What “days off”? | secret shows 1985 + Bon Jovi June 14 1995 United Kingdom

Jon Bon Jovi in the windowsill of Tower Records, Glasgow June 14 1995

June 14 has only two regular shows, pre 1997.  But it is quite well known for 3 gigs on the streets of three different cities in the UK, all three this day in 1995. 
A single day off, between their Barcelona and Lisbon concert.

Which would already have been enough to explain the title “What days off?”;
If it had not been for the fact that just yesterday I received a list of 1985 dates they performed, off the grid. They were not included in their official touring schedules. 
And I was told they had done it again in 1988, but from that streak even less is known!

But the first time they used the less than one month off for extra shows, was  in 1985 between the European leg of their Fahrenheit tour, which ended in May 1985, and the upcoming first leg of their American tour, opening for RATT, which would start late June.

And to tie it to this blog; On June 10, I started this daily series. Where for one year I will follow their concert dates pre-1997. The “secret shows” started on June 12. 
So the first two shows should have already been in my two previous blogposts; 12 and 13 June, 1985.
The third of these gigs was today, June 14.

So before I catch up with you, with an overview of their official performances on this day, I want to share these three:

On this day, off the grid concerts in a three week break in the Fahrenheit Tour:
12 June 1985 Cleveland, Ohio, Mall C 
13 June 1985 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Metron 
14 June 1985 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Syria Mosque (As special guest / opening act)

I will dive into the three aforementioned UK performances, for this post. And see what’s online of those acoustic gigs they gave in Glasgow, Cardiff and London, but first let’s check in with the official tours.
What pre-1997 concerts were played on June 14?

The Slippery When Wet Tour:
14 June 1987 Denver, Colorado, McNichols Sports Arena

The New Jersey Syndicate Tour:
14 June 1989 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Civic Arena (second night) 

The concerts are not available on YouTube.

So with both the secret dates, as well as their official concerts on June 14 from the Slippery and New Jersey tour, not being documented;
The only material we have from June 14, are the promotional gigs they gave on the streets of Glasgow (*1), Cardiff and London.
On June 13 1995 they had played Barcelona, and on June 15 1995 they would play Lisbon.

June 14, acoustic sets United Kingdom.
Only the first one, in Glasgow, comes with a video: 

Tower Records, Glasgow, Scotland (*1)
1. Love For Sale
2. Livin’ On A Prayer
3. Wanted Dead Or Alive
4. Blood On Blood
5. This Ain’t A Lovesong
6. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
video: Bon Jovi | Acoustic at Tower Records | Glasgow 1995
source, BJ tours

Queen Street, Cardiff, Wales
“Bon Jovi played a short 20-minute acoustic show in the shopping street of Cardiff. There were still tickets available for their show in the city’s stadium a week later.” 
source, BJ Tours

South Bank, London, England
news item on MTV news:
Bon Jovi MTV News Busking in Britain June 1995
No videos or setlist are known of this performance either, but they would play Wembley three times at 23, 24 and 25 June.
source, BJ Tours

[post script June 15:
through a clip Jane posted on Twitter, I found a video about these three gigs, and the backstory to it!
Bon Jovi interviews/live 7:25

I didn’t have that at the time of writing the post below.]

I think some reschuduling may have been done, because to me it doesn’t make sense that they would play the streets of Glasgow, without having a show there that year.
But in 1996, one year later when they revisited Japan and Europe, they did play Glasgow.

All three acoustic gigs were absolutely packed; And must have caused severe disruptions in the streets of Glasgow, Cardiff and London.
For Glasgow, we can see so in the video;
for London we can see it in the item on MTV where the fans are even peeping through “windows” of what looks like a parking garage.

And of Cardiff a photo exists.

Three acoustic gigs in the UK, on their “day off” between Barcelona (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal). And where Spain and Portugal are neighbors; the UK is definitely not next door.
And Glasgow is in the north, in Scotland, and Cardiff is in Wales on the east and London in England, on the west side of the UK.

So what at least in theory could have been a day off, probably turned into their most intense, travel heavy day of the entire Cross Road/ These Days tour.

And what I want to share with you, is not so much a lesson about when to rest, and when to go all in.
But something else, that has really worked for me, and that is this:
What if, you change your mindset, your thoughts about a specific day or a specific situation, into the exact opposite of what you thought originally?
From meh, to “this is going to be great!”?

I don’t know how the acoustic tour of the UK came about, but I imagine that on the drawing board in New Jersey, that 14th of June, had still been a day off between Barcelona and Lisbon.
And that somewhere along the tour that changed to: “We have to step on it!”
In the 90s we didn’t use the word “impact”, as in “the band wanted to have an impact”, but they did want to sell tickets.
And they were willing to put in the work, and do whatever it took. Now as much as in the beginning of their career; They were not going to leave it up to chance if they were going to be remembered as America’s biggest rock n roll band.

But still.
If you think you have it figured out, and then you have to work an extra day; That sucks.
We would all rather have a day off at that point.

But if you change your mindset around it; It feels entirely different.
In this case, Bon Jovi could go from: “We d rather not work, but we have to. We re all happy if this day is over. “
“These three gigs are going to leave their mark. They will turn out to be the most important thing we do all year, and decades from now they will still be talking about it.”
Then you really board on the plane with an entirely different energy!

The same thing, can be said of your yoga practice.

On days when you’re not feeling it, a way to shift that energy is to go from:
“I don’t want to but I have to.”
“I m going to have the most important yoga session of this year. I will always remember what happened on the mat today, and will think back to it with great fondness!”

And wishing, you had recorded more of it. That you had noted down exactly what you did, or exactly what music you listened to.
Because you long so deeply to understand what it was really like, and how you can get that special feeling of doing yoga that will last you for decades;
You want to know how you can have that again!

And just like Bon Jovi, you can’t.
It is what it is, there are not setlists or materials from Cardiff or London.

But the beauty is that you don’t have to know what happened exactly, to look back at it with fondness.
All you need is knowing that it was really great.
The best yoga session you ever had, with the most powerful insights and breakthroughs ever.

And the way to get there, is to decide right here and now;
That this is going to be the best yoga session ever.

And that this day, June 14th, is gonna rock! 

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(*1) In 2020/2021 I made a few video reviews from the These Days tour.
This included June 14, Glasgow:
#17 Promotional Show Tower Records Glasgow June 14 | 1995 Bon Jovi Concert Series (Stories)

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