Let’s bounce! *sound of heavy thud* | log

5 September 2002, one month before the Bounce album was released

daily practice log
Saturday 14 August 2021
starting time yoga 8.15 PM
cd Bounce (2002)
49 minutes 10 seconds
1 Undivided
2 Everyday
3 The Distance
4 Joey
5 Misunderstood
6 All About Lovin’ You
7 Hook Me Up
8 Right Side Of Wrong
9 Love Me Back To Life
10 You Had Me From Hello
11 Bounce
12 Open All Night

I did yoga and the final 2 songs were relaxation. 


Okay, that was definitely one of those “You can do yoga and feel worse after”- sessions that Facebook memes claim do not exist.
But they do.

I think it’s mostly that before yoga you could run away from your feelings or numb them down with social media and pretzels (which may explain why I felt so awful during practice)
But I guess the point is:
You gotta start somewhere.

My last practice was a few days ago, and I spent an insane amount of time behind my desk the last two days. Postponing all exercise including yoga to the evening hours.
I m lucky I even got to my mat at all.

Resolution time.

Daily Bon Jovi Yoga, from this day forward.
And definitely as EARLY in the day as possible.
As much offline time as possible.
And keep on going with the cycling and walking!

And until my belly looks as great as Jon Bon Jovi’s in the Bounce era, Time Square 2002,
I m taking it easy on the pretzels.

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