Cut it short. | 4 August | Bon Jovi 4 August 1989, East Troy, Wisconsin | Alpine Valley Music Theatre

Welcome to this renewed and rebooted daily Bon Jovi blog!
Also the complementary blog for  #dailybonjoviyoga on YouTube. which I started this week, together with daily bon jovi yoga in Dutch on my Dutch channel.
So bear with me!

Adding 6 yoga videos a week to my daily blogging schedule has resulted in way more videos in the trash can than those posted;
But I m definitely getting there!

Within two weeks tops, I expect to have both the YouTube channels as well as this blog, rolling more smoothly than there are cover songs weaved into the live version of Sleep When I’m Dead. 

Normally I write you a story, but today I m not going to write anything.

I have to cut it short, because I have five minutes left to get this blog out.
So no story.
Which is fitting because the show in East Troy on August 4 was also cut short!


4 August 1989, East Troy, Wisconsin 🇺🇸
Bon Jovi | Live at Alpine Valley Music Theatre | East Troy 1989
is the soundtrack for today

The show is added to the playlist 
“Bon Jovi concerts on this day”
at 4 August.

That was it!
See you tomorrow.

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