Catching Up & plenty to read, just for those who refuse to go without | 27 June | Bon Jovi concert 25 June 1987, Mountain View

video: concert 25 June 1987, Slippery When Wet tour

Bon Jovi 1987 vinyl bootleg

Welcome to another day on this new daily blog!
Every day you get
the Bon Jovi inspired yoga for that day
+ a Bon Jovi concert soundtrack for the day
+ a story!
Ranging from anywhere between
– a 2000 word blogpost, lavishly wrapped under, over and around, all things yoga and Bon Jovi;
– to refreshingly missing! 
But I will end this post with two other articles I wrote last weekend.
You will have plenty to sink your teeth in, if you so desire.

So no story on this blog today, because I ve just returned from my first concert in three years, and I have a lot of catching up to do.
I did write a post about Guns N’ Roses Yoga, yesterday! 
Free yourself. And have breakfast with the other guests.
| A Day or a Lifetime, of Guns N’ Roses Yoga

The last time I wrote you before the concert, was June 22, when I shared the 3 Bon Jovi Wembley concerts 23-25 June 1995.

What I have done today, is find other available recordings, of Bon Jovi concerts between June 23-27.

In the first weeks of this blog, I shared all concerts, that had been played on-this-day in Bon Jovi history; But I ve cut that, to this blog only being about Bon Jovi concerts that have uploads on YouTube.

Let’s rock:


🗓️🎶🎸Bon Jovi 23-27 June


The dates are best known for their Wembley recordings, on 23, 24, 25 June 1995. This are other recorded concerts from 23 to 27 June.

Cross Road/ These Days Tour
23 June 1996 Zurich, Switzerland, Letzigrund Stadion
Bon Jovi | Live at Letzigrund Stadion | Zurich 1996

Keep The Faith/ I ll Sleep When I m Dead Tour
24 June 1993, San Diego, California, SDSU Open Air Theatre 
one song: 
Bon Jovi | You Give Love A Bad Name | Rare Pro Shot | San Diego 1993

Slippery When Wet Tour
25 June 1987, Mountain View, California, Shoreline Amphitheatre
Bon Jovi | Live at Shoreline Amphitheatre | Mountain View 1987

It being 27 June now, I m going to take the most recent one, meaning the Slippery When Wet Tour one.

Also because it is Monday, and on Mondays, the yoga schedule below, gives the option to do yoga with a concert from this tour.
So the Slippery When Wet Tour concert from 1987 is the right one.

Mountain View 1987 will be the recording for today
27 June 2022.

The concert from 1996, will be saved for a day in the future, where we don’t have a recording.
Both shows and the 1993 one song recording have been added to the playlist, with all the concerts from this blog:
Bon Jovi concerts on this day


Every day of the week, the Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga is themed differently.

Whether you re reading this post on June 27 or at a later date;
You can find your Rock Star Yoga/ #dailybonjoviyoga here below:

Monday: Find What Feels Good
do yoga with:🥤 Yoga with Adriene channel
or playlist 1: 🍭 Yoga with Adriene – selection
or playlist 2:🌱Yoga with Adriene Yoga for New Beginnings
or do hatha yoga with 🚧Slippery When Wet album🚧
or 🏟️Slippery When Wet tour🌎 
for example, today’s concert: Bon Jovi | Live at Shoreline Amphitheatre | Mountain View 1987

Tuesday, showtime! New Jersey Syndicate Tour
do yoga with: 🕉️Ashtanga Yoga and  🏹 Rocket Yoga playlist
or freestyle with 🇺🇸New Jersey album🫐🟦 or 🏟️New Jersey Syndicate tour🌎

Wednesday:  🌵🏜️🏍️Santa Fe Day 🦅🏜️🌵
choose a yin yoga/ relaxation video from the yoga playlist
or do relaxing yoga with 🏜️Blaze of Glory album🏍️

Thursday, showtime! Keep the Faith/ I ll Sleep When I m Dead Tour
do yoga with: 🌊Shiva Rea playlist
or buy her 1999 double album 2h practice, Yoga Sanctuary
or freestyle with 🛐 Keep the Faith album✝️ or the 🏟️KTF tour🌎

Friday: 🍻 An Evening With Bon Jovi🎤
do yoga with: 💃🏽 Tara Stiles playlist
or do hatha yoga with a few songs from the Cross Road album or An Evening With Bon Jovi

Saturday: Showtime! Cross Road/ These Days Tour
do yoga with: 🌶️ Meghan Curry Playlist.
or freestyle with
🎸These Days album🚑 or the 🏟️ CR/ TD Tour🌎

Sunday: Vintage Yoga
do yoga with: 📺 Playlist Vintage Yoga Videos + tv 
or hatha yoga with 1⃣Bon Jovi- Bon Jovi album💘, 🌋Fahrenheit🔥 or concerts 🎛️1984🎴🏮-🦂-1985🌎

Or, choose the fast lane to enlightenment, with Guns N’ Roses Yoga.
Full story here: 
->  Free yourself. And have breakfast with the other guests.
| A Day or a Lifetime, of Guns N’ Roses Yoga

💀🌹🎸  Guns N’Roses Yoga
do yoga with: 🕉️Ashtanga Yoga and  🏹 Rocket Yoga playlist
or freestyle with a 💀🌹🎸 Guns N’ Roses album,
or a concert, for example: 💀🌹🎸 Guns N’ Roses – Paris 06.06.1992 
Or my playlist: Guns N’ Roses Groningen 2022 06 23

—🤘🏾🧘🏾 🎶🎸 that was your practice for today 🤘🏾🧘🏾 🎶🎸—


👩🏼‍💻 the story June 27


No story, because of all the catching up to do.
But I do have a-plenty of stories for you!!

written Saturday 25 June on the Rock Star Writer blog:
Guns N’ Roses Groningen 2022 06 23:
story, recap video, full set + other songs European tour

or go directly to the playlist on YouTube:
Guns N’ Roses Groningen 2022 06 23

+ the aforementioned Guns N Roses post, as written here on this blog: 
Free yourself. And have breakfast with the other guests.
| A Day or a Lifetime, of Guns N’ Roses Yoga

That was it you guys!
Enjoy your yoga, your Bon Jovi or Guns N’ Roses, and see you tomorrow.


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