You can’t unf. what’s been f. | 25 October | Bon Jovi 14 November 1988 | Rome, Italy

Photo by Theodore Liassi source:

Tuesday 25 October 
The soundtrack for today is:

Bon Jovi
14 November 1988
Palazzo dello Sport
Rome, Italy 🇮🇹
🏟️ New Jersey Syndicate Tour

YouTube channel hAnD90 sternly warned us in the description box;
His new Bon Jovi concert upload and the accompanying live premiere (where fans can chat on YouTube) was only going to be palpable “for the true diehard fans who jump into the experience regardless of the recording’s quality”.
We didn’t just feel seen;
We felt called!


You can’t unf. what’s been f.

👩🏼‍💻 the story October 25


Photo those same months, to illustrate Jon’s beautiful mane. London, 8 December, 1988. 📸 by Duncan Raban/Popperfoto via Getty Images

There is a quote from the movie Atomic Blonde that comes to mind today, that is applicable both to the (according to hAnD90) deplorable state of this recording (not-audio-technicians would shrug it off with “We’ve had worse”);
As well as applicable to the according to me deplorable state of my blogs, YouTube channels, and yoga practice. 
And in particular the state of disarray of my #dailybonjoviyoga practice…

The quote from the movie Atomic Blonde that I am referring to, is:
“A beautiful Italian girl once told me:
“David, you can’t unfuck, what’s been fucked.””

hAnD90 couldn’t unf. it, when he warned us that he had been unable to get this rough recording of Bon Jovi Rome 1988 to a quality that was even halfway decent.
And I can’t either.

There is no way I am going to put together the pieces from summer 2019 when I started a blog called Rock Star Yoga, via renaming it Rock Star Writer pretty soon afterwards;
To starting this Daily Bon Jovi Yoga blog this year;
To renaming it to Daily Bon Jovi Live a little over a week ago;

To realizing the mess this time is even bigger than in 2019 with the Rock Star Yoga blog.
Because of things that changed at WordPress.
Because of things that changed in me.
And because of The Universe stepping in and preventing me from taking on a colossal amount of work, if I had actually pursued this yoga to live name change.

Knowing very well that I cannot unfuck what’s been fucked, I ll give you a recap of what happened. And although I cannot unfuck it, I/we can be as thrilled with the result, as an entire Bon Jovi YouTube community was with last Sunday’s upload of Rome 1988.

Recap to what happened almost two weeks ago now:
I decided to rename this Daily Bon Jovi Yoga blog to Daily Bon Jovi Live, because I wrote 99.9% about “On this day”-Bon Jovi live concerts, and 0.01 % about yoga.
A percentage that could painlessly be dialed down to zero.

After having claimed the new domain name, I initially explained my inability to change the primary address of this blog to the new url (dailybonjovilive) to there being a 3 day waiting period. Something I had encountered somewhere deep in the WordPress help pages.
But when after a week or so I still couldn’t find the “change primary address” button, and none of the “three dots in the top right corner” led to an option to change those setting either;
I contacted WordPress.

Turns out, it is no longer possible to use this feature for free.
Even if I had considered it worth the €4 a month for the rest of my life, to change the url to dailybonjovilive (which I don’t);
I would still have been too angry and disgruntled about having spent days clicking around my WordPress dashboard and not encountering this information, to make that investment.

I should have seen a Change Your Primary Address button, and then it should have led to a page that said I had to pick a paid plan.
But now?
There was simple no way I was going to pay after having invested days into finding this feature that I had used many times in the past and that a ton of blogs were still telling me should be easily found.
No way in hell I was going to spend money on a url change I used to be able to make for free.

So after having wasted €18 on my domain name dailybonjovilive, which for the remaining 350-ish days will link to our page here-
and after having wasted a few days searching for a functionality that you apparently have to pay for to even be visible as an option;
I was angry, frustrated, and hellbent not to change anything about any blog or YouTube ever again.

All my blogs, channels and Facebook pages too, would from now on just be named whatever I had thought on day one it was gonna be about. 
This would not only ensure all links would stay functional, and save me a ton of work updating website links in YouTube description boxes and so on;
But it was also very likely that in the end, I WOULD come around!
And that the site would be about the very thing, I had first set out to cover.

A few days after finding out WordPress had been keeping me out of the loop, I was called to set up a new business.
Called! Like Bon Jovi fans to a hAnD90 premiere.

But instead of immediately claiming the domain name, registering with the Chamber of Commerce, setting up a new YouTube channel for my business, designing new business cards and renting a space here in Nijmegen;
I have not committed to anything.

I had to sit on my hands and creditcard at times, NOT to do those things, but low and behold, am I happy I didn’t! 
I may not have dotted all the i’s and crossed no t’s for my new business.
But I have also not fucked up anything that is then going to cost me € 18, two days and € 4 a month to unfuck.
I’m still free and I intend to keep it that way for as long as I can.

And I HAVE come around…
Good gracious me.

My initial plans turned out to be so extremely not-me, that I’ve just sent the business model straight back to the drawing board!
Any offered services are to be zone-of-genius only.
I want my work to be such a Hell yes!, I would pay people to let me do that!

Just like Jon Bon Jovi said in the mid 80s:
He loved playing live so much he would have paid people to come see them. 

That’s how much I want to love my work.

And in the process, after I had catapulted my conservative business plan back to the drawing board, I realized how much I love writing, doing yoga and teaching yoga. How much I love all my abandoned blogs, and rejected YouTube channels, that are all in such a deplorable state.
And how much I love the idea of picking up #dailybonjoviyoga, exactly as I intended to, at the beginning of this year.

And I was so happy I had not changed the name of this site, and thanked it to WordPress having changed the feature.
Or had it been the Universe preventing me from making a mistake I would soon regret?

The YouTube premiere of 1988 Rome, was a great one. First off, because there was video as well, which is rare with those old recordings.
You can see the band on a relatively small stage, and there is something raw, and sweaty, a realness to the show.

It opens with Lay Your Hands on Me, including the (recorded) intro where Jon says something that no one, not even Jon, remembers what was said, but it was along the lines of:
They say to free the body
You ‘ve got to free your mind
So come on.

They played Get Ready (from the first album!) and a chilling Homebound Train;
And David Bryan plays a passionate Pink Flamingos and someone in the audience yells “Woo, hoo, hoo!”, indicating he knows it will lead into “Let it Rock”!
And then it really does lead into Let It Rock!
How satisfying.
Bon Jovi does not follow up Flamingos with Raise Your Hands, as they used to do at some point.

Jon declares the Palazzo dello Sport is not small but “intimate”!
And he has that gorgeous extra long hair, all the way down, to halfway his back.

And it is also a show that is Alec John Such’ birthday.
He was a decade older than Jon and David, but no one was supposed to know.
Jon commemorates his birthday saying:
“He’s 21 years old, and he’s almost old enough to drink.”

And not just Alec John Such, the age of Tico Torres who was a similar age to Alec, was also lowered to bring it more into line with Richie and in particular with Jon Bon Jovi and David Bryan, who almost have the same age.

At the same time Alec and Tico’s ages were reduced, John Francis Bongiovi changed his name to Jon Bon Jovi;
A change although pressed upon him, he was very much involved in. He rejected other proposals for a name change.
But ultimately this one was one he stood behind, and he has been using his new initials JBJ ever since, so that was a positive and identity affirming change.
However, to have your age, your year of birth, taken away from you?
That can easily have felt disempowering.

Jon Bon Jovi putting up a fight, and Tico and Alec allowing their age to be tampered with, is a great life lesson;
Don’t go for something you’re okay with.
Go for something you want to fight for!

Because that is the thing you are here to do.
That, is your destiny.


Alec’s 37th birthday concert
14 November 1988, Rome, Italy 🇮🇹
Bon Jovi | Live at Palazzo dello Sport | Rome 1988

is the soundtrack for today

The show will be added to the playlist 
“Bon Jovi concerts on this day”
in the upcoming weeks, at 14 November.

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