The big breakthrough for my vision for yoga came in the form of an interview from Jon Bon Jovi with Julie Brown.
This interview, together with the entire Blaze of Glory 1990 period of Jon Bon Jovi, has been on my mind for weeks now, but on Independence Day that particular interview even more than the album and what it stood for;
It just clicked.
And on tiny seemingly irrelevant details, such as the Independence Day color scheme of Julie Brown’s clothes .

The thought of resuming sharing my Daily Bon Jovi Yoga on Twitter and Facebook in these colors excited me:
To look for blue, red and white emojis.

I just made my first yoga practice tweet/ Facebook post, and I did not even use those colors.
Maybe I will in the future.

But the point is, it were these colors, and the flirting between Jon and Julie, the lightheartedness and festive atmosphere, that sparked excitement for Daily Bon Jovi Yoga.
And that ultimately led to a big breakthrough this week, that I had been waiting for for weeks, if not years.

Ever since 2019, the concert of Bon Jovi, I have known that my yoga journey had not ended after 15 years of teaching yoga, but that instead the best was yet to come.
A new rock-inspired version of yoga, would be what was next.

Yet as certain as I had been that I would be a rock star yoga teacher, or develop a new form of yoga, and I did what I could setting it up and teaching the little I knew, I backed off every time.
It didn’t took flight.

The word “yoga” alone; It was a minefield!
Filled with so much restrictions, heaviness, and the business model of being a yoga teacher so stale.

For the past two years developing a cool yoga that rocked was like trying to lift a concrete block by a butterfly.

There were times I thought I was never going anywhere yoga ever again.
That if yoga had ever been alive, it was broken now. At least it was broken and beyond repair, for me. 

And then the Blaze of Glory period started to inspire me, and even that took a little while before I realized WHY.
Because it was Jon Bon Jovi’s solo project after 7ish years with the band.
Heavy touring had taken its toll and in 1990 it was uncertain Bon Jovi would ever get back together again.

The album Blaze of Glory stands for cutting ties with all that brought you success in the past and starting from scratch.
I intend to start teaching Daily Bon Jovi Yoga on YouTube SOON (that was your cue to subscribe!) and I think our first videos should definitely have the “from scratch” tag!
Learning yoga from scratch; there is no better way!

I had to start yoga from scratch, after over 15 years of being in the industry.
The 2019 glimpse of the future that I received for rock star yoga, was just the beginning. There was still massive clearing to be done.

And then last weekend when I watched the Jon Bon Jovi/ Julie Brown, that hot mess of scripted interaction and blatant chemistry between them, and I laughed with them (and hoped it had an off-screen follow-up!) that’s when I knew:
I m ready.

Just like Jon Bon Jovi let go of the band, to make that album, which resulted in the best most fun interview of his career;
That’s how I have let go of the past.

I m ready to rock Daily Bon Jovi Yoga.

It was not just the best Independence Day of my life, but just like for Bon Jovi I was certain that the best is yet to come.

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