Seventy-eight hundred degrees | Bon Jovi 29 June 1985, Milwaukee Summerfest

In 1990 Jon Bon Jovi released a successful solo album Blaze of Glory, a nd received MTV’ Julie Brown in a  rented villa he called Disgraceland

Welcome to another day on this new daily blog! Every day you get:
(1) a story
Ranging from anywhere between
– a 2000 word blogpost, lavishly wrapped under, over and around, all things yoga and Bon Jovi;
– to refreshingly missing!

Which is not today, because last week I already wrote a large chunk about the Blaze of Glory album and “Santa Fe Wednesday”, as this day of the week is called in Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga.
It didn’t fit into the post, because I already had three Wembley concerts to present to you, in a tidy fashion preferably.
Burying it under layers of New Mexico sand was not tidy.
So I kept the “Making of” Blaze of Glory story for another day, another Santa Fe Wednesday.

Which is today, this new Santa Fe Wednesday.

And next to the story about the making of the Blaze of Glory album, I also have the 7200 degrees Fahrenheit title of this blogpost, to explain!
Because although it was hot in New Mexico, it was not THAT hot!

So plenty of stories are afoot.

(2) You also get a Bon Jovi concert, a soundtrack for today
Also added to the on-this-day playlist, with all the concerts from this blog:
Bon Jovi concerts on this day

(3) a yoga practice you can do, based on the day of the week.
Pulled straight from day-by-day Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga blueprint

About the yoga

Every day of the week, the Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga is themed differently:

Monday: Find What Feels Good
do yoga with:🥤 Yoga with Adriene channel
or playlist 1: 🍭 Yoga with Adriene – selection
or playlist 2:🌱Yoga with Adriene Yoga for New Beginnings
or do hatha yoga with 🚧Slippery When Wet album🚧 or 🏟️Slippery When Wet tour🌎

Tuesday, showtime! New Jersey Syndicate Tour
do yoga with: 🕉️Ashtanga Yoga and  🏹 Rocket Yoga playlist
or freestyle with 🇺🇸New Jersey album🫐🟦 or 🏟️New Jersey Syndicate tour🌎

Wednesday:  🌵🏜️🏍️Santa Fe Day 🦅🏜️🌵
choose a yin yoga/ relaxation video from the yoga playlist
or do relaxing yoga with 🏜️Blaze of Glory album🏍️
OR (new!) do yoga with the live Dry County and Santa Fe playlist!
Will be explained below.

Thursday, showtime! Keep the Faith/ I ll Sleep When I m Dead Tour
do yoga with: 🌊Shiva Rea playlist
or buy her 1999 double album 2h practice, Yoga Sanctuary
or freestyle with 🛐 Keep the Faith album✝️ or the 🏟️KTF tour🌎

Friday: 🍻 An Evening With Bon Jovi🎤
do yoga with: 💃🏽 Tara Stiles playlist
or do hatha yoga with a few songs from the Cross Road album or An Evening With Bon Jovi

Saturday: Showtime! Cross Road/ These Days Tour
do yoga with: 🌶️ Meghan Curry Playlist.
or freestyle with
🎸These Days album🚑 or the 🏟️ CR/ TD Tour🌎

Sunday: Vintage Yoga
do yoga with: 📺 Playlist Vintage Yoga Videos + tv 
or hatha yoga with 1⃣Bon Jovi- Bon Jovi album💘, 🌋Fahrenheit🔥 or concerts 🎛️1984🎴🏮-🦂-1985🌎

Or, choose the fast lane to enlightenment, with Guns N’ Roses Yoga.
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->  Free yourself. And have breakfast with the other guests.
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💀🌹🎸  Guns N’Roses Yoga
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So today is June 29!
Let’s dive in: What is the yoga for today?
What is the Bon Jovi concert or concerts, on this day?


🤘🏾🧘🏾Yoga 29 June

29 June 2022, is a Wednesday, which means:
  🌵🏜️🏍️Santa Fe Day 🦅🏜️🌵
Named after the song on Jon Bon Jovi’s 1990 solo album which he wrote in New Mexico.

On Wednesday, Santa Fe Day, we go out in the wilderness and start with a clean slate.
Just like Jon Bon Jovi, started with a clean slate in 1990:

Asked by Emilio Estevez if they could use Wanted Dead or Alive for the soundtrack of Young Guns II, Jon Bon Jovi, who was coming down from six years of back-to-back touring, and unsure if his band would ever get back together after the gruesome New Jersey Syndicate Tour, 
said something along the lines of “Hold my beer.”;
Visited the set, landed his cameo, made a tour by bike across America, and wrote a brand new song, tailored to the film, instead.
One song became two, and ten jam sessions with befriended world-famous musicians later, he was in a villa in the Hollywood Hills, a villa he called Disgraceland, giving what is my favorite Jon Bon Jovi interview ever, to MTV’s Julie Brown, to promote the highly acclaimed Blaze of Glory single and album.

With Blaze of Glory, what had started out as the darkest period in Jon Bon Jovi’s life, had become an artistic transformation. 
The band also came back together and made the radically different Keep the Faith, which includes the Jon Bon Jovi song, Dry County, an absolute fan favorite and directly inspired by the Blaze of Glory period.

The album Blaze of Glory, has the song Santa Fe on it.
Santa Fe is perhaps the only song that the fans have been wanting to hear even more than Dry County.

Santa Fe stands for the ultimate rarity, the ultimate gem, only known by those who face the wilderness.

I have made a playlist of Bon Jovi performing Dry County and Santa Fe:
Bon Jovi live Dry County and Santa Fe playlist
Jon tells the story about this intense period in the band’s life, in the intros of Dry County.

So on Wednesday, we go out in the wilderness and start with a clean slate.

You can choose between practicing yoga on your own, or a guided practice.

option 1: 🤘🏾🧘🏾 Guided yoga practice:
choose a yin yoga/ relaxation video from the yoga playlist

option 2: 🤘🏾🧘🏾 Practice yoga on your own:
Do relaxing yoga with 🏜️Blaze of Glory album🏍️
or the Bon Jovi live Dry County and Santa Fe playlist

—🤘🏾🧘🏾 🎶🎸 that was your practice for today 🤘🏾🧘🏾 🎶🎸—

The concert part!
What concerts were played on June 29? 


🗓️🎶🎸Bon Jovi 29 June


At Summerfest, Milwaukee, 29 June 1985. After just releasing their 2nd album 7800° Fahrenheit

There are two concert recordings of this day.

Fahrenheit Tour
29 June 1985, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Milwaukee Summerfest
Bon Jovi || Live Summerfest || Milwaukee, WI, USA 1985

This Milwaukee recording was already mentioned on June 20; 
Because I dated it wrongly.

As it turns out, there were two concerts in Milwaukee, 9 days apart.
The 20 June Milwaukee one, in hindsight, didn’t have a recording at all.
I adjusted this in the 20 June post.
The Milwaukee concert I found, was from June 29.
Which is today.

The second pre-1997 concert that has a recording is the 1996 victory lap of the These Days Tour, when Bon Jovi gave an outstanding series of concerts in Europe:

Cross Road/ These Days Tour
29 June 1996, Cologne, Germany, Müngersdorfer Stadion  (second night)
YouTube upload:
Bon Jovi | Legendary 2nd Night at Müngersdorfer Stadion | Cologne 1996

Because we already talked extensively about 1996 concerts yesterday, I m going to choose the 1985 concert as the soundtrack for today.
And because the Milwaukee concerts have already been mixed up by me once, and need to be handled!
Before I once again can’t tell one Milwaukee gig from the next.

29 June 1985, Milwaukee Summerfest,
is the soundtrack for today

Milwaukee 1985 and Cologne 1996 have both been added to the playlist,
“Bon Jovi concerts on this day”

The Cologne 1996 recording will be saved for a later date, when we don’t have a good recording. 

Seventy-eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit

👩🏼‍💻 the story June 29

The final sighting of me on my YouTube channel, discussing the Fahrenheit album song by song…. Before I got lost on Tokyo Road.

If there is one part of my work as a content creator, that has suffered unacceptably – and even more unacceptably since I knew exactly what the work was. Contrary to Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga, there were zero questions as to what was to be done and how! – then it is my Life lessons in Bon Jovi series for YouTube.

In a song-by-song way, starting at first song from Bon Jovi Runaway, moving up album by album, I would tell a little bit about the history of the song and then tie it to a life lesson.
In a similar way, as I do for this blog.

I also know exactly where I left off:
Tokyo Road, is the next stop.
And it has been for over a month.

The last song I discussed was In and Out of Love, the song before Tokyo Road, all from the Fahrenheit album. 

Part of the reason I fell of the wagon there, even though I have researched Tokyo Road multiple times, and I have even filmed it at least once and then threw it all out – 
part of the reason is because there is a strange element to that song.
And I wasn’t going to discuss that here, because with the Milwaukee gig and the Blaze of Glory story, I already bit off more than I can chew;
But f that.

Maybe I need to talk about this, to get it out of my system, and get on with it. That I can talk about something else in the video, and leave this questionable bit here.

Because isn’t Tokyo Road about Jon Bon Jovi having sex with a prostitute who he then doesn’t pay because she knew he didn’t have any money?
I m like: “Whoa! Wtf?!”
How can that ever be okay?
The two don’t talk each other’s language, so there is a lot of guess work involved, but that makes the assumption that she knew she would not be paid even harder to believe.

Yet I don’t want to be overly politically correct about the whole thing. It’s art, it’s a great story, it’s every man’s dream to not have to pay because you’re just so wildly attractive and sweet, that the sex worker just can’t NOT have sex with you;
But still.

Tokyo Road was where my Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs- endeavor stranded, and I thought I d probably pick it up after I knew how to ignore this bit of Tokyo Road, and make it about something else entirely.
I mean, who would notice right?
We can just as well talk about the music box, and Japanese cherry blossom.

The concert I selected for today, opens with Tokyo Road.
It begins with the music box from an old Japanese folk song that means “Cherry Blossom (Sakura)”
Bon Jovi || Live Summerfest || Milwaukee, WI, USA 1985
The part about the prostitute is at  4:45

I do have a lighter story that illustrates that young touring musicians are known to be without money, and often end up making connections with the locals, that would not have happened if they had toured sleeping in expensive hotels and being driven around in limos:
Eddie Vedder Reunited With Dutch Cyclist Who Gave Him a Ride Home 27 Years Ago

Maybe the life lesson in the more difficult part of the song Tokyo Road is simply that when you know better you do better. 

And a second lesson could be that we shouldn’t confuse erotic fantasies, nor the sharing of them by an artist, with reality.

Not confusing fantasy with reality means:
Do I like the fantasy of being a prostitute, just so I could let Jon Bon Jovi, not pay? I do. Which makes his fantasy equally valid, and neither one has anything to do with reality.

The sharing part means:
That you can’t hold an artist accountable for taking us on a journey;

Because by any definition, that is their job.
We are in a relationship with their work, because they take us on these no-guarantees journeys.

Okay, I m done now.
I know enough to pick up Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs at Tokyo Road, on my YouTube.

I return knowing how to actually pronounce the album’s name 7800° Fahrenheit!
It was not the “Fahrenheit” bit, I was in the dark about. I know how to pronounce German (don’t know the words, but that’s a different matter), and like to pronounce German or French words in an American way too. 
But the number part.

What is that in English?

But in our concert for today, the Milwaukee one, Jon says at 13:00 minute:
“We have a brand new album out called seventy-eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit
“And God willing, we thought it was going to be seventy-eight hundred degrees out here tonight, what do you think, is that alright?”

In the story about Santa Fe day, and how the album Blaze of Glory came about, I mentioned the promotional interview with MTV’s Julie Brown
Jon and Julie come up with the perfect mix of script, improvisation and genuine chemistry. 

The interview is (supposedly) filmed at the 4th of July, Independence Day. And Julie Brown points out to Jon that she has color coded her outfit, in the colors of the American Flag.
At which Jon asks her where the white is, since we can only see the red and blue.

At a later point he unexpectedly lifts her skirt, seeing her underwear and concluding: “Now I see where the white part is.”
Julie squirms: “You nasty boy!”
Jon: “Oh, you know you want to.”
Julie: “I think I do, but I m working right now.”

The two are having such a good time together, the sparks nearly set fire to the Disgraceland mansion.

And I think in there lies the lesson: 
To never apologize for things that are hot.
To never walk away from them, nor shy away from them, and to also put more gasoline on the fire whenever you possibly can.

To never go for room temperature, but to get that temperature up to New Mexico level;
Up to sex fantasy level;
Up to Julie and Jon level;
And up to the level of Summerfest 1985 in Milwaukee.

The lesson is to boldly, live your life at 7800° Fahrenheit, even when you don’t know how to pronounce that.

And to bring it, for your best work.

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