Wembley 1995 2nd Night part I – yoga setlist 1h 6 minutes

This is the first time I am creating a tool, for what is my vision for Daily Bon Jovi Yoga: An outline to help you practice yoga by yourself. Without a teacher, without a yoga studio, and even (ultimately) without YouTube yoga teachers. And without this outline. My dream for you is to move freely… More

What If That Box You’re Looking For To Fit In Does Not Exist?

The first time I knew I had issues, was when my first thought when someone was talking about the challenges of showing up online for your business, in particular if it’s a service close to your heart and you want to be honest-and-authentic you and not masking-as-professional you, was that at least they HAD something… More

Welcome to Daily Bon Jovi Yoga!

If there is a best of the best, then this is the first of the first! Welcome to Daily Bon Jovi Yoga! My name is Suzanne Beenackers, I live in the Netherlands and this project is about my commitment to do daily yoga with music from Bon Jovi. Until the day I die. I do… More

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