We have a new album coming out this week, called Slippery When Wet” 
August 13, Osaka first night
“We have a new album coming out in two more days, it’s called Slippery When Wet”
August 14, Osaka second night
“We have a brand new album, it came out today and it’s called Slippery When Wet”
August 16, Kobe
“We have a brand new album, it’s called Wild In The Streets, here in Japan”
August 18, Tokyo
“We have a brand new album, that’s called Wild In The Streets, here in Japan”

Click for the video

The description box of this final recording, the Tokyo concert, mentions:
“Jon thinks the album is gonna be called Wild In The Streets in Japan whereas backstage footage actually shows them signing Slippery When Wet copies before or after the show.”
I looked for this video, and you can find it here:
Bon Jovi One Night Stand 1986, Japan(Nippon Budokan) You Give Love A Bad Name

Perhaps the confusion arose because that 18th, they had been signing copies with a different cover:
A woman’s bust in a yellow shirt.

It had been the third cover idea, and one that had actually already made it to print, when both band and record company decided to pull it.
Although both for different reasons: The record company pulled this already printed stack of album covers, out of fear for the PMRC.

“The Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) was an American committee formed in 1985 with the stated goal of increasing parental control over the access of children to music deemed to have violent, drug-related or sexual themes via labeling albums with Parental Advisory stickers. 
before shutting down in the mid-to-late 1990s.”

While Bon Jovi agreed because they hated the hot pink border around the photo.

This was when, after all the photo sessions that had taken place when the album would still have a cowboy theme (and be called Wanted Dead or Alive);
After the photo sessions with the band and seven women in hotpants and crop tops soaping and hosing down fast cars;

And after a studio photo of women’s hands holding a soapy bar of Slippery When Wet soap;
Jon came barging into Mark Weiss’ photo studio.

From Mark Weiss book, The Decade That Rocked:
“After Jon saw the soap cover, he called me to say he was coming over. I asked him what we were going to do, and he replied:

“I don’t know, but this is our last chance or the album gets held up.””
He presented his two-to-twelve legendary cover idea writing the title onto an oil and water sprayed garbage bag, and the rest is Rock N’ Roll history. 

But the ever changing, costly cover was not the only sign that the band had not found their finite form yet.
Or they had, because their album Slippery When Wet was already finished;
But they were still unsure it would actually “work”.

Credit @FighterSuch on Twitter, click photo for tweet

The summer months of 1986 were a rare time period, where they did not quite know how, or where, to show up or to present themselves.
There is even mention of a private gig for a highschool concert, in June 1986:
14 June 1986, Collegiate Highschool, Passaic (/Newark), New Jersey.
A private concert, months before Bon Jovi would become so famous concert organizers would no longer be able to find venues big enough to satisfy the demand.

And the setlists of these Japan concerts too, display an in-between era. The audience had come to see them based on their first two albums, which would later become almost redundant in their catalog.
Yet, the shows were part of the tour for their new album, an album which had not been released, at the time of the concerts.
Or had it?

Did the Japanese audience know the Slippery When Wet album, or didn’t they?

In all likeliness, the audience was familiar with You Give Love A Bad Name. According to Wikipedia, this single had been released in July, so that was a known song.
But the release date of the album in Japan, remains unclear.

Jon Bon Jovi switches up the dates during the shows, but seems to be more or less fixed on the date being the international release date, August 18th.
But videos show that the album cover, was the original Japanese pressing.
In all probability, Japan getting the original cover was because there had not been time to get the reprint shipped to Japan before the start of the tour.

But even 36 years after, it seems impossible to trace.

I’m going to go with Japan having gotten their Slippery When Wet, 8 days prior to the rest of the world.
On August 10.
Because this is the date on Discogs, the release date for this Japan album.

On Nagoya, they played 6 out of 17 songs, from Slippery When Wet, and other nights were similar.
But Livin’ On A Prayer wasn’t played on either one of the 6 concerts.
Their biggest hit, had not been picked as the first single, and it was nowhere in sight, at the start of their Slippery When Wet Tour.

As the tour moved back to North America and Europe, they no longer had to introduce their new album, and people came to see the hits of that album being performed.
They found their sweet spot of creating a setlist that featured their new album, and a few songs from their first two.

By the end of 1986, the whole world would know Bon Jovi, and the majority of those people would only know the hits from the Slippery When Wet album.
Only fans that dug deeper, hungry for more, would have found these first two albums.
Albums that would ultimately, be lost in time.

As would the short time window, the months in the summer of 1986, when Bon Jovi already had all the right pieces.
Everything was already in place, and their fate already sealed.

They just didn’t know it. 


11 August 1986, Nagoya🇯🇵
Bon Jovi – Live at Aichi Kousei Nenkin Kaikan
| Full Concert In Audio | Nagoya 1986

is the soundtrack for today

The show is added to the playlist 
“Bon Jovi concerts on this day”
at August 11.

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