We’re keeping the faith | yoga journal Sa 15 January

This felt BIG.After 15+ years of teaching a regular schedule of yoga group classes, the journey of letting go of what was, and reinventing a new type of yoga to teach and to DO, has not been easy.Nor pretty!But I stayed interested in yoga, in business, and ultimately it was also the vision that yoga… More

Uncovering Rock Star Yoga: A Journey

The year has already finished its first two weeks, and with the vision for all my work, but in particular my rock star yoga work and #dailybonjoviyoga becoming more clear every day;the time has come to put pen to paper and lay down what I’ve got so far.And what you can expect from this blog… More

Bon Jovi Yoga – set list

  Daily Bon Jovi Yoga on YouTube will grow into an online community and database, where you will choose the videos you like, just like you’d be able to pick a class at your local yoga studio. Photos; The Next Best Thing (2000) Today’s blogpost is going to be a little different, and with good… More

Made you a book, found sassy videos from 2016, fixed my and possibly your love life; And started a teacher training. *mike drop*

Alternative title would be:“Did I do ALL that?”But because my ideal “doing” is still yoga, and not study yoga, restoring yoga videos, nor even publishing yoga books or fixing anyone’s love life (really);I thought the accomplished ring that “Did I do all that?” had, did not entirely fit the occasion. Because, bummer! Bummer that I… More

It started! | daily blogposts

🤩🥳🍾 BON JOVI YOGA HAS BEGUN!And everyday I will be sharing my practice with you. I’ll use this blog if I have but an inch of time, but if I’m on location or otherwise have to cut corners, I’ll use social media and then later bundle the entries up. So Bon Jovi Yoga? What is… More

Bon Jovi Yoga: It’s unscripted, unfiltered and has probably been forbidden for two-thousand years

Ten years ago Shiva Rea, who revolutionized yoga into a free-style, flowing yoga, gave a talk on Burning Man called:Tending The Sacred Fire; The origins, repression and revival of free-form movement Her talk tells the history of dancing, and how it is something babies do instinctively, yet it was almost equally instinctively repressed by the… More

Starting from scratch with a VISION; Is not scratch.

In The Next Best Thing (2000) Madonna plays a yoga teacher, completing my vision. In particular the first minutes with the titles against a backdrop of the studio, a scene that is not (fully) on YouTube. One of the advertisements on Facebook, which was presented to me frequently even after I had bought it, was… More

Rock Star Yoga Teacher Training (for a no-brainer price)

I’m getting back on the yoga teacher wagon, yoga do-er wagon , or really any wagon that involves doing something with my body, because man! I really have been cutting corners here…. Every free hour, I have been publishing my books. It is work that I had been waiting for, praying for, and that in… More


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