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Hit ‘m hard. Fire away. Dankjewel. | 3 December | Bon Jovi 3 December 1986 | Hannover, Germany

Saturday 3 DecemberThe soundtrack for today is: Bon Jovi3 December 1986EilenriedehalleHannover, Germany 🇩🇪🏟️ Slippery When Wet Tour If you do your research on this concert, of even if you don’t, because truth be told there are few sources on it– in particular if you are someone who is not willing to go deep into the… More

You can’t unf. what’s been f. | 25 October | Bon Jovi 14 November 1988 | Rome, Italy

Tuesday 25 October The soundtrack for today is: Bon Jovi14 November 1988Palazzo dello SportRome, Italy 🇮🇹🏟️ New Jersey Syndicate Tour YouTube channel hAnD90 sternly warned us in the description box;His new Bon Jovi concert upload and the accompanying live premiere (where fans can chat on YouTube) was only going to be palpable “for the true diehard… More

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