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Rock Star Yoga Teacher Training (for a no-brainer price)

I’m getting back on the yoga teacher wagon, yoga do-er wagon , or really any wagon that involves doing something with my body, because man! I really have been cutting corners here…. Every free hour, I have been publishing my books. It is work that I had been waiting for, praying for, and that in… More

Let’s bounce! *sound of heavy thud* | log

#dailybonjoviyoga daily practice log Saturday 14 August 2021 starting time yoga 8.15 PM cd Bounce (2002) 49 minutes 10 seconds songs: 1 Undivided 2 Everyday 3 The Distance 4 Joey 5 Misunderstood 6 All About Lovin’ You 7 Hook Me Up 8 Right Side Of Wrong 9 Love Me Back To Life 10 You Had… More

All I Know Is What I ve Been Sold

It was a printed interview that I never would have guessed had actually taken place, because I thought all interviews in Dutch magazines, were basically bought from international magazines, and then translated… But this was the real deal! In 1993, a Dutch interviewer* went to Worcester, Massachusetts, to have an interview with Bon Jovi. It… More

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