Rock Star Yoga Teacher Training (for a no-brainer price)

photo: Sadie Nardini who invented Rockstar Yoga

I’m getting back on the yoga teacher wagon, yoga do-er wagon , or really any wagon that involves doing something with my body, because man!
I really have been cutting corners here….

Every free hour, I have been publishing my books.
It is work that I had been waiting for, praying for, and that in my experience can almost only be done with, I don’t know “the Universe on your side” would be a good way of putting it.
And after years of the Universe not supporting, the flood came.

The past 6 weeks, I have only pulled myself away from the screen, when I absolutely had to go, or had to sleep, and even that was sacrificed occasionally.
By now I can make healthy meals in a minimum of time, and I ve learned to live in a house that crosses the line to being closer to a stable.
And then before going to bed, sometimes as late as 3 AM, I quickly do the dishes and sort my house out, so that the next day it begins on the other side of that stable-line.
But with enough sand and kitty litter everywhere to make every visitor run away screaming.

For the first time in a year, I ve had weeks when I had more days when I didn’t cycle or walk for an hour or more, than days that I did.

I’ve dropped on the spectrum of taking care of my house and body, and I don’t think I did yoga once.

And yet I always knew that I would get back on the wagon, and pick-up my own yoga practice #dailybonjoviyoga;
Start making Bon Jovi yoga videos for YouTube;
Reinvent my yoga and put myself back in business, as a yoga teacher.
I knew that.
And I am.

My publishing is now contained, and it is no longer allowed to consume my life.
So I knew that this Monday I would cycle, see some daylight, and also pick up my yoga.

And here we are, you and me.

Because the thing I came up with to inspire myself, was so good that I immediately wanted to share it;
The original Rock Star Yoga.

In 2015, when I was still a yoga teacher and studio owner, I came onto the path of Sadie Nardini, who was then sharing her work on the site “Udemy”, of which you may have heard.
Nowadays Sadie Nardini has her own community, runs her own membership programs, and her courses, and she has stopped uploading to Udemy long ago.
But her older work is still there.

Meanwhile the prices for these amazing courses have dropped significantly, and sometimes (as is the case today) they’re even on special and you pay even less.
It is an absolutely crazy low no-brainer offer, in particular if you have yoga experience and want something meaty to sink your teeth in.

But there are also courses for beginners.

So if you are looking for inspiration for your yoga practice, I strongly recommend you check out the Udemy page with Sadie Nardini’s courses:

And then we can all get back on the wagon.

Rock Star Writer

launched soon:

YouTube channel #dailybonjoviyoga

Yoga met Suzanne Beenackers

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